As always, is the editor in chief miss miriam mcnabb of miriam welcome? How are you doing im doing great paul? How are you today im doing good, no complaints? So that means it is a good day, excellent excellent. So our first piece of news is actually not about drones at all, but its really important to content creators and drone pilots. So what do you know about the new macbook that just came out Music? Well, i think you hit the nail on the head miriam that this is not really drone related, but definitely augments a lot of drone based businesses. A lot of creative businesses as apple did launch two new macbook pros yesterday and seemingly the coverage that ive seen. I think kind of misses. The main points that are really important to discuss regarding this new apple computer number, one is apple, is bringing back that very cool thing that we call magsafe charging so that if your dog or child runs into your computer cord uh, your laptop will not seemingly uh Break in a million pieces and the cord will just disconnect, but they also brought back the hdmi port and the sd card port. Now the one big thing that i think is really huge – and i havent heard talked about really anywhere – is typically when you buy a smaller macbook pro. The processing power is a little bit throttled because of essentially thermal dynamics. It cant cool the processor as much as necessary, well with apples new chipset.

If you do buy the smaller 14 inch, macbook pro the processor and really all the infrastructure of the computer is not throttled at all. So you can get full power in a very small form factor so, frankly, miriam. I think this new macbook pro is going to be probably the computer that a lot of us creatives have been waiting for as we dont have to spend a lot of erroneous money on dongles anymore and have a backpack full of cords sounds good. Thatll be great news for commercial drone operators, you know moving around and and you got to get the data, but then you got to process the data. So sounds good. You sure do you sure do all right. So our next piece of news, i think we were going to talk about a company who is marketing themselves as creatives whats. The latest news in the ongoing saga of dji and the us government Music. Well, i will say miriam: it seems like ever since brendan shulman left uh, the united states is taking a much stricter stance against a dji, as today, the fcc is announcing a new investigation against dji um, saying specifically that dji drones in the surveillance technology on board. These systems are collecting vast amounts of sensitive data, everything from high resolution images of critical infrastructure to facial recognition, uh, really technology and remote sensors that can measure an individuals, body, temperature and even heart rate. The fcc chairman stated.

We do not need an airborne version of huawei uh and you know: miriam weve talked about the security issues with dji numerous times and i have to say this kind of new ramped up enforcement from various agencies in the u.s government continues to negate the one very Simple truth about the security issue with these drones, which is you can solve it by just not allowing the drone to connect to the internet. I mean its its really basic stuff here, and so it does seem very politically charged and even like. I was telling you in pre show i i was reading an article uh on a on a pretty pretty far right, uh news network stating that biden was buying all these chinese drones. But what i do like is that the fcc chairman even stated that our customers know that dji drones remain the most capable and the most affordable products for a wide variety of uses, including sensitive industrial and government work. So i like the fact that at least the fcc chairman is saying hey. We realize theres, nothing that even comes close to these, but uh were still gon na investigate it. So it really makes you wonder, whats really behind all of this yeah. I think this is just um one more step in what uh you know we know of as the huawei effect, where uh sort of the us has made a real effort to limit their exposure to chinese technology and whether or not thats, really because of security concerns Or because they want to support the domestic industry or really because they were afraid that an interruption in import export from china could seriously limit the functionality of drones in a lot of these departments.

Um. But in any case were seeing bipartisan kind of attacks from different angles, and this one is now from the fcc, so well see what happens uh with this eventually, i do think that its kind of part of the whole effect that weve seen uh over the last Few years, yeah definitely uh definitely interesting, which well helps us go into our next piece of drone news miriam. It really seems like counter. Uas systems are becoming mainstream whats going on here, Music yeah. This is a really interesting thing that that um its kind of fun that we get to talk about these things on this show, because while i can only publish a limited number of pieces every day, uh, the reality is that i have seen sort of five or Six pieces of news come across my desk this last week from counter uas companies, and i think that the trend is really hey. These counter uas companies um started out sort of getting military contracts for military installations. Then they were going to kind of larger industrial sites and thats still, maybe the bread and butter of some of these companies, but i think, were also seeing them in event, spaces and just many more mainstream spaces. These counter uas companies are out there theyre making money. Theyre, updating their product lines, theyre, improving their offerings, theyre becoming more portable, more effective, more cost effective, and i think that were going to see counter uas technology kind of go hand in hand with the development of commercial uav technology, because i think that government agencies large Infrastructure power companies feel more comfortable allowing commercial uh drone technology near their sites when they already have counter uas systems uh in place to kind of say, whos authorized and whos not authorized in that space.

Yeah. Definitely interesting to see the quick evolvement of that uh vertical of the industry, and maybe, with these increased uh counter uas technologies. Well, it might inhibit well what we would call our next piece of news. Music, drug dealers rejoice, as now youll be able to carry 200 kilos across the border with this new electric heavy lift aircraft but caveat the counter. Uas systems will probably see you and stop you miriam. What do you have that? Wasnt exactly how the press release presented? It it wouldnt, be our drone life news segment if we didnt talk about drone delivery in some way, shape or form, and the latest intro delivery is volocopters volodrone, which is a heavy lift. All electric veto um cool stuff, because i think when you talk about uh residential drone delivery, youre still only talking about things that that weigh a couple pounds. You know that you got your coffee. Youve got your burrito. You can only have two burritos. You cant have four youve got sort of limited weight, but when youre talking about cargo drones, its kind of a whole nother ball game and a whole different set of really important use cases. So if you imagine, for example, somebody is working out on a pipeline and they need a piece of equipment or they need um some tools or or something like that. Thats, where a heavy lift drone on demand could be a huge savings in time and money for big industry.

You know on a mining site any of these industrial sites, departments of transportation and so forth. So heavy lift drone cargo drone really interesting technology, uh clean environmentally. Over trucks, you know more efficient in the supply chain because you can do sort of on demand, uh stuff, so really interesting to see. Uh volocopters, volo drone um take its first public flight. This last uh few weeks so definitely takes the uh delivery game to a new level by carrying that kind of uh payload uh, but in the united states with part 107 that 55 pound aircraft limit uh makes you wonder if they would need a a waiver to Be able to utilize this, but that brings us into our next story. It seems like the plan to finally get well urban air mobility or or unmanned taxis is coming to a society near you, just not in the usa, but rather in australia. Whats going on here miriam Music. Well, this is the latest in urban air mobility and urban air mobility for sure is kind of on the edge of maybe what we thought when we started drone life. But i love talking about it and i love writing about it. So i always cover those stories im so excited for urban air mobility to come to a place near me. So there is a company skyports in australia, has pledged to put the infrastructure in place to have air taxi service for the brisbane olympics, which i believe will take place in 2032 right theyre, going to build out this infrastructure to offer air taxi service um at the Olympics – and i think this is – this – is kind of a good idea because you can maybe get it in place for the olympics gives people time to get ready for it.

Youre in the middle of major development uh for the olympic games anyway, and maybe it wont, go away after the olympics here in the us um. I have to say you know, with the nasa grand challenge focused on urban air mobility and utm uh, the the kind of relationship between those and with steve dixon, saying at some of the major drone events earlier. This fall that he thought urban air mobility would be a reality within a few years. I think um, you know between a few years and 10 years somewhere in there, we are going to see the first urban immobility uh, at least in some limited form. Yeah itll be interesting uh to see how that goes, but i, i definitely think the the infrastructure is being laid out. You know like what whats included with this. You know air taxi helipads all over sydney. I mean yeah really interesting to see kind of how those things work out because um you know this is another element of drone technology and drone regulation, its important to say that too, where the standard hasnt really been established. Yet you know there are a lot of ideas for how vertiports skyports should look and how they should communicate with air traffic control and what routes should look like, and we dont really have a published standard for that thats accepted all over the world. So everybody sort of working that out as we go thats. What makes it interesting interesting indeed, uh i, like your uh, your vernacular uh virtaport.

Did i hear that right, vertiports uh? That is one one particular company. It does make vertiports uh. If you look on drone life, i have a lot of different articles on this. Some of the there are some actually built, and there are others that are just planned and i have to say i find um, both the actual structures and the concepts absolutely beautiful and exciting to look at so i mean it could be anything it can be from A rooftop or it can be a whole separate infrastructure station wow, probably changing building designs and standards in the process. Really i mean, if you think about it, i believe hotels in las vegas are already built with helipads on the top right, so so theres probably an opportunity there, but uh in other places. Not every building is uh is built with those facilities in mind, but maybe in the future they will be yeah. Definitely wow miriam. Well. Thank you. So much for uh for bringing us all this news and a new vernacular as well. All right. Thank you. Paul always fun to be here, definitely fun to have you as well. Thank you to everyone who is listening to the show. We do appreciate it.