My name is paul as always, and joining me, as always, editor in chief of also has the nickname of smiley hello. Miriam hello paul always glad to see you happy new year, happy new year to you yeah new year, new stuff kind of segues right into uh. Our first story was ces, but it seems like there really wasnt a lot at ces, as many manufacturers had kind of pulled out last minute. So what do you have for us? Music? Well, you know, ces has been an interesting show. This year we havent gotten as many press releases as we usually do across, but there is still something for the drone industry, so autel made a big showing at ces this year brought out their drones to kind of show that theyre available. Now let everybody take a look at them in the mainstream media. What were seeing is a big play in the automotive field, sort of everything, automotive, everything, vehicular, everything automated and uh. The drone industry didnt miss out on that either so were seeing ev talls emission free ultra compact ev towels passenger drones. You know one person flying cars, you name it uh thats whats there new and exciting in the drone industry wow. So yeah i mean definitely not a lot of focusing on the drone industry. Its almost like they moved on to passenger quote, unquote. Drones, which you know as we were talking about in pre, show the last ces that i went to 2020, which arguably probably caught covid there um but uh.

You know arguably a lot of the stuff that we saw from ces in 2020. Havent really seen you know in the real world, the volocopter wheres that thing the new egg drone wheres. That thing you know, so it really seems, like ces kind of seems like a dud for the drone industry, at least if youre, not in urban air mobility. Well, i dont know you know volocopter that one i have seen out and about so that uh that is definitely out there. I think that uh, it was all maybe a little bit more of a new thing several years ago and we have matured now were um. You know in with all the other new things at ces, so sorry i didnt get to go this year, um and hopefully ill get sort of more announcements and things as uh the week carries on yeah. I mean you know with uh, with the conference mandating uh certain uh shots and whatnot, and so many manufacturers pulling out and then omicron happening at the same time, kind of like a triple whammy to ces so uh. It is in addition to weather and flight complications. Here in the us, which have snarled up airports for several days, so good luck to everybody whos there please send us notes. Let us know how it is and um hope that you are staying safe and traveling. Well, yeah, yes, definitely um! This brings up a question. Miriam, what do you think is going to be the environment for conferences this year? I know a lot of people had kind of assumed that this would be the year that conferences really kind of get back to normal, but uh.

Do you think that thats going to happen? Are you seeing a lot of information coming out about future conferences or if you were to make a guesstimate? What would you predict gosh? I really really hope that 2022 is gon na be the year, maybe cause we were really trying, and you know i did get out to a couple of conferences: im really looking forward to auvsi in orlando in the spring, so fingers crossed that omicron sort of takes Us on to the next more manageable phase of the pandemic, i dont know im thats, not my thing im, not making any big statements here about about the pandemic, but um yeah. I do think that what most shows are learning is that you got to have a backup plan, because you know theres um its just been too unpredictable this year. So yeah next thing we know delta cron will be here and shut down the next set of conferences. So but uh its definitely a confusing time to say the least. So that said, moving into the next piece of news, it looks like another domestic manufacturer pops up, but dont confuse their name with the old vhs players that we use at home. And yes, i am old enough to know about that, but whats going on here with zenith. I know thats, not the full name, but i thought just to make the show a little lighter. It would be fun to talk about just zenith.

So what do you got here? Music, zenith, aerotech sent across a piece of news, and i thought that this was kind of significant news and and worthwhile for us to bring up here. Zenith aerotech is making tethered drone stations theyre doing really well, they are taking a lot of orders, and so what theyve done is partnered with another u.s manufacturer with sort of larger manufacturing capacity, and the reason i think thats kind of interesting is zenith. Aerotech is a made in the usa company. It is us based, but theyre kind of looking ahead and saying. Yeah were still stuck with these supply chain issues. Manufacturing has been very difficult. Weve got a lot of demand, generating were going to make sure that we can meet that demand and we are going to increase our supply capacity. And i think that you know hopefully thats a theme that we sort of see repeated with the u.s industry and, frankly, the international industry that people sort of smooth through those supply chain issues and increase their manufacturing. Because thats a persistent theme where availability kind of becomes a headline, you start seeing headlines that say this drone model is available, even though its been announced um. Quite a while ago. Availability has become a headline because those supply chain challenges are so significant for manufacturers yeah. I mean it seems like almost the drone industry is, is propping up a lot of new manufacturing across the us and with samsung building a new semiconductor plant in tyler texas.

It seems like maybe in a year or two those supply chain issues uh might secede, but for the meantime they will persist. It seems like they will, but im sort of hopeful um. You know without being too much of a pollyanna, and you know that i am always sort of a look on the bright side kind of person. I try to be a glass half full were good together. Paul were good, but i do think that uh that people have learned from these last couple of years – and you know having that new manufacturing, as you mentioned here in texas, that people are bringing their sourcing closer theyre, increasing their supply capacities, theyre, introducing more diversity in Their distribution channels – and i think i really am seeing that kind of across the board in the drone industry and its mimicked in you – know broader industry across the board. So i do think that um, if there, what is one good thing, thats kind of come out of this whole situation, its that people are learning how to make their supply chains more resilient. Yeah, definitely definitely in our next piece of news. Many of you who have been drone pilots for a while will remember the swiss made drone that showcased the original drones for good of how drones can essentially carry life saving technology devices that can help people at their most imminent time of need. And here we are seven or eight years later, not sure exactly how many years later, its been.

But finally, an aed has been flown now on a drone saving someones life. So we saw the idea years ago and now today its actually been used to save someones life. What do you have here? Miriam Music yeah? Absolutely this is, i dont even know i could search on drone life and see when the first time i wrote about this was youre right. It was. It was probably five or six years ago, but this kind of highlights the fact that theres, a big difference between being able to create the technology that can carry an aed and getting the permissions to fly across a city and also being integrated into a citys emergency Response network, so that is a very complex project. It requires a lot of players to agree on the rules. It requires everyone to meet with a lot of regulations. So finally that has actually happened. We have seen a life saved by drone delivery of an aed. A gentleman who was shoveling his driveway collapsed in his driveway. He did have cardiac arrest a heart attack a doctor was driving by on his way to work, stopped dialed. 9. 1. 1. He says the next thing he knew he looked up and there was a drone with an aed was able to administer the appropriate treatment, and the gentleman has made a full recovery, and i think that this is really exciting for the drone industry, because heres this theme Thats been kind of introduced over the last few years, which is at what point are we going to start seeing not what is the cost of implementing these drone technologies? But what is the cost of not implementing these drone technologies and once you start racking up live saved from things like an aet where, if somebody undergoes cardiac arrest, you know the difference between one minute and three minutes is huge in the outcome.

Um, you know the difference between 10 minutes and 12 minutes when youre talking about a burrito, its not so much. You know its its not that big a deal, but when it comes to things like aeds, it is really significant and so im so happy to see this. You know happy for the gentleman whose life was saved, but also really happy to see a successful implementation, and i think that emergency services around the world are going to start asking themselves. You know what do we need to do to get this? What is the cost? If we dont introduce this in our community, so where exactly did this take place? Did i miss that i believe it is sweden? Ah okay, it also makes me wonder in the time of the labor shortages, especially in the medical fields. Right now could a drone emt delivery service help aid in the labor shortage? It really makes me wonder you know if, obviously it would take a lot of infrastructure to be built out, but it does really make the question of. Could it help soon enough to kind of take the that uh issue i mean, like you know, i remember uh in college my roommate was in medical school. We were talking about how cool it would be to have. You know a ring that essentially, you could put your arm into and its straight up does an ultrasound of your arm finds your veins, could take a sample, give you an iv.

You know whole nine yards. How far away are we from you know uh that world? Because i will say, after getting stuck with an iv a few dozen times, i would trust a robot more than some of these people. I dont know about you, but if youve ever felt someone fishing for one of your veins itll definitely make you pass out so that you know i dont know how far away we are from that. But i have seen all kinds of um medical applications come across. My desk, and and even when you think about it, uh think about sort of the swat team drones right like the brink drones. One of the reasons that the brink drones are so important is that they can establish two way: communication with a suspect and your chance of of a successful and peaceful outcome is raised dramatically when you can establish that two way, communication, and so what ive seen is Um medical health drones where, if youve got, as you know, in the time of covid, you cant have somebody come into the office or or just because theyre unable to. We have seen that application tested where theyve put communication devices onto a drone flown that drone into somebodys house and been able to establish a video communication with a healthcare provider yeah its yeah, i mean theres, so many uses inside i mean how far away are we From the iiv from that, oh its, a good question – i mean obviously in japan, theyre not far away from being able to deliver my yerba teas, which are necessary for my morning kick and a good segue into our next story.

It looks like japan has superseded the united states once again in technological aspects, as 711 in japan is already doing drone delivery. What do you have here? Miriam Music? So, first of all, you have to understand that i have a weird adoration for asian 7 elevens, its just bizarre, but the width and breadth of snack foods available in asian 7 elevens is unbelievable youtube. It youve got to its incredible so 7 elevens in japan. No doubt im not surprised that theyre so far advanced okay, so on a group which is the group that runs al nupon airways, japan airways, i believe it is worked with 7 eleven in japan to do drone delivery from 7 eleven in an area of tokyo. Now what they did was they went from a delivery site to um a distribution site to one of four distribution sites. Okay, so they did limited routes right from one um delivery site to four distribution sites. However, what they were trying to do was go right for level four certification, which is a beyond visual line of sight operations over people. So i got to write this article in collaboration with jueta, which is um japans, uh drone industry network and so theyre able to translate some of the stuff for me and kind of explain how it works and in japan they are trying to work on risk based Kind of certification level, four certification would allow for drone delivery in a retail setting.

What theyre planning on doing is taking those um drone delivery points to the parking lots of existing 7 elevens and delivering right to retail right to sorry residences, and they can do that. Delivery in about 20 minutes wow thats, uh, thats, unbelievable convenience stores just got more convenient. I dont know if theyre gon na be able to actually like make the rum in there. You know in asian 7 eleven. Sometimes they even have like little cafes with microwaves, where you can heat up all the great stuff that they have there telling you, the sticky rice and spam awaits so absolutely well. Thank you very much miriam for uh for joining me today. This week and uh. I know i can hear a little sniffle, so i hope you get better uh whatever it is, and thank you very much for keeping us all informed. I know i appreciate it and everyone who watches appreciates it as well always happy to be here paul good to see you and ill see you next week sounds good miriam thats gon na. Do it for us today. Everyone thanks again for joining us for another edition of drone life news. If you have anything you want us to cover, let us know you can leave a comment on one of the videos or send in a question to askdroneyou.