Its called the drone mask and its an fpv headset to be used with gps camera drones. As some of you already know, i recently did a video review of the magimask on the channel, and this here is the rebranded version of it. Im not going to go through all of the details as to how it works in this video. But if youre interested in that, you can go ahead and check out the video where i show you exactly how it works here. So before i get started with the details for the giveaway, i want to read you guys, a short, quick bio of the company who designed it and the background information behind their products. So please bear with me, as i read it to you. Movie mask was established in 2016 by two norwegian students, eric wallstrom and harold manheim after they had been to a movie theater in san francisco movie mask since 2016 has made products with its u.s patented lens. For use as a private cinema case, the movie mask series and augmented reality: goggles the magimask in 2021, the magi mask was discovered by drone pilots, and thus the company experienced the 20 percent growth in its customer base from 2020 to 2021. Therefore, we decided to launch the drone mask a rebranded version of the magic mask to give drone pilots their own masks. So now you guys know what theyre all about and the history behind it all. Okay.

So with all that said, and out of the way ill go ahead and show you guys, the drone mask really quickly and give you the details for the giveaway it comes stored in this nice box. As you can see here and inside of it, you get a storage pouch with the goggles and a lens cloth, a thank you card and the instructions manual. So everything here is basically the same as the magimask minus the augmented reality accessories that are not included and thats, because its specifically geared towards the use with drones. Now one thing that i did notice that has been improved on these goggles is the foam padding around the eyes, as you can see now, theyve added more padding towards the nose area which will make it much more comfortable when using them so thats pretty awesome. Alright. So if you want to win yourself, a free drone mask heres three simple rules that you have to follow: number one. You have to be a subscriber to the channel. These giveaways that i do are only available to those who support the channel. So you have to be a subscriber number two. You have to be a resident of the us. I know that sucks for the rest of you, but uh. It is what it is and finally number three write. Your first name and the state which you live in thats, basically it uh so ill run this contest for one week um after that ill follow up with a short video announcing the winner, so do make sure that you guys put in the correct information in your Comments for your entries to be valid, so all the best to everyone who decides to participate in this contest.