2021. uh. We got four story this week. Really three and a half, i guess uh, the first one is dji uh theres. Two things is: there is a bunch of new drones coming up from dji in 2022 that have been leaked and then the second one is dji was put on another blacklist, and so well talk about that. The second story is a drone delivery. Company called flytrax. That is expanding their operation. Well, talk about that and then lastly, well talk about a drones for a good story, so lets get to it. Music. The first story this week and then also the second story, is going to be about dji and the first one is kind of a positive thing. It looks like we may be getting some new dji drones in 2022 if you thought that they were done making drones. Well, you were wrong were possibly looking at three different drones and the first one would be a mini three, which apparently would happen in april. The second one would be an fpv mini that would be coming out in july. Im not sure what that looks like or what the purpose of that would be. But a lot of people have been asking about a slightly not as heavy drone as the dji fpv, which i think was a good first attempt by dji. But people might be looking for something where they can fly indoors, maybe or having ducted propellers so well see what that comes out.

Im sure well get more information around july and the last one is kind of a big one which is september for an inspire 3.. I had been of the opinion that the inspired line of drones was actually dead and i dont i didnt think dji was going to be upgrading that anytime soon but looks like. I was wrong and i like being wrong, especially for this, so the inspire 3 might be coming in september. Again. Well, get more information about this. If you want more information head over to our friends at drone, excel with haya hes got a ton of good information on this topic and well put a link down in the description. The second story is also related to dji this week, and in this case it would be dji that is looking to be added to a blacklist. In this case, it would be the investment and export blacklist. The us department of commerce said that they would put dji on the list later down this week along with 24 other companies, and that entity list is going to restrict american exports and investment into 24 of these companies, including dji. Now this is a well. This is added to a very long list of things that happened to dji this year. It looks like by the end of the year. There should be something else added to the list. This is something that weve talked about for quite a while. If youve been following us, in addition, the usd treasury department said that they would put dji and others on whats called a chinese military industrial, complex company blacklist, im not sure of all the details on that one, but again well put the article down in here from Drone excel, so you can find more information about this.

The third story this week is flight treks. This is a drone delivery company that is operating in north carolina at the moment and it looks like they got approval to expand their operation by one notable mile, which may not sound like a lot. But they said that this is going to allow them to reach an additional 10 000 household in north carolina, theyre, currently partnering with food services and retail establishments, to provide uas drone deliveries. This is interesting. We talk. I know we talk about drone delivery every once in a while in this. In this show, i dont want to make it every single week, because theres always something going on with drone delivery. I think its interesting. I like seeing your comments down about what you think about drone delivery. As you know, in the pixel drone show, we talked to a couple uh people that do drone delivery for a living. Tell me what you think, if you think this is something that were going to keep seeing developing or if its just going to be kind of stuck with being a one mile delivery kind of thing, and also, if youve used drone deliveries before if youve received goods Via drone, please tell us in the comments kind of what you went through and the next story this week is the kentucky tornadoes. Im sure youve seen this in the news kentucky get hit in several areas by tornadoes and the drones have actually been a big part of the recovery and if you live in this area, please dont use your drone at the moment to fly theres still a lot Of temporary flight restrictions in place, but a lot of folks that we know in the industry have been working on these operations.

This includes people from storm point sky bras. Our friend bobby has been having customers helping with this using their technology and then a lot of first responders, so you can see more pictures down in the article that were posting in here. This is uh. This is obviously very dramatic and and something that we hope if any of our students are affected, uh, please reach out, tell us how we can help and uh, and hopefully we can do something to help you guys all right. This is all i have for you.