Welcome. I hope everybody is fine today regarding uh how to fly your mavic air to drone. So nandito only owns a one of the subdivision, as you can see it’s a one of the basic functions for the mavic air. I hope you will enjoy this video if you like this video, please thumbs up and don’t forget that subscribes and share with your families and friends. Okay, so enjoy so stay tuned and enjoy watching this video god bless everyone. Let’S start, as you can see, on the pictures, batteries, the drone and the controller itself, connection, okay, so madrid, so first thing you do uh take out the battery and then you have to press it on both sides. Now you can grab new and then you have depressed it as you can see on the video but give the rest more. You just pull it out all right. So when you press you just pull it out and that’s it and then, as you can see, makiki takayama, okay, as you can see on the drone itself at the end connection when you put it back on the drone, so madeline so let’s put the battery back To the drone, for this time, you don’t need to press once the nail gets on top lunch, a drone, you put it there and then you just pressed it once you pressed it the marinade on a click button. When you hear the click button, it means it’s. Fluff and okay very easy.

I hope you get Music, that okay, marava pizza let’s start to connect the propeller or the lse. So we have two sides front uh from the left side, which is b, which is unmarked and then from the right side, which is a which is mark. If you like to put some markings on your drone or not pero, i don’t think and uh okay here on the left side magita in sapina, which is black, is so the one i hold now better. Look at this one. This one is with the mark. So you have to be very careful otherwise, so you have to get the right one. So you don’t do this one right so take out the other propeller or the lec jung lung markings. So this one is the right one from that um connection, so there’s an hole again, a professor and then very easy. You can see once na and then again you said adapter you have to press it. There is a lanyard in this hit up. You press you just press it, and then you have to lock it. So you have to do this one in clockwise, yeah, okay automatically when you and then we go on the other side, as you can see, there’s a silver lining. That is a mark all right. That one, that is the right propeller for that mark, so indeed one is unmarked and one is marked on the back. Vice versa. Okay, let’s do this one! We have to attach this one we put in the hole and then when the lag has a hole, so markings yeah, you just press it, and this one is other side counter: clockwise.

Okay, if the other side is clockwise, this one is under is counterclockwise and then the next one at the back of the drone vice versa, so madali landing. You have to look with the markings so let’s do it attach the propeller and then press it gently and then lock it all right, one last thing or one last time, and then the drone is ready to fly okay. This is with the unmarked and we get the other propeller unmarked. Okay, let’s put it on attach the propeller here you are and then press it gently and then lock it clockwise all right. So i hope everything is good. Try to arrange the propeller in the proper way uh before paliparini also make sure it’s attached saturino papalipat kale at any time. You have to double check it first before you do the takeoff safe and sound problem or or indicia not attached properly. So hindi came back. So i hope you learn this one in easy steps, all right, so let’s move okay, let’s, move to the filter so that we take out this frame all right and then let’s put the filter. So very soft launcher hold the gimbal very, very soft cassette and a passenger guys. So when you twist counterclockwise, you have to take out only the frame, well long, filtering and only the frame, and then we take to take the filter that we’re going to put so we have the three different filters right we have on the top is the 16 And we have the 64 and then the two five six 16 usage doesn’t make.

The drone, especially, is a clear ambiance. You know regarding the shootout, so the same thing you put the same place: company Music, okay, let’s continue repeats. Now is the controller as shown on the video, so first we have to take out the joystick, so you’re not going to enjoy it to pull it out. Actually, you can buy aftermarket the joystick uh through lasado or sharpie, but the length shake a bit so this one is you scoot it up clockwise so take out the other one and then connect it. Then, after that, you have to pull the antenna for the cell phone all right for the cable of the cell phone depending on, because i have the android, which is type c. So union can a bit cool. So if you have the other android cassam and a minion cable on the box, and also for the iphone so depending on your cell phone okay, so let’s attach the uh cell phone itself. Okay, try to avoid your controller, no cell phone parenthesis, uh controller, so yeah once you attach the phone to the controller. Now you have to look for the apps dji, so don’t forget to upload the apps. Otherwise it takes time all right. Now we have to check the connection now see you will see this connect. Aircraft. Okay, before you connect, must check the controller to press twice. One is quick press and then long, press and that’s the switch on of the controller.

So you want madeline, connects aircraft and then check meeting indonesia all right now, it’s ready to fly, so we have to connect it to the aircraft itself. So let’s fly guys: okay, that’s it it’s good! So let’s fly the drone. Uh let’s go where we can fly the drone outside so now here we are, i find the place in terraza, so we can fly the drone, but first thing we have to take out the gimbal protector. Don’T forget otherwise the uh camera it doesn’t work at all. So stay the lancia, so you have to be careful and then switch on the um drone and check the uh fly path of the drone. Well at about obstruction when you take off otherwise so that’s it. I checked so let’s ready to fly okay so now let’s hold the controller. Uh must check everything so ready to flight, so yeah on uh display so working main camera on a drone. So you can see one of the icon there, young take off so it’s easy. You just press the take off when it’s turned to green circle, now it’s ready to take off, so you can see that one okay, now, as you can see, the drone is already take off the marine and gain sounds continuously together with the voice of uh. From the controller itself it, but you have to be means careful guys. So when you fly the drone make sure everything is clear. Everything is empty, so especially the small beginner, but if you’re professional already, you know how to play the dome and then you can do that all right, so let’s continue.

Okay, let’s do the photo shoot Music. Now we try to land the drone. Okay. Now you have to press if we clear the landing you have to allow now plain and easy that’s, it that’s a very good landing. So i hope you learned this one forever. Music beats Music. Okay, now it’s time to play around with your drone, so try to move around with your own left side, right side, front and back up and down enjoy me: hmm, Music, um Music me is Music Music, huh, okay, mario pizz. Now we have to taste the uh. Follow me mode for this drone let’s test the accuracy of this, throw all right so make sure. With this follow me it’s, clear, there’s, no wires obstruction, trees. You have to be very careful because practice, though so here in this place, basketball court, so basketball court to see, although it’s, wide and there’s no obstructions regarding these things and this one is open court. So all right you just move around. If you have a bike, you can have the bike bicycle i mean all right so use you can check the accuracy of this drone Music follow me, but i think, which is very nice and very simple, especially it’s a place view the cinematic or any place. I know so make sure when you’re going to practice all right just enjoy the view. My puppets Music, Music, Music, Music, you back it up for me, i could always Music.

I could never tell you baby. I could never one two three look at me. I’Ll. Take you every Music i’ll call photo a bad girl. You move like a dancer Music.