This is a pair of goggles that goes over your phone and allows you to see an fpv view from your camera drone. We have two of these actually drone mask supplied both of these for me to review and to give away ill be giving these away on. First friday april, 1st 2022 coming up pretty quick, so youll want to tune in for that. If you want to win one of these pairs, so stay tuned and well check it out. So as you open, the drone mask very nice boxing uh. These are also designed by two norwegian guys, i believe, which i think is kind of cool, because my brother in laws from norway ive been there its a beautiful place. They are designed in norway and they come in a bag right here and you can open the bag and inside is the actual goggles, along with some im guessing some of those things youre not supposed to eat. Yes, do not eat throw away uh. These are what keep the humidity out of it and the instructions actually say tusuntaq, which means, i think, thank you in norwegian, so thats kind of cool first impression straight out of the box is they feel pretty lightweight. They feel very solid like well made. You know they dont feel like cheap plastic. Theyve got some kind of a cloth covering over them. That looks like it kind of keeps everything from rattling or feeling cheap. I believe they have pretty good light blocking capabilities.

Oh yeah, when i put them over my eyes like this, i am not seeing any light leak at all and im sitting under a bunch of bright lights. Now let me go ahead and actually put them on my head: yeah, totally pitch black and theyre, pretty simple, theres, no electronics in these whatsoever. These are just a pair of lenses, a case and a spot to hook your phone. It looks like to hook your phone in there. Youve got some elastic that holds the phone in place, and then it zips up like this and thats what blocks out all the light now. One other thing that i think is a big differentiator of these versus other pairs of goggles is its one lens. That is allowing the light from your phone, its not splitting your phone in half so like with vr and 3d stuff. You actually have two uh different images that are repeated. You know image and image b, theyre the same thing, but there are two instances of it that go over your eyes so that you can look around and kind of see things in three 3d space. This does not do that. This just uses the image from whichever app youre, using whether its dji or autel or whatever, and the diopter in here the the lens thats in these things, is going to actually magnify it so that you can see clearly across it uh. You know kind of edge to edge as if you were watching a movie in a movie theater okay.

So here i have an iphone 12 and its the standard size iphone 12, its not the uh ginormous one, but theyre still pretty big phones compared to what they were five years ago, and i have a usbc to lightning cable, now, im going to try this out On both the autel light and the dji mavic mini 2, i think its just called the mini 2 actually wow and the view is actually really good. As far as being able to see the screen um yeah, i can see it perfectly. Im gon na go ahead and see if i can Music as far as uh flight experience, i mean im indoors and im about to hit chris, so i saw all that i hit the light huh that went up into it. Ah dang all right. Well, first of all, probably flying uh indoors with these goggles on is not a great move. Um. What happened is i went up and hit the light. I went up into the light. Theres no sensors on this thing. I forget its a mini tube with no obstacle avoidance. The picture quality is great. I can see very very well. I do have some glasses that i will try on and see if they work under here. I dont really need the glasses or not super strong prescriptions or anything like that. The only thing i think you would run into an issue with and ive saw several other reviews that mentioned this is, if you have to touch something on the phone in order to change a setting or update something or whatever you dont have access to touch.

The phone right you only have access to whats on the remote control. I do have these glasses, they are a very light prescription, and so i can see okay without them, but i just figured id, try it with them, because i want to see if theyll fit. If itll fit over them, oh yeah, okay, even even better yeah, okay, so when its that close its a little blurry, even with my glasses on, but when i pull it apart, like that and lock it yeah its crystal clear through the glasses, so thats actually the Way to go, at least in my brief testing, you can use a usbc to lightning cable and ill put a link below for the one i bought that works, but you have to plug it into the top of both of these. You cant plug it into the usb c on the bottom. Okay, so after doing this the wrong way, i realized something. Didnt seem quite right and i got out the manual rtfm and this manual is actually well written. Its got pictures lots of pictures that show you exactly what to do and it turns out. I was putting the phone in backwards and wasnt doing it the right way, so the right way to do it is to actually just have the cord come straight out. You dont have to do all that, bending that i was doing before and just put the zippers right up to it.

So basically it creates a natural gap where the cord can come out. You know, and you just zip up to either side of that number one and then number two. You have this little hole where the velcro goes. This velcro was on the inside and you can leave it open so that your phone has its camera facing outward. So if you wanted to do some sort of augmented reality thing with the camera, so that you could be looking through it and seeing the view of the camera that allows you to do so so thats, what this little piece of velcro is for its just a Gap um like for me im not doing that so basically, i can just take it and put the um put the velcro back in, but yeah you see how that cable is just coming straight out of it like that, and then im zipping up to it. Dont try to bend the cable. That was a bad idea and you dont need a 90 degree, lightning, cable or usbc cable, either. Okay, we have the mini 2 out here and the drone mask. I will say too that much like with regular fpv goggles. You probably want to be careful not to put the lenses into the sun. The sun is quite bright out here right now, although theres not a theres, not a screen inside these, except for your phone. So when your phones not in there, it should be okay, but just out of habit, keep the lenses out of the sun and im wearing my glasses, oh yeah.

That looks really good and ill. Tell you what im gon na do im gon na walk over to the wall and lean against it, so i dont get dizzy so ill start recording here if you are used to flying fpv youve had this experience before, and you can definitely appreciate what this looks Like and how immersive it is and the quality of the image i mean this is an iphone 12, and so the the quality of the image from the phone is fantastic and the uh goggles really create an even more immersive experience. Um with my glasses on and with these pulled out and adjusted like they are, the picture is crystal clear. I have to actually move my eyes left and right to see the whole thing, because it looks really big in my eye im looking over at the tower right now and im now im going to do a little orbit around the tower and yeah it just it. It helps kind of block out other distractions. You know it just gives you this sort of focus, so you can make maneuvers and stuff like that, and ive got a fairly narrow, uh window here that i can land in in between cables and the buildings Music there. You go um, really solid picture. All right lets try the evo same setup. As last time i will say the screen on the evo light is a lot busier than the um, the evil light fly or no, the evo light sky app.

The screen is a lot busier than the than the fly app but thats all right. That might actually be a good thing because it means ive got more data to work with and lets see which one is record there we go and but it looks great, and here we go Music. I would say i am more impressed than i expected to be with these as far as the quality and the and the look of it now, i know theyre not cheap, but they dont feel cheap and, and they feel quite uh, quite high quality and thats kind Of what youre paying for, i guess so still flying around the tower uh, i think id love to give chris a try at these, so ill trade, him uh, the controller and the camera. What do you think i feel like im zoomed in a lot just just because the screen is so big and and im able to? I guess be more delicate with my movement or i guess i i can see every little motion that im making and i can probably get better Music, better shots and more accurate yeah more be more accurate with what im filming, because i can see every little uh Jitter that im making but yeah right now its its a sunny day and flying this without the mask, would definitely be tough to see in bright, sunlight and right now, of course, with the mask on yeah theres. No problem at all.

So, in terms of your expectation for these uh is it above at or below your expectations, um id say this is above yeah just since i only fly with my phone and and my phones not very bright, so im, always fighting uh im, always fighting the sunlight. This is, this is kind of handy to to you know, have in your bag, if you need it and were were not even standing in shade were standing in direct sunlight right now, which which yeah, if you had the phone, even an iphone 12 on there at Full brightness, you could see it but boy. First of all, it would uh kill the battery pretty quickly potentially overheat it, although i would be curious, its cool today, its march in austin. I would be curious if this overheats your phone in um in the summer in texas. If i want to go ahead and land, is this a clear spot, uh yeah under the wires yep come straight down, go to your right, just a tiny bit closer to the building, yep and then come on down and rotate and face up im getting a lot Of uh obstacle avoidance warnings, oh wow, it automatically stops recording thats, a thats, a feature or thats thats. The setting, i think, okay, cool okay. So i have to say i was just like chris more impressed with these than i thought i would be um. I have flown a lot of fpv ive used the original dji goggles that they had for the original mavic pro ive used.

The re edition ive used both version one and version two of the dji fpv goggles, and these things, while they dont, have all the functionality. The look is very similar, its a very immersive look. Your phone is at just the right distance. Theyve figured out the optics so that you can see it very clearly. They fit your glasses, which is really nice. You can put them underneath it. I can see on a bright sunny day when youre trying to get a really good shot and the sun is beating down, and you cant see your phone very well. This could help you get that shot a lot more than trying to fly with just your phone alone or even a smart controller. Looking down at that theres no distractions, you can see very clearly. You really want to have a spotter with you, because your situational awareness is not great when youre wearing these, but as far as getting really good shots and having an fbv experience. I think these are a pretty cool option, especially if youre not an fpv drone pilot, and you dont want to be one. You just want to use it for camera drones. These come in real handy ill, leave a link in the description, so you can check these out, as i said, were giving away two pairs of these to folks. So thanks again to drone mask for providing these so that we could give them away tune in.