Yes, I am back in town. I want to thank Haya for covering for me for the last two weeks when uh I was out on travel in France, so I did find my rth. I thought that was a really funny intro and this week weve got four five stories. Actually five big stories. The first one is Amazon, is planning to start deliveries in California and thats going to be interesting. There was a drone that was found, crashed near a Runway, and we want to give you a bit more information, because I think there are some confused people out there. Well, talk about the Drone Act of 2022, the crime prevention act and uh well, the government is trying to, I think, pay attention to what happened in the Ukraine and well talk about drone safety awareness day which is coming up tomorrow. If youre watching this live as its as it is published, and then lastly, the big story is that we have a new course that is going to be released and were really excited about it. So lets get to it. Foreign this week is Amazon is going to start doing drone deliveries in Northern California. Later this year they announced that Prime air is going to be carrying packages that weighed up to five pounds and are about the size of a shoe box or smaller. They said that they will hover 10 feet over the ground to drop the package and then theyll be able to find the spot via a QR code that the customer is going to be printing on a piece of paper.

I find this interesting. I think its an additional step that eventually, I think they need to get rid of so that its a little bit easier for people to get their packages. But I guess thats the only way right now where they can find at the Landing spots so well put a link down in the description where you can find more information about this, and the next story this week is a drone that was found crashed near a Runway this happened in Arkansas at the Boone County Regional Airport, the Boone County Regional Airport is a lancerproof airport. The Drone was a Sky Rider, which is a pretty small model thats about fifty dollars. The aircraft was not registered. Doesnt need to be because its pretty small now I found this story interesting, because the airport manager was quoted as saying our airport is. A Class E is in class E airspace, which its true its a Class E at the surface, so it needs lens approval. A drone is not allowed to go zero feet its not allowed to go zero feet. I think theres a misquote somewhere within four miles of an airport of our airport and can then go up to 400 feet after that set the Boone County Regional Airport Manager. Now I think shes confused, because we looked at the chart when I read this quote. I was like that doesnt sound right. They said that the the Restriction covers the entire city limits and then there is an exception to the far Southeast side of the airport and she said theres no drones that are allowed to do this.

Unless you are part 107 operator – and you get permission from the fa to fly so a lot of confusion here, I do want to clear this up. Drones are allowed to fly near airports if they have approval from the FAA. No, it is not only limited to 2.17 operator. We recreational Pilots can get approval to fly in controlled airspace, even as they get closer, not in zero grid. Yes, that is correct, but you can fly near the airport. You can see from the picture here that that airport is actually not completely zero grid everywhere over the city it slopes up as it does for other airports, so 100 200 and 400 feet on the outside, so were going to reach out to the airport manager and Let them know that uh thats not entirely true just so they have the information, but we we thought that was actually interesting, and the next story this week is the Drone Act of 2022 crime prevention. Now this is a bill thats in the U.S House of Representative. At the moment, and they seek to cover what they call malicious use of drones, that includes weaponizing a drone impairment of identification or the lighting on the Drone interfering with protected activities such as uh operation of aircraft flying over airports flying near vessels, Vehicles, law enforcement, military Operation theyre also trying to to prevent operating in restricted areas with the knowledge of the prohibition. This would also cover transportation of Contraband threat, attempts or conspiracies of the above terrorism or an electronic surveillance, and then penalties for injuries or death based on the above infraction.

So the law would allow the Department of Homeland Security to basically prosecute certain offenses that are in the fa books at the moment. So theyre trying to replicate some of this regulation that we see with the fa and trying to make it something that they can prosecute. On their side, um its um its interesting because Ive been having this discussion several times now. A lot of people are sending me articles about things that are happening in the Ukraine and I think the government got their eyes wide open as to what is happening in Ukraine, with the use of Civilian drones. To do things that well, maybe they didnt think about in the past – and I think its going to do a big disservice quite frankly, to the rest of the community because were going to see additional restrictions such as the ones that are being shown right here. For the use of drones, hopefully this does not restrict you from flying, but this is additional prosecution for people that are looking to do bad things with drones. Now in all in all, this is not really a bad thing right, trying to prosecute people or using drones. In a bad way is something that we should all be again for, I guess in this industry, because we want to make sure that the the industry and the hobby uh continue to be protected in the future and that any bad activity doesnt look bad on the Rest of the industry.

This will be interesting, well see if it passes where it goes from here and well, keep you posted, but I thought this would be something that you would want to know about, and the next story this week is the Drone safety awareness day or, as its called Today is drone safety day, the fa kind of simplified it. It used to be a whole week long now, its only one day, which is this Saturday. So if youre watching this live uh today on Fridays, 6, 17 June 17, drone safety day is tomorrow. Uh, look for Content online from your favorite providers. Well, be posting a video about drone safety day and the things that you should be doing now. Im not gon na lie drone safety day for us is every single day. This is something that we do all the time, so this doesnt really change anything for us. The message for us is still the same. The fa came up with this uh nice uh and easy thing to remember, which is flight right and right stands for the r. The first R is register your drone at the drone zone. The only place to do it I for interact with others G for gain knowledge. The H is for have a safety plan, and the last one is trust and train. So do the trust certificate online, which you can do for free with pilot Institute, so well put a link down in the description now on Friday, which is the day that this video is going live at 1 pm Eastern.

I will be talking with the FAA on their Instagram page live, so make sure that you follow the FAA its at fa on Instagram youll, see them go, live at 1pm well be with Karen Morris and a few other people from the industry and well be talking About well drone flying and how to fly safe again the message that we spread pretty much every single day. If you want more information about drone safety, they will put down a link down in the description and then youll be able to see all the other events that are going on uh its uh, its kind of a big drawn party. If you want think about it as drone day, you know we have all these different days throughout the year, so this would be drum day. Fly safe, fly right right. This is kind of the message from the fa all right and the last piece of information. This week is our photography and videography course is now live on. The pilot Institute website Im really excited because weve been working on this course for a long time and weve actually gathered a team of really cool people. Uh to teach you all about photography and videography and the cool thing is were actually adding even more content as we go. So we have even more content thats going to go in the course, but its ready to go live so you can actually enroll in the course were going to put a link down in the description.

Uh Ill be teaching some of this stuff. Billy Cal will be teaching Ken Dono is going to be a kendobo. Dont know whos going to be teaching from original dobo uh theyre, going to be sharing a lot of information that theyve learned doing this every single day on the field, and we have two more guest instructors that are going to be joining us with more knowledge and Uh and again, like I said, Im really excited theres. Nothing like this course available online were going to go in depth. Talking about the basics of Photography and videography, giving you all the knowledge that you need to have and well also have exercises for you to practice and to basically learn from people that are doing this every single day. So, like I said, look for the link in the description and yeah just another course added to our catalog, which is uh, really really awesome and thats it thats all. I have for you this week like subscribe uh. Thank you for the the warm comments you had for higher last week, its not very easy to step in uh into something that weve been doing for so long, and I think he did a great job and uh thats. All well see you guys.