This is chris, and today i have something interesting for you. I find it very interesting. I think a lot of you will as well. This is something that a lot of people try different ones and just are not happy. I think i finally found a pair that im happy with and thats a set of goggles that you can use with any quad you have that uses an app. It is the traditional type where you stick your phone in the front of it and a lot of people think oh theres, a rubbish. You know you stick your phone in the front of it and its its, not a good image, not the case with these. These actually match pretty much pixel for pixel um theyre, just they they, the the lenses in these keep a nice crisp. Clear, visual of your app and the other good thing about it is its not a split screen. You have one full screen just like i would, when im wearing my my dji fpv goggles, that i have sitting right here, not comparing this to dji at all. These are just simple goggles that you stick your phone in, but they do have a few little things. Theyve implemented that make these, i think better than anything else. Ive tried. I have tried other ones. The ive got the paradignoffi fpv that comes with goggles, not crazy about those goggles, and i have the um parrot bebop two goggles dont, like those goggles at all, and then ive tried a couple, others and – and they give you that split screen.

Um hubsan even made a pair of goggles; they were garbage um. These are the first pair i actually like so far. I really like the image on them and theres a few things, other things that i like about it. Since they sent it to me, you will still get a full honest review. Um i dont. I i never enslaved to anybody that sends me a product, so youre going to get my likes and my dislikes on it and uh 100 honest opinion of this. I will share an affiliate link on this with you. In the first 450, people will get a free prize or a free free gift, and i will be giving one of these away and the free gift that they give you ill be giving one of those away as well so ill. Show you what that is here. In the video, but lets take a look at what this guy offers us. It comes to you in this little drawstring drawstring bag. Keep it nice and clean, keep the dust and everything off your lenses, and then it also comes with yeah comes with a lens wipe. So you can wipe the lenses down inside now the lenses appear to be split screen. When you look at it, this way its kind of hard for you to tell. Maybe if i open it up and let a little light in the other side, maybe thatll help yeah. So it appears to be a split screen but thats not the case one.

I mean thats just for each focal point of your eye each eye, but once you have it on, you dont see any line. You just see a full screen and its nice and crisp and clear and theres one reason why these are better than others. As far as being so clear and ill explain my case now us guys that wear glasses goggles are a pain in the butt to find that goggle that works with your glasses for the dji fpv Music goggles. What i had to do is i actually had to have a i had to buy a second pair of glasses. These glasses are my most comfortable normal daily pair, but theyre theyre too wide for the dji goggles, plus the dji fpv goggles, let in light so you have to get that extra foam to block out the light, but i cant wear the goggles with these glasses. So i had to get a smaller pair and then, since me, being the older guy, i have transitional lenses basically like bifocals. I had to have these specially made just for the fpv goggles. Now i know you can get lenses prescription lenses in your fpv goggles. I didnt want to deal with that and then have them not be right and then, when you go to sell it one day, hopefully you didnt lose the original lenses to put back in there. But these are what i use for the dji fpv goggles theyre for up close theyre for like right here, and they work good for that, so theyre strictly from theyre, my dji glasses, but these glasses.

I can wear with this pair of goggles, as is like this. When i put the goggles on half my screens, a little blurry and the other half is nice and clear and thats, because im too close to the to the image. Now, if i put the special glasses on that, i had made up its perfectly fine. But i dont need those glasses because they fit perfect inside here when i put this on this blocks out 100 percent of the light it squeezes and holds your face nicely and very comfortable, but these expand with like a telescope that little bit of difference right. There puts 100 of the screen in my focal for my vision, nice and focused, so that is the one thing theyve implemented that i really like. You have to have not everybodys eyes and prescription or vision is the same. You have to have some sort of a little bit of a distance adjustment for your own focal point. So thats one thing theyve done here, so i really like that. Thats, probably one of my favorite things, just along with the simple fact that these seal 100 percent no light comes in at all its its its pitch black in here. So i love that the whole purpose for wearing these with your average camera drone is really just to block out all that sunlight for me. But i do like i like just being up close and personal and nothing distracted me on the outside.

Now lets leave out all the rules of line of sight flight and having somebody you know, having a spotter with you when youre wearing goggles or anything like that. You do what you want to do. I do what i want to do so lets just strictly keep it to reviewing these. I dont care about the line of sight. I dont care about the spotters or anything like that were reviewing these goggles, so keep get all that out of the way. But i want to show you how this goes in were going to hook it up to the air 2s, and i want to show you how my phone goes in very simple setup. Theyve got these clips theyre kind of like on a uh elastic type thing. You probably cant see them real well because theyre black, but they just stretch out your phone, goes in real simple, but lets go ahead and connect it to the dji, fpv or dji air 2s. First, so ive got that over here were going to turn it. On turn, the controller on okay, let that sit on a box over there got that facing my screen on my computer, so ive taken the cable that comes with this controller ive, taken that cable out im, simply using my lightning cable that i use to charge my Phone, its got usb c on one side and then lightning on the other. Just like this little guy does right here and were going to plug it in to the controller where the small one plugs in you can buy these with an angle which ill probably do eventually but ill just leave that open and have it connected that way with Any of your drones, the one thing with this type of glass goggles youll need to do is you will need to do all your app settings before you put it into the goggles once theyre in the goggles youre not going to be making any camera adjustments or Anything like that, so um, you can turn your recording off and on take your pictures and stuff with the controller.

So you basically just want to set up your camera. Any other settings, like you, return a home height, anything else that you do and then take off and fly and enjoy it so lets open up the app normally it opens up on its own. I thought so here it is. We have it facing facing the computer screen, see if that comes in focus. If i hold it up here there you go just facing my computer screen and were going to put it in the goggles. For me, it doesnt matter which way i put it in the goggles. I can put it in this way or that way, because with the dji app it changes, no matter how you have your phone, some do not do that. So you want to make sure you put your phone in the right way, but with the dji we dont have to worry about it. We simply hook it in the little bottom hook and then we grab the other hook its easier when im looking at it. But im showing you guys on camera there, its in its done so were plugged in, were in there its not going to come out and ill show you the one thing i dont like about this so were going to close it up, zip it. The cable is right here in the zipper theres, no cutout area for the cable, so you have to just stop here with that zipper stop here with that zipper and then youre fine, not a huge deal, but i personally would have put a cut out on the Side for for my cord, so we have my phone in there and then were connected with the controller with this type of cord.

I have plenty of space i can fly. I can hold it way down here and plenty of cord left, so thats, not a problem at all. The hard part is for me to show you the image it displays. So when i do future videos on this im going to do future videos, just showing you how simple it is to use it with your dji, your hubsan, your femi, your autel evo 2, whatever drone i have that uses an app, i can do it. I can put these goggles on and show you so lets see if we can try to get some see its very hard to to show you like this, does not do it justice at all – and i am not exaggerating when i put these on – lets – strap it When i put these on that image is perfectly clear yeah i have. I have full focal all the way all the way here it doesnt what it doesnt mess with my prescription at all im a little blurry at the top. So what you want to do is pull them out and thats far better. I can see everything i can read every little tiny uh words on my app, so i can see im in normal mode takeoff permitted my battery percentage and all that when i bring them in that top part becomes blurry, and i i cant read it as good. So, just that little bit of telescopic pull out gives me a perfect, perfect vision.

I really like these now the weight its a little bit heavy with with my phone in there its a little bit heavy its uh. I think its one pound nine ounces uh. It feels like its a little heavier than that on me, but i mean it is what it is if anybody remembers some of the bigger, like i had a pair of cyclops that i have on the floor here beside me, ill show you uh, they werent exactly Light either once you had a battery connected to them and stuff, they were not light, but uh yeah. These are really nice. They fit my glasses. They block out all the light and um you can use them with any drone that you have so heres the cyclops. Once i was talking about remember these monsters boy, i mean like these. I cant i cant put put on with my glasses, but i mean these are huge. I remember these well theyre about the same. They stick out just as far but uh. I just remember. I hated flying with these good old analog goggles but thats how you connect it with your phone very simple uh it will. It will be the exact same setup for any drone that uses an app thats, the beauty of all this so um like i said they sent me this. I have my own affiliate link for this, so if you do purchase this, i do get a commission and i would appreciate it.

The first 450 buyers get a free gift and now im going to show you that free gift, as soon as we turn everything off, but one hundred percent of my profits go to childrens charities and that would be uh childrens hospitals and saint jude uh. To help the children that, with you know, battling cancer and bad diseases, so uh 100 of that commission goes towards that. A majority of my stuff on my channel all goes to those charities, so heres the free gift you get. This is called movie mask and this is you hook it up to your phone? You can, i really dont, understand it um, you can. You can hook your smartphone up to this and make this your that what they say your portable cinema, so they call it movie, mask you, put your phone in the exact same way and you can watch your movies with it. So ill read some of the stuff on the box, but it comes in a little satchel bag as well and says, play any video on your smartphone place it in the smartphone place. Your smartphone in the movie mask, get comfortable and enjoy the show well, heres. The one thing about this, though, that i dont understand see the guy here lets, see yeah see the guy here hes just watching it got his arms behind his back enjoying his movie. I think theres another picture yeah this guys laying down watching a movie notice, hes holding it thats.

What i understand this, does this one doesnt come with a strap again, its a free gift, youll get it as a free gift. So you really cant complain the first 450 people will get this, but its not something. I think i will use so im giving this away too. It comes with a wipe as well clean off your lenses. The quality is just as good with this thing, but you grab this tab and you pull it out unfold the sides and then watch your movie but heres the thing: theres no strap theres not even a place for a strap. So i dont – i dont, really understand this, so just like the guy in on the box, this guy here when, when you wear these, you basically are going to sit here like this, but they dont block out any light on the sides i have full. I dont know if you can tell, but i have so it doesnt it doesnt make sense to me, but i guess, if i lay back like this in bed, i can watch my movie, but basically you unsnap. This whole thing put your phone in there on the hook and then put it back together and watch your favorite movie play a video game on your phone. Whatever you do, i dont i dont know this. One doesnt make as much sense to me this. This version isnt very useful to me, but this is the free gift.

Youll get its called movie mask im having a hard time closing it up. There we go, it does close up really nice. This actually reminds me of the paradigm offi goggles. This is kind of how how they are, except they have a strap. So i i dont know maybe after i do this review and they they watch it. They can explain to me why there is no strap, but i would prefer a strap, so it stays on. My head, while im watching a movie, then i would, i might actually use it um. I think it would be kind of cool to watch watch some stuff with goggles on, especially if they were more of your virtual reality type stuff. When im watching, you guys do your videos with your fpv quads and im watching your flights from the quad, i could put these on just like im im in the drivers seat or your passenger seat with you, so uh thats. What youre going to get as a free gift for the first 450 buyers of the drone mask so so far. My only real complaint with this is just the power cord coming out the side of the zippers thats. It thats thats a pretty pretty petty, silly complaint, but thats the only thing that i would have changed on this. It is a little bit heavy but thats kind of just the phone. You know these phones are compact today, but they arent 100 light, like my phone, is a majority of the weight of this thing so yeah.

This weighs, i think i said, like 1.1 pound 9 ounces, but if i dont have my phone in it. Obviously, this is very really comfortable put your phone in, it adds a little bit of weight and you feel like you, dont, want to you know you dont want to move so fast. It just feels like that weight might make it want to come off or something, but they do the the they hold on to your head real. Well, the strap is real good, its a its a nice strap. I dont really have much negative to say about it. So far so thats pretty much it guys uh again ill put a link to their website down at the bottom or my affiliate link that will take you to their website. You can check this out. I think it is unless they change the price for this very special uh release of this thing um. I think it was like 150 160 dollars for the mask and, like i said, the first 450 people get the movie mask free gift um, but for something that works that youre going to use a lot on all your different quads that use an app and pretty Much everything uses an app today: um thats, a small price to pay uh for something that actually works, and so far these actually work im happy with them so check out the link down in the description of the video and uh.

Remember if you purchase off of my link 100 of that goes to charity for childrens hospital and st judes and uh thats about it.