. The first thing this week is a new product from hotel, no its, not a drone, but its something pretty cool. Its called the hotel nest and then we have another drone. Unfortunately, that was shut down, well talk about what happened and then well talk about a drone show that kind of went bad and you probably have seen the videos online. This is kind of interesting and then lastly, well talk about a new course that pilot institute put together on fa safety.gov well talk about what fa safety.gov is and how you can actually take the course for free, so lets get to it. Music first thing this week is this new product from hotel. This is called the hotel nest and what this is is its a its a nest, its a place where the drone can actually go and dock to docking station, where the evo2 line of aircraft can get their battery recharged and then the aircraft can go again. You can see the video playing in the background here and its designed for the evo 2, the evo 2 rtk and the new evo 2 enterprise. It keeps the drone ready to go 24 7.. It allows it to take off and land specifically from that box stores. It and also keeps it charged its ip54 certified so which it means that it can sustain. You know all the weather outside and it takes about 45 minutes to charge the aircraft and then its ready to go so thats.

What that was pretty cool. This is not the first company to do this uh. This is the first major drone manufacturer that weve seen uh doing this kind of uh of of device, and so i think this is pretty interesting next thing this weeks, not such a good news – and we um – i i dont say id like to report but id Like to bring this up to you guys uh, another drone was shut down and this time this was for a company that was doing power, line, inspection and and uh and power pole inspection. The company is called excellent business services and uh. The the pic the remote pilot in command was flying and then heard gunshots, and then all of a sudden lost contact with the aircraft later on. The aircraft was actually found in the trash can behind a mans house that supposedly shut it down. State police came over charged him with criminal mischief more worth more than one thousand dollars thats the the the thing here and then that was filed in a county court. Now this is an ongoing discussion and this is not going to stop. Unfortunately, but weve seen this year alone, several that we have reported on where drones get shot, shot at and shot out of the sky and, sadly theres still no real um anything thats taken against the people that do this now here we see charges, but this is Not even related to shutting down an aircraft which it should be, there is regulation in the us code where you cannot shut down at an aircraft and unfortunately, nothing is happening, i hope the faa.

I hope the fbi eventually can send a message and say that this is not something that is acceptable to do, and i hope we see more coming from these agencies in the future, something else that happened. This happened in china and you may have seen the videos going around a drone show was going on and uh about 200 of them, starting to come down on top of people that were there to watch the show. Now they werent really dropping out of the sky. In the sense that the battery didnt really fail and the aircraft was not falling very fast, it was falling fairly, fast and still coming down on people, but just descending very fast. It almost looked like it was forced to come down, or it was still kind of an auto rotation coming down and um you can. You can see them in the video here. There were no injuries that were reported in this case. Uh theyre still trying to figure out what happened. It looks like theres some figure, pointing kind of going on where theyre saying that maybe a competitor jammed the gps signal and then all these things came down well well, report again, if we find more information, but this is, i think, bringing a slightly new side of Drone shows that we havent really seen in the past, which is what happens if there is a failure, and i know the faa in the us is very picky as to what you can do with these drone shows.

You have to be so far away from the population thats watching them. It looks like that may not be the case in china, and i i wonder if this is going to lead to different set of regulation, for these type of shows. Something else that i want to bring up is a quick update on those new dji drones. There was rumors recently of a mini three that could be released in november uh. Interestingly, drone excel or friend, haya dronexel get an email from from dji themselves. That said, there is be, there will be no new mini 3 released anytime, soon and theyre. Denying that this is going to happen now, this wouldnt be the first time where dji says its not happening, and it does happen. Eventually. They had said that the mini se would only be available in the us in europe and not available in the us and eventually ended up being available in the us. So well find out exactly what happened. Maybe maybe not a mini 3 around the horizon on the mavic 3 theres also been new information about the pricing, which seems to be pretty high in the four to five thousand dollar range. When we talk about the cine version, that has the smart controller and everything, and then it looks like a release date of october 20th, so thats right around the corner. Only a few weeks away, we may see a mavic 3 coming right out pretty much around the same time that hotel is supposed to be releasing their new drone, so were excited about any new drone releases so well, keep you posted when we hear more and the Last story this week is well us pilot institute.

We just put out a new course on fa safety.gov, and this is something that im really excited about, because this is something that ive had in the back of my mind. For quite a long time, ive been wanting to do courses on fa safety.gov, which is the location where the faa has training for uh credits, and so, if you have to renew your pilot certificate or get current with your pilot certificate, you go on the fa. Safety website you complete this course called uh alc67 and then youre good to go for two more years. Well, we now have a course there. This is the first of many uh. This is alc723. I invite you to join and the the course its free one hundred percent, and you also can get wings credit, um wings. Credit at this stage apply to man, aircraft, pilots, but uh. If you take the course – and you have the credit, if something changes with the fa in the future, where they allow you to use credits for unmanned aircraft and youll, be able to use these credits as well, this topic is adm, aeronautical decision making and the way That i built this course, i made it very interactive if youre familiar with the way that we do courses very short videos, very quick topics, and this is exactly designed the same way and what were trying to do with the faa is a proof of concept to Show that we can create courses on fa safety that are not boring, theyre actually captivating.

We also have in there some interactive content where youll be able to interact and pick your own choices. So again, i invite you to go and take a look at this. Weve got more of these coming up, but we also have around the corner three deep dives that were working on at the moment. If youre not familiar with the deep dive, there are free courses that we offer to the community where you can learn how to fly a specific drone. So we have three new drones, that weve been testing and we created some deep dives, so youll see them popping out ill mention them in this video, and we also have two other videos that we put out this week. One is on intermediate: fpv maneuvers. If youre an fpv pilot and youre trying to take it to the next level, these will be challenging for you and i invite you to go see those our instructor don talks about how to perform all of these maneuvers. And then we put out a video a couple days ago on adsb and adsb: is a technology available theres a lot of confusion and a lot of questions about adsb? So we put out this informational content out there, so you can learn more about what adsb is and why its important. So this is it thats.