This is the week of september 27, 2021, and this is the place where you get your news, not two weeks late, four topics this week, the first one is new hotel and new dji drones, where we are going to be talking to haya from drone excel and Also ken dono from original dobo well have a little discussion about all of these drones that are on the horizon. What we think is cool what we think is not so cool and what we predict were going to talk about a raven thats, a bird that attacked a wing drone down in australia. That was kind of an interesting encounter, well see how amazon is reacting and well talk about some people flying near forest fires, which is not a great thing and well talk about the byproduct of that and lastly, well give you a pilot institute, update weve, actually been Pretty busy this week, working with dspa our friends at the drone service provider alliance and well tell you the the three things that weve been involved with so lets get to it. Music all right. The first segment this week were going to talk about new drones because well thats pretty much all that you see in the news at the moment and uh, and i brought in two good friends to talk about drones. First, we have haya from drone xl youre, familiar with haya and youre, also familiar with ken donoh from original dobo, and both of these guys have a lot of information about the drones.

They have a lot of opinions about these drones. Weve talked drones, a lot uh off camera and on camera, so uh hiya. Welcome to the show ken welcome to the show thanks for having me, so i want to get started talking about hotel. They sent an email, they have. We have some of the specs, not all the specs just yet, i think, were kind of waiting to get more information from the user manual. The drone is not going to be out for a little while, but um hiya. What? What did you find out about those specs and uh, especially? We have two different drones right, yeah theres, actually just four different drones, so they call them the the evo nano and the evo lights series and both of these series contain two different drones. So you have the evo nano and then the evo nano plus slightly different specs one is better for low light performance. The plus one is, and then you have the evo light and evo light plus as well its kind of the same deal, the cheapest one. Uh, less than 250 grams, the evo nano and priced at 650, the evo nano plus priced at 7.99, and then you work your way up to the evo light 1001. I believe and uh 1 249 for the evo light, plus so theres, four new drones um. Basically, with specs that could suit anybody, whos looking to get into the uh into drone flying or even people already have drones uh.

The thing that i think is most exciting is that uh autel is offering some legit competition here for dji and i think thats something that we all would get excited about. Yeah – and i know ken you did a video a couple days ago, talking about the the nano give us your your first thoughts on the nano, because i know you had a lot to say on the video and well put a link down here. If you guys want to watch his video as well, you know the nano is sort of interesting um. I dont think anybody was expecting the nano to be quite as highly priced as it was. I think people were thinking. We hear a nano, we hear a you know, 249 gram drone. We immediately think its going to be budget and then we get you know 649 and you know 7.99 respectively um. But i think what theyre theyre theyre trying to provide is a gap that dji quite couldnt fill with the mini at least this year, because the mini is a great drone, but its not nothing, screams, professional or or that intermediate drone pilot its its very much a Beginner drone, so i think the the area theyre trying to target is that person who wants more, but doesnt necessarily want it to weigh more. They want it to still remain. You know compact and, of course they added in those new colors that you know it just it just makes it a more personalized experience which i think is actually pretty cool yeah.

I think its a its almost like. We have three categories of drones. Now right we have the very small sub 250 gram. Then we have the intermediate level, like the air 2s, like the light and then well have the foldable drones that are a little bit larger like the 2 pro and then you know everything on the evo 2 evo 3 mavic 3 pro, which well talk about in A second and and its almost like they created a a category in between each of these, with the plus right. So if you dont want just a mini, but you dont want to go to the mid level, then you have something in between its almost like cars. Now you have cars of all sizes and all different motors. I know ken you, you like the cars uh, so yeah thats. I thought that was really interesting. Uh yeah, sensors right this has sensors on it as well right yeah, so this ones got front obstacle. Avoidance rear obstacle avoidance and uh bottom obstacle avoidance. The only thing missing from the nano and the light is the top obstacle avoidance inside obstacle avoidance, which some would probably claim is the most important obstacle avoidance thats, typically, where most of your uav accidents will happen, is when youre panning left and right um, so thats Sort of interesting that they did that, especially with the light considering its its essentially, i dont, want to say its replacing the evo 2, but it doesnt look like were going to see a version 2 of the evo 2 for consumers, the way their their sort of Modeling is is turning out.

Oh interesting, uh. Do you hi? I did you find more information about an evo 3, possibly around the corner. Yeah rumors are that there might be an evo 3 coming later this year as well. I think uh, the question with autel. Of course always is: will they actually deliver on time as well? So when they, when we hear later this year, i dont know if its actually going to be later this year or maybe even into next year? I can also imagine that, of course, with dji and autel being fierce competitors that autel might be trying to wait and see what dji is going to come out with or maybe ddi just the same with autel, so were still hopeful that were going to see it Before the year is over and that will be quite exciting for sure yeah, one of the specs i was really excited about was the the the receiver and getting 2.7 k on the controller as opposed to the typical 1080. I know when i get the air 2s. I fired it up and i looked down and i was like whoa. This is actually really good. Quality coming from oakley sync 3.0 im excited to see what you know. 2.7 k is going to look like on the screen. Thats going to be something exciting uh. Were you guys as excited as i was, i dont think im as excited for the 2.7 k? I mean the vast majority of our screens cant even take advantage of that that that resolution when i started thinking about, i was like you know: 30 30 fps.

Its probably going to be a little bit more of a choppy experience, as opposed to, i would have been more impressed if it was like 1080p lower latency, maybe 120 frames 60 frames per second bound down to the rc. I think to me that would have been more uh impressive. It sort of feels like theyre just throwing numbers out there. You know at this point like just saying: hey, hey, we got it, but we dont, you know its. Not i dont know, i dont think its something that users essentially would look at, though, but it is impressive to see that they can do it, but i think were shattering your dreams. I agree with you there, ken, i think, uh its always the proofs in the pudding right i mean at the end, you have to fly the drone and see what the connection is actually like, right and and how i mean, i think, a lot of times when They when they say oh, the range is so many miles uh. I think most pilots will probably agree its not so much as about the distance, its more about the quality of the transmission, because, typically i mean you wouldnt be able to fly or wouldnt be able to you wouldnt be allowed to fly that far off anyway, so Yeah, what about these colors? What do you guys think about those colors which one i dont care that much opinion on that? I dont, you know i dont care about the colors, but you know: autel has historically had an issue just delivering an orange drone and now were adding colors into the mix and rumor.

Has it im not gon na quote where this came from, but only orange and white will initially be available at launch and the red and the gray are going to be the hardest to actually get so its going to be interesting if they can fulfill the orders. Theyre saying you know, late october, historically, theyve never met a deadline since not even since the x star days, theyve always missed every single deadline that they have quoted historically, and it would be the wrong time for them to falter on that now. Considering all the drones that are coming out – and i think even parrot has thrown their hat uh into the ring with something that was teased recently, so its just a bad time for them to screw this up, they got one shot. I think yeah. What do you think about the pricing when i first looked at it and i opened it up the email and i said well, thats, actually a pretty high price, but ken you had a good point saying you know it brings in a few more uh settings. Do you think people are going to be looking at this that want to buy a mini size? I i think weve got. We we weve gotten to in a point where cheap is cheap, is good but cheap, isnt great right. So if you price out a drone like lets, say the mini youre going to have compromises, youre going to have things that youre, just not gon na, have on lets, say the air 2s um that you have like on the mavic 2 pro or vice versa.

The air 2s to the mini, so youre always going to have compromises and i think autels realizing. That is if, if somebody wants something bad enough or something what he wants, it all theyre going to be willing to pay those those prices, and i think that, with the all tel flyers theyre just a little bit different than the dji flyers theyre. Somebody who doesnt want to buy dji and well if this is the only other game in town. Essentially, then it sort of warrants that price. If you look at it from that perspective, but then one could obviously argue well just buy an error too. Then i dont, i dont, know um. It is interesting to see yeah. What do you think higher? I dont know. I think the pricing is its not necessarily an issue. I think uh people might just in general have less trust in the hotel brand than they do with dji drones. So you see when, when dji comes out with a new product, people start buying online the moments the announcement is being made official at the moment that they opened up the store, i think, with four hotel drones and the history of them not being able to deliver. Quite on their promises, i think a lot of people will be a little bit more um just waiting and seeing to to watch the first reviews come back and get some feedback when people actually fly these drones to see if these specs actually live up in real Life uh and then in that theres a lack in buying confidence.

I think there is, but i think if, however, though, if these drones do live up to these specs and if it is uh yeah a really good product, i think people will flock to to autel drones and thats. The part that im excited about is that would actually generate real competition for dji and, as we all know, we need that yeah. We all went, but we all win when theres they got to execute. They got to execute before november, though i think, if, if if they want to have a shot at at capturing sales, because what i have envisioned happening and ive seen this happen in the past, is this cat and mouse game between dji and autel? Is that autel? Will show their cards first and then it takes forever for it to ship. You have pre orders and then all of a sudden dji announces something and then all right, well everybodys canceling their pre order for the altail, because dji is ready to ship within two weeks and its. You know its its a confident thing: its like okay youre, going to have it. You got a shipping number youve got everything you need to do so i think if realistically it has to be in consumers hands no later than the 15th of october, because if the rumors are correct about the mavic 3 were seeing, you know the first week. Second week of november, most retailers have a 30 day return window yep, so yeah thats a good point.

I think thats important. I agree and i think uh drone pilots in general might be wary right. I mean uh, we know what happened with skydio when they came out with our skydear2 people. Uh rushed and put their orders in, and some people waited like a half year to a year before they got their products. Uh hotel has a history of that as well. A little bit um, i think people are going to want to wait and see and fly these drones or at least see the reviews of other people flying them before they might pull their wallets lets. Hope we get some on our hands and we can do those reviews yeah i want to they have on a good trend. This is a good transition. Lets talk about whats, going on on a dji site. Obviously this is a hot period for new drones and, and you found a whole bunch of new information about the mavic 3 pro we get photos. We may have a pricing, we have some more specs on the drone in itself. It looks like theres two different models that are going to come out and then what else i know theres been a ton of stuff. Just as soon as we posted a video. Last week we got uh all the news from so tell us a little a quick summary of what you found this week. Yeah, it pretty much happened all over the last four or five days, josper allens, a guy in holland that i actually worked with quite a bit.

He was able to get his hands on an instruction manual from the dji mavic 3, as well as a whole bunch of photos. So with that information becoming public, we were able to uh to piece together quite a bit uh. Basically, theres gon na be three different versions, so youre gon na have to dji mavic 3 theres theres, no mention of the word pro anymore, so just dji mavic 3. Then you have the dji. Mavic 3 fly more combo. So now you got the back. You got the three batteries and it might be. I think you get some nd filters as well, but thats pretty much it, and then you get the most expensive one, which is the dji mavic 3 cine premium combo, and that one is going to come with additional batteries, but also with the new version of the Dji, smart controller and thats now going to be the rc pro the idea, basically from the dji r2s. So you get that same controller, but now with a built in screen and the internals should be quite a bit upgraded compared to the original dti smart controller. And i think that would actually be a very interesting package. Weve heard some impressing information from henrik olsen, a guy in denmark who runs a youtube channel on drones. He seems to be very confident in his numbers. However, if you translate that into us dollars, the drone might actually become quite expensive. The mavic 3 itself will be around 2 000 and then up to two and a half for the fly more combo and then well into the four close to 5000 bucks for the cinema premium package, um im, not sure if the prices are going to be that High uh definitely dont hope theyre going to be that high, because i think a lot of people like the premium uh cinematic package and yeah uh, four or five thousand bucks for a dji mavic drone.

I think thats uh thats a bit much so thats uh were talking about the same drone in different packages, though right theres, no different settings, theres, no different, specs, okay, so thats interesting, yeah thats. I mean thats inspire inspired level or thats much more expensive than the phantom 4 was if we could go to the scene its way more expensive. Some of that cost goes to the licensing for the prores that that that ships with so they have the prores that ships with ive heard from a few people that the base price for the standard would be about sixteen hundred dollars. Yeah thats, the number that first came out, however, were not quite sure if thats accurate either that might be on the low side. To be honest, um whats really exciting about the mavic 3, the mavic 3. I almost started the word pro in there is that you have a dual camera setup, so you get two cameras. Basically, uh hasselblad branded, so we dont know if thats, just color signs or whether this time is actually some some hasselblad hardware in there um. The top one is the one that has, i think, a seven times: optical zoom, half inch sensor, 12 megapixel uh photos and the bottom one shoots: 20 megapixel photos, but its a micro four thirds sensor size. So when you look at it that way, uh the mavic 3 pro should be super versatile in terms of being able to zoom in and out it should be a low light monster basically, and i think it would make older drones like the phantom 4 pro version.

2 and maybe even the inspire pretty much um yeah unnecessary for people at this point and thats a mini, inspire too yeah, i mean with a micro, four third, except unless you have the spec seven yeah yeah its an x5s compressed. I i just dont see them hitting the 2000s on that, though i hope not, but i just it it wouldnt, it wouldnt be conducive for their sales right. You know these things cost, maybe seven, maybe on the high end, if you include marketing, maybe 700 bucks to to build these right and that thats being generous um and then they want to get these into peoples hands and they have auto hot on their heels. Producing similar base products, you trend into the 2 000 category, you lose, you lose customers yeah, but at the same time, um dji, mavic pro 2 or dji mavic 2, pro uh. What is that 1550? I believe um yeah, the phantom 4 pro version 2. Was that not close to 2 000 bucks as well? I think it was 1700. yeah, no, no theres, so much competition. Now you know back when the phantom 4 pro came out. It wasnt the same market. It wasnt the same market that it is now it wasnt competitive its competitive now, theres, actually competition, so i mean ill. Take the the under on the uh 1600 on that. Well enough for the base for the base. I cant speak anything else, but the base version.

Definitely hope to keep it below 2000, but when you look at these specs and having that, i think your camera set up, i dont really think there is going to be any competition. I mean i dont see the evo 3 uh coming close to these kinds of specs um i mean. Maybe this is the throne together, thered be only one way they could. I i think they would have to they would have to make it. You know where the the evo 3 had removable payloads like hot swappable payloads. Essentially, that would be the only way. I think they can do something different at this point to make it worthy for a buyer. You know an evo 3. I should say make it where you know clip on payloads and offer you know a plethora of camera systems um. That would be the only way that would be the way to go for sure if they can compete on price and they offer something like that where you can switch out payloads uh yeah. That would be different than this, but in terms of versatility i think put. This is pretty much up there, even if they did come in at two thousand dollars. I will say this that you know x. Dynamics is fixing to launch the evolve 2 thats coming in at 3, 200 micro, four thirds sensor system and um its you know now its it was first debuted to us at ces 2020 before the pandemic.

I dont see a lot of you know. I havent i havent gotten a chance to fly yet, but i dont see a lot of people saying hey. You know what let me spend three thousand dollars on this micro. Four third system versus the mavic 3.. It does almost doesnt make sense at that point. I think the x dynamics weve even seen before ces and i think theyve had quite some problems uh getting that product in the market. So i think then youre already in the same area where people just dont have to trust in a certain brand or company, especially when prices go into the two or three thousands. Even uh people are gon na scratch their hats and wonder where theyre gon na spend that and what theyre gon na get in return yep. So you found some um. You found some information on the release date right for the mavic 3 is that is that something for sure at the moment? No, not quite what weve heard was november 15th um, however, based on previous product releases from dji, once things start leaking at this speed uh. I would be surprised if we have to wait until november 15th. I think it might well be a week or two earlier than that. Well, yeah its gon na be a busy october gon na be crazy, but i mean at the same time weve been waiting for this right and we remember back in august 2018, when the mavic 2 pro came out and people started analyzing the video footage and then They were like, oh, but the video footage is not up to par its, not as good as the phantom 4 uh pro version two.

So basically weve weve been waiting for this drone to come out for years and its been three years. I think people are ready – and i know in my personal group of friends that a lot of people are are waiting for the mega three to come out anxiously yep. I agree, yeah awesome, gentlemen. What did we miss um? I dont know. I think we covered almost everything. Thank you pretty much. I know what we missed. We missed uh ken taking apart and decapitating. His mini live on camera in his video, so im not thats, all im going to say, because i want you guys to be fair to be fair. It was already broken. I just you know. We just finished the job. I didnt put it in a blender, so theres that thought there you go so yeah go make sure you go check it out. I will put the link down in the description but go check it its a funny intro ken ken is really good at doing these funny intros, so awesome yeah all right! Well, gentlemen, thanks for your time and uh, we will be in touch and im sure. Well, talk more about these in the future, but uh lets move on to our next story. Okay, the next story is a raven was seen and caught on camera attacking a google drone delivery wing thats the name of the company in canberra, australia and uh that actually shut down the entire operation at uh at google down there.

The bird was actually being seen attacking the drone several times and nothing happened. The drone didnt crash or anything but google decided to kind of take a step back and now theyre consulting with a bird expert to see what they can do about all of these attacks. Apparently this is not the first time this has happened. This is the first time it was caught on camera, but not the first time that it actually happened so make sure you see the video playing in the background right now, thats kind of an interesting event. The next thing this week is dont fly you draw near fires and youve. We weve covered this over and over again, but i know we always have new viewers and i know its not always you uh its its its someone whos, not either paying attention or somebody who doesnt care about the rules. But please please, please: dont fly youre drawn near forest fires. The story here is in montana near the shedhorn fire. This is near yellowstone and the fire has been 74 acres. So far now, on monday and tuesday there were two different uh two separate flights by unauthorized drones near the area that shut down the air attack. Now i live in an area that has wildfires and – and i know i would be extremely extremely pissed if i found out that somebody was flying their drone and preventing uh the the firefighters from doing their job and saving somebodys house somebodys life somebodys, whatever it is Property out there, so please dont be that guy uh stay away from from forest fires.

Just wait until you see footage in the news, but dont send your drone. Okay. Last thing i want to talk about what weve been up to, because weve been pretty busy on the um. I dont even know what i would call it, but trying to protect our rights as drone pilots and uh weve been doing uh quite a bit of this. Behind the scene, but especially this week, it feels like now were working with dspa drone service provider alliance, youve, seen vic on the show youve seen kenji on the show and really the bottom line is well theres, always a municipality, an airport or someone trying to to Put more restrictions on drone flights, we talked this week to the forest service, about a plan that they have for grand mesa afghanistan, which is near grand junction in colorado and theyre, trying to put some pretty strict restrictions on drone flights now. This is what this is: recreational drone flights uh we had a kind of a behind the scenes. Meeting vic was, in there a bunch of other people from the community were in there and trying to convince them that we dont need to go through the length of restricting flights everywhere inside of this um. This uh this area just because well just because there supposedly have been some issues now they couldnt really tell us what the issues were anyway, a lot of details in here, but were trying to have guidance rather than restrictions going on in that area.

This is not the end of it. This they still have a draft. They still have things that they need to come up with until they have the final version, but this is somewhat concerning. Even if you dont live in that area, this could set a precedent for other forest service area and we definitely dont want to see drones prohibited from flying anywhere in the forest service land. Another thing that weve been working on is a private airport and a private community in sun river oregon, and they have some pretty restrictive airspace restrictions on their website. So we reached out weve been working with the airport manager out there theyre very reasonable, i think – and hopefully we can come up with something. This is one of our students that brought this up to us. Actually, both of these topics were brought up to us by students, and then the last thing is were working with the fa on um lance rejection in zero grid – and this is not a black and white issue – were trying to figure out um. What is going on with some restrictions and some rejections for requests in zero grid and um, and i think the bottom line is going to come down to is education and how we can better educate you guys to submit airspace request in xerogrid. There is more to this, there is more going on were still collecting. Data were talking with the fa, so im hoping we can come up with something positive at the end of this, and everybody can learn from that process, so this is it.