Weve talked about this year. The first one is were going to talk about all the new drones that came out, because we all know that 2021 was the year of the new drone. Well also talk about drone bands because well there were quite a few uh, especially for dji and now even for hotel. This is a new one that well talk about. We also will talk about some regulation changes because the fa hit us with different things on the part 107 side of things, and also on the recreational side of things. Well, talk about uas in public safety and then lastly, well talk about some things that weve done at pilot institute because well weve been quite busy this year, so lets get to it all right. Well, the first story lets talk about all the new drones that we got this year, because well we got quite a few and uh. It started with dji, obviously dji kind of made a big deal out of the air 2s. It feels like the air 2s was for a very good, but no, it was actually this year. They also came up with a mini se, which was kind of a surprise not expected to be in the us, but it ended up being here and obviously the mavic 3 was the big release this year still not fully ready. I think its missing a q. A few updates – maybe just one update to get to the level where its supposed to be the dji fpv, was also a drone that we saw this year from dji again.

It feels like this was forever ago, but no this was actually in 2021 and then the mavic 2 enterprise advanced was another drone that they came up with. Hotel was also releasing quite a few drones this year. First off the dragon fish which we were lucky enough to see when we were in texas and they announced the nano and the evo drones there, the evil light im, sorry drones that are supposed to be coming out in a few weeks. I know they really. They received a bunch of them, i know, were going to see them in ces next week. So were pretty excited about this now, the other brands that we saw there was a bunch of drones from different brands as well, not as prolific as dji and hotel, but we saw the drawnut very recently. We talked about the parrot nfe ai, which was the first drone to fly with the 5g connection. Hubsan came up with the xenomini zeno mini pro and the se as well. We saw eb with the tactical sony released the air peak. We havent really seen that fly. Just yet, but that should be coming out very soon and then, of course, on mars, we had the ingenuity helicopter, which was really a uas, and then this very very large drone called the scorpion xl and then skyjoe came up with two things: really the x2, which Was their most recent drone and then the 3d scan, which was more of a software than anything else, but still? And then.

Lastly, we saw the blue uas and in the new version of the blue uas, which is blue uas 2.0, which we dont have a whole ton of information just yet because these drones are still being produced. But im sure well see more of that in 2022 and of course, the next story. We kind of tried to put this into one big story, which was drone bands and specifically drone bands for dji. Back in june, we saw the pentagon reporting that they had cleared. Two dji drones, the mavic pro and the matrix 600 and then soon after that, the dod released the statements reaffirming that dji was still banned from being used in the government and then in september. We saw the secret service that were secretly buying dji drones and then in october. The fcc, commissioner can add it on to this calling for a dji ban, which did not happen at the time, but that was kind of uh, probably the scariest of all of these right here. If that ever happened and then back in december this year, we saw dji being put on that blacklist for in terms of investment. So a lot added on to dji to what happened in 2020, so in 2021, even more stuff to try to uh to either slow down dji or get people to not fly dji and then the latest which we havent talked about. Yet because this happened this week. This is in florida, florida effectively put a ban on two types of drone: dji drones and hotel drones and theyre basically telling that anybody in the public sector, uh public safety sector cannot use uh drones in florida that are from dji and from hotel.

So im sure there will be more information about this. Theres been a lot of buzz. This kind of was released this morning as were recording this and im sure there will be more information resurfacing. The location on the website where this was posted on the florida website was actually put behind a login wall so that people cant access that information, which i think is very shady in a way but again well. This is florida. So all right lets move on to the next story and uh. We are talking about regulation changes, because a lot of this happened during the week, the first one being uh in april. We got new regulation that went live were talking about night operation were talking about currency, new currency rules and operation over people. We made a full video that you can find in the link right here or down here as well. That explains all of these changes. If youre not familiar, definitely a good new, a good thing to be familiar with, so you dont miss on any of this new stuff and then in june the faa came up with trust after so long of promising that there would be a test for recreational pilot. The fa came up with it. The good news is, we are a provider, not only a provider were actually number one provider in the country at the moment, and you can take your trust exam for free at trust.a, trust.pilotinstitute.com and um there, its free it takes about 30 minutes.

You cant fail it. Its a one time deal and its actually required. If you fly for recreational purposes, then more regulation is around the corner, not really necessarily regulation, but this is more an advisory circular from the faa 9157 charlie. They asked people to leave comments back in july and now were expecting this to come out soon. I hope so. We can have more guidance on how cbos are going to get picked. So i think this would be a big news for 2022 unless the faa does. What they do every year, which is right around christmas and uh, they start releasing a bunch of new regulation and uh and then were spending the the end of the year, looking at it and reporting on it. So hopefully that doesnt happen. We see this early. In early january we had uh nighttime information for lance in august, so part 107 can now fly at night using the lens system. Recreational pilots still have to wait for that to come around. The system is not set up for that and then very recently. I think this was last week that we reported on this operation over people and the first accepted means of compliance which is opening the door, hopefully in 2022, for new drones with category category 2 or category 3., so well see what happens there. Then the next segment is uas in public safety. There was also quite a few things that happened in 2021.

We had the surf site collide, where we saw public safety using drones, to do a lot of different things and helping to save lives. We saw people using drones with tornadoes and and hurricanes hurricane ida. Specifically, we saw our friends at sky brass, coming up with new software, to help public safety users of drones and in helping them map very quickly, a specific area and get information. Creating automated reports as well and then, like i mentioned earlier, we saw the band for dji and hotel drones very recently in the last couple days, uh in florida. So not really such a good news at this level, and then we had some miscellaneous news that i didnt really know how to categorize, but i think they were important. One of them was brendan shulman from dji who decided to leave and go to boston dynamics uh. We still miss him and then drones there were being shot out of the sky and thats kind of the the dont be that guy segment right. Quite a few of them. I know vic from the dsp at the drone service provider alliance has been very involved with these and trying to collect a list so that we can talk to the faa and tell them that this is not acceptable and that they need to be doing something, especially In light of the remote id regulation around the corner, and then the last thing is in 2021, we had a ton of things from pilot institute new courses, and this is only the new courses that we created this year alone.

We created obviously a course for trust. We created the fa safety courses which you can get for free on fa safety.gov. We had a bunch of deep dives for the air 2s for the dji fpv, the paired nfe thermal paired nfv usa. We created a course on nist to help. You fly the nist lanes. We made a course for public safety on how to do koa certificate of authorization, and we made a course for free, called recreational flying made easy to help people that are starting in this uh to learn how to fly and how to fly safely. And then we also had a night training module for part 107 pilots, so weve been quite busy. Actually creating these courses pretty excited. We actually have a ton of new courses that are also going to be created next year and ill talk about that in a second. But we went to a bunch of events as well. We were in texas for the public safety response summit in 2021. We didnt go to fly fest, but i wanted to mention fly fest from our friends, our friends at flight test. We will be there next year. This year actually get a baby with my wife right around the time of flight fest, so couldnt travel at that time, and then we went to commercial uav expo. We sponsored the colorado uas roundup, which was a great event from what ive been told. We sponsored an auvsi event in washington.

We were at the fa symposium. I actually spoke at the faa symposium. We went to az drone fest down in phoenix here in our local area and then next year were going to be busy as well were going to be going to ces next week. Well be sponsoring the south florida meetup, which is with captain ray kelly and his team were really excited about. This were going to try to make an appearance, but i cant promise it at this stage, because i may have a conflicting event. At the same time, we are going to go back to texas for the public safety response summit were actually going to be sponsoring that as well and having an event there with well for folks more information on that very soon and then well be going to flight Fest and then the commercial uav expo and probably ces again in 2023. So some of the milestones that we accomplished – and this is all thanks to you guys quite frankly – and not only for uh – for youtube, but for all of the support that we get from the community number one test provider in the country. This is from an fa email that we get a couple weeks ago. We are the number one provider provided the most trust certificates we got iacet approved, which means that you can get credits, continuing education credits with our courses and were actually the only provider in the country that provides this at the moment.

Uh we got uh two new sets for news update. We actually started the year doing a green screen in the old place and we switched to a more cozy environment and then now this studio, which was kind of a big move. Obviously, moving in here with five different sets much more space for our employees and, of course, this allowed us to hire new employees to put them in the new building. So we welcomed jason as the first employee who came in to help us with the uas content and ethan is our new producer. We also brought in ashley to help with airplane content and then taylor also helping with uh uas stuff, so really really exciting to bring all these people on board and uh. And of course we met a big some big numbers. This year, 30 000 followers on youtube: uh 125 000 students, which is just just incredible to me. 35. 000, remote pilots trained this year, 45 000 trust certificates, and then we just finished printing 6 000 stickers that we are sending for free to you guys to put on your drone so thats, something that were all very, very proud of so whats coming up in 2022. We have a bunch of deep dives coming up. We have a mavic 3 deep dive. Weve been waiting for this. You may be wondering where our review is well. Weve been waiting to get the final software updates for that before we start recording big in the studio.

So we also have a bunch of hotel, deep dives that are coming up so well have a evo 2 a deep dive coming out right around the corner, thats been recorded, thats being edited at the moment and of course, these two new drones from hotel that are Coming up and uh theres going to be many more courses as well that we have on our list, but i cant really talk about these just yet so thats. All i have i want to thank you for a great year. I look forward to 2022.