As always, the editor in chief also nicknamed smiley, were talking about miss miriam mcnabb miriam how you doing i am doing excellent as always paul. How are you doing great doing great? Actually, i would say very happy, as there was a note that came in from one of the viewers uh asking us to cover topics related to heavy lift drones. Is that right, Music? Yes, absolutely and um? You know shout out to chris. Thank you so much for writing in. Thank you very much for watching the podcast. We really appreciate it great suggestion to talk about sort of where heavy lift drones are going and what that looks like as a sector of the drone industry and it kind of launches into some good stories for this week. So lets start there. First of all lets talk about what a heavy lift drone or a workhorse drone means. So when were talking, drone delivery and were talking residential drone delivery were still at kind of one pack of diapers. You know they can deliver small things. It can deliver your starbucks coffee, but it isnt going to deliver anything heavy when youre talking about a workhorse or a heavy lift drone youre talking about things that can lift sort of uh, 30, 50, 60, 70 or more pounds, and the reason that thats really significant Theres kind of two things that sort of present themselves there. The first is that they can carry heavier payloads, so whether thats heavier and more sophisticated sensors or whether thats heavier in terms of a delivery.

Payload thats heavier equipment, thats more stuff, thats, whatever it is thats one thing, but it also means that they can carry more fuel and so theres. Another sort of significant element to the concept of workhorse drones or heavy lift drones in that they can fly farther. So when were talking supply chain logistics, i think its really really significant, and i guess the other thing i would say about this uh paul and then well. I want to hear what you think about how were going to sort of train that next workforce, because i know a lot of people are actually looking for help right now. The other thing about sort of heavy lift drones is that i think, were gon na see a lot of military commercial crossover here. So we have seen that with small drones. You know, particularly you think, about skydio developed with the dod for short range reconnaissance thats, the skydio x2d and almost uh. Most of that functionality was made available to the commercial sector with the skydio x2e and i think when were talking workhorse and heavy lift drones. We are seeing a lot of development happening in the military and were going to see that cross over into the commercial sector kind of for the benefit of logistics and supply chain yeah. No, i think that youre definitely right that the military, um and dod operations will probably fuel uh research and development of better heavy lift drones. Although uh, you know me and skydio im not sure that thats the best example, because the x2e has that uh encrypted long distance, uh transmission protocol, and that is not from what i understand on the x2d as in delta.

But i only bring that up because uh you know skydio is not something i would ever consider heavy lift. You know when i think of heavy lift, i think of people again like watts, innovations and their new prism sky. You know absolutely so i was really just talking about crossover. I gotcha stuff thats developed for the military and comes into the commercial sector, so in the small drone space scotty was one of the companies that was able to do that. I think in the larger heavy lift drone space were also going to see this happen. A lot oh couldnt agree, more yeah, couldnt agree more and you know you brought up another issue, which is a lot of manufacturers, are learning the hard way that, without robust training on these larger vehicles that their success rate with customers is fairly low? In fact, we have been using our props educational platform to help manufacturers build robust training programs and its funny that you bring up heavy lift drones today. Uh, because we have literally been working on a production for lucid drone technologies, which is a company based out of north carolina, and they are using drones to clean the outsides of buildings. You know sanitize and clean outdoor spaces like stadiums etc, and i would definitely consider that a heavy lift drone its larger than an m600 for all of you who are interested and its carrying uh. Essentially, a pressurized hose line to be able to spray, and i know for a lot of people that may not seem like heavy lift.

But if you think of 200 feet of you know hose filled with pressurized water or chemicals or whatever. It is actually a pretty heavy payload and it really does seem merriam, like the industry, is moving to these bigger drones. Look at the astro look at the air peak from sony thats a pretty sizable drone, thats, no phantom. You know thats larger than an inspire, and so i think the industry really is moving to these bigger drones. Training is definitely an issue were trying to solve that for as many manufacturers as possible right now, but in addition, i think its going to be these heavy lift drones that end up creating the true dewalt of of drones. You know a drone that could carry uh. You know robotic arms to pick things up to trim trees to clean. You know to do a lot of the dirty dangerous jobs. Think of even high rise window cleaning. I know that may not seem like a big deal and youre, not even replacing jobs. At that point, either youre empowering the window cleaners to just use a new tool to be more efficient and effective and a whole heck of a lot safer. Oh yeah just saying oh yeah 100, and i think that particular issue resonates with the lucid drone technologies. Founder andrew as hes had personal experience in the just how dangerous it is to be in the cleaning business and how powerful it is that you know.

Drones can essentially solve that problem, so all in all, i think its extremely powerful to have a heavy lift drone, but we havent seen a heavy lift drone thats systematized to offer all these different accessories to do more drone jobs. But i think that that future is right along the horizon and coming to us at light speed, yeah. I think that when were talking about you know, geospatial, you can put very sophisticated imaging sensors on smaller drones but, as you said, you know where youre working with lucid on carrying pressurized water and hose think about how that applies to like firefighting, and you kind of Need both right, you need both. You need something to deliver equipment to somebody whos out in the field on demand and something that might weigh more than five pounds. You know – and you also need this – this kind of intelligence gathering this aerial perspective – that a lot of small drone sensors offer so really interesting. Thanks again, chris for uh writing – and i always love to hear from you guys and uh. I definitely think heading for um. Greater importance in the sector again thats another sector that will, i think, flourish with bvlos flight, also because they can carry that heavier uh fuel load and go further distances. Theyll be able to really meet potential when a bv, less flight is regularized and easier to access. Yeah i couldnt agree more um. In fact, that leads us right into our next story, as one particular manufacturer out of france is carrying very heavy payloads doing jobs.

A lot like what we saw in early january of this year when the national nuclear security agency was using helicopters to fly around dc to measure potential radiation or nuclear threats, but theres a new company here in france. That is doing almost the same thing. Is that right, miriam Music? Well, i think that um azer drones has a new drone out its the sky tech d. I z, i im not sure if thats dizzy or or what but just launched and immediately won an award at uh the world nuclear convention as a as a valuable tool. So this is equipped with very sophisticated radiation detection. If thats not a great job for an unmanned system, i dont know what is they are able to work in nuclear facilities. They are installed at several nuclear facilities around the world, already kind of doing inspections, uh and things. This allows, of course, inspectors um drone pilots to stand in a safe zone without being exposed to radiation and to perform necessary inspections, so development of those sensors and the drones to carry them fully. Automated is really a game changer in the nuclear energy sector. Thats awesome that uh that definitely makes the world a safer place when nuclear is being hailed as the true clean energy. So very, very, very interesting, and i know that you have another news story: uh thats all about industrial platforms, kind of similar to azure here, Music. Those two kind of go together, percepto another really focused on automation, drone in a box solution designed to be on industrial sites, far away from their operator, and they got approval in australia to fly beyond visual line of sight at an industrial site.

Its kind of a its sort of a gateway waiver – if you will it sort of, opens the door for this fully automated industrial application, wow wow, thats thats, definitely uh. Definitely impressive. You know, whats, really, nice miriam is that all over the world were seeing drones. Do more kind of nuanced projects, projects that have that direct dollarized value for companies uh in our next piece of news? There is a company out of san diego who seems to be wanting to fill a security gap. Is that right? Music? Yes, so um, there was a lot of news in the counter drone or airspace security sector this week and its not just this week. Ive really seen this over the last year: lots and lots of funding lots of acquisitions. Lots of you know, partnerships happening so sky, safe, raised 30 million dollars, um to expand theyre an airspace security firm, and i think that when you talk about sort of counter drone and airspace security, the important thing to recognize is that, basically, you want to look at This as um youve got somebody a doorman. Youve got a doorman and theyre saying hey: this is a private party. You can come in and you cant right so and and if you think about it that way its not nobody is allowed in this airspace its. We recognize that you guys belong here because youre doing legitimate work at this event at this stadium, at this um sensitive site or whatever, and you guys dont belong here, youre just looking around, and so we want to keep you out and thats a level of um Sort of sophistication that is really kind of necessary as the commercial drone industry, scales and thats.

What sky safe is saying, is hey. We want to be there as part of the solution to scale the commercial drone industry. By saying, we recognize that theres, a legitimate purpose for drones at airports, theres a legitimate purpose for drones and stadiums, but you need the tools to say: you guys belong here and you guys dont and they have sort of a different technology. You know what they say in their press release. Of course it really leaped out at me is we could have solved this gatwick airport incident in minutes like there would have been those days and days of flight delays. We would have found those guys and um shut. It down so so really really interesting. I was going to say really interesting uh indeed, but is it correct that private companies could use something like sky safe to monitor the airspace, but its only federal law enforcement that could use skysafe to mitigate a flight? Is that right? So you know, i think there were getting in out of sort of what the capabilities are and what the and into what the legalities are. So i think it depends where you are and what youre doing right so and who your customer is. I think an average. You know private company probably uses something like that to say hey. These are all my guys, whos that, and maybe i need to either take a walk over there because theyre on my property or call the police or do whatever i need to do.

You know which is totally appropriate and and uh yeah seems like. The competition, though, is growing as a famous uh contractor for uh state and local police is that axon or exxon has also developed some sort of counter uas technology as well. Is that right, Music? Well, they partnered with um existing counter uas technology firm d drone – and this is another really interesting story just because axon weve seen kind of getting into the drone space a little bit now. Axon is heavily into the law enforcement space, so they are accustomed to selling into that public safety sector. They sell things like body cams for police officers right so um tools for the public safety sector and so in an interesting move. You know axon has partnered. I think its with skydio to do some distribution with them into law enforcement and public safety, and now theyve partnered with d drone to do to provide sort of counter uas technology into law enforcement and public safety, so that could uh result with sort of you see. Okay, we got a local agricultural, fair or something like that. Thats going on, you know uh here in new hampshire, we have the race track nearby, whatever it is that you happen to be doing. Local police are responsible for securing that area. Theyre used to that they do. You know um traffic mitigation and and all of that stuff that theyre used to and now maybe they need a tool to extend to that security uh in three dimensions: yeah, no, its a really really good point, and your point earlier regarding uh drones, even at airports To go back to the lucid drone technologies, you know their drone has been asked to be used for plane.

De icing. Just think about that. You know i mean there are so many uses for drones at airports, and i remember you: were there im im, pretty sure you were there because we hung out at the uh. What was it? The dji conference? Yes w? Yes and they were using drones to inspect american airlines planes, yes, and that was absolutely amazing – that woman is a genius that was um sort of american airlines had this sort of hackathon where they allowed. They asked employees to come together and come up with ideas, and you know such a valuable um application theyre able to and do the weather inspection like if a plane comes in after theres been a hail storm or theres ice or something the drone can come in And do the inspection to make sure that that envelope is uh intact and okay without having to move the plane off of the runway into the hangar? Put up the cherry pickers, you know get the guys all over it, which is just hours and hours of that plane being out of service, so um yeah lots of good applications. If youre talking heavy lift drones, you know getting equipment out to planes on the tarmac or or whatever it is so um yeah lots of applications for drones in all kinds of places. So the the point is not to keep them out entirely its to differentiate, which ones belong, yeah totally, which is going to make airspace safer for everyone so miriam.

Thank you so much for joining me as always, do appreciate it, and i want to wish you and your family a merry christmas. Thank you. You too really looking forward to it. Yeah me as well looking forward to a nice little vacation.