As always, the editor in chief of miriam miriam. How are you holding up? I am doing great today. It is like spring weather 50 degrees here in new england. So happy happy as always to see your smiling face. Oh miriam youre such a sweetheart. I will say it is nice that its getting dark post, 6 p.m. Uh. I know i like that. The chance hallelujah right, the change up is probably affecting a lot of people. I know myself included, but i think its a welcome change, because spring is here Music. That brings us to our first piece of news, which is pretty exciting: miriam because uh, you had foreshadowed last just last week that we are expecting some bvlos kind of standards or a system to allow for bvlos bvlos operations in the united states um, because we are Honestly, one of the last countries to really take that on and have a clear system in place to allow for things like drone delivery and as you predicted this week. Well, we got our answers and we know what now to expect and from what weve talked about. In pre show miriam, i would say that this is actually pretty exciting, so ill. Let you take it away and tell us what was included in this lengthy 200 plus page report yeah. So this was very exciting. You know. Uh steve dixon had um indicated earlier that this would be out sort of last fall, so weve been kind of waiting for this for a while, and what this is is the report generated by the aviation rule making committee the bvlos arc? The bibi los arc was a group of more than 80 organizations, um representatives from the unmanned industry, the manned aviation industry, research and also kind of commercial interests.

I guess who would be utilizing bvlos flight and they came together and they put together their recommendations for a rule making now critically. We have to explain that this is a preliminary step. So this is the report generated by the bvlos arc. It is not a notice of proposed rulemaking, so what we hope is that, from this report, the faa will kind of um review. It uh, take their suggestions and from that create a notice of proposed rulemaking, well kind of see what the timing is. We dont know exactly when that will appear, but this report was really interesting, gave some great uh feedback on kind of what the consensus opinion was on developing rules for bb lowes flight in the united states. There were five key takeaways listed in the summary and ill list. Those you know. First of all, it was kind of to take a risk based approach to the regulation. Performance and risk based regulation is kind of the global standard and it is a great way of sort of future proofing regulations. What that really says is were going to tell you the risk thresholds that you have to achieve, but were not going to tell you how, specifically you have to do that, and that means that the the rules can kind of withstand new innovations and new products coming Uh online, so that was number one number two was to allow you to see and avoid tools so to allow you know things like computer vision and other tools to perform that see and avoid function.

Of course, with slight within visual line of sight, the pilot is the last line of defense on uh c and avoid beyond visual line of sight. Its different so were saying you you need to allow automated see and avoid technology. The third thing, which is, is, i think, going to be particularly interesting to your community paul – is that they did recommend that the faa develop a bvlos rated remote pilot license. So this would be something beyond part. 107. If you wanted to fly beyond visual line of sight, if you wanted to engage in those advanced commercial operations, you would have to get an additional type of certification. I feel that its a reasonable thing sort of as the complexity of the operations go up to increase the complexity of the licensing. I think for most commercial pilots are already kind of engaged in that kind of advanced operations, theyre, probably very experienced already and thats just sort of a reasonable certification point but open to discussion in the pilot community. The fourth recommendation was to allow drones to be certified for bvlos flight, so thats hardware, certification through an established, clear process and that again makes a lot of sense really helpful. For the manufacturers says if youre going to rate this aircraft appropriate for bb lows flight, there needs to be an established clearly defined process for doing that. It cant be kind of a one off thing, um, again sort of a really great addition to the framework for bvlos flight and, finally, final point was to allow third party participation in bvlos operations.

Okay, what do you think? Well, i got ta. Have i have a couple questions? I know you mentioned that we dont have a timeline yet as theres no nprm uh the risk based performance standards are kind of those systems like you said that are needed to future proof regulations. I think you know thats important uh. Do we know if this new level of part 107 certification with this? Are they recommending for a uh, a written exam kind of like the what we have seen with 107 or is this kind of a more practical examination? I will be honest with you paul. I have not dived into that portion of the report. The report is over 222 pages long. However, it is linked in the article on So please i recommend to everybody always go read the thing yourself go dive in and um. You know sort of tease out the relevant points. Okay, okay, thats clear i dont know. Well, i will say one thing that is exciting. Is you know one of the biggest hang ups with bbl os operations? Right now is that you have to have a commercial rated manned pilot whos, an instructor which, as many of you know, there are no instructor qualifications for remote pilots, but there are four various forms of aviation or general aviation as we would say. So. I think thats a you know if these rules do get accepted by the faa. I think that is a reasonable alternative to having a cfi, because it takes a ridiculous amount of money, its not really scalable its, not really plausible right now, uh to have that cfi.

In place – and i think that this could be a great alternative to that you know, the automated sense in a void is interesting. Do we know if there you know two questions i really have is one did this arc report? Have these rules coincide with the remote id stuff because we know that that is up in a legal battle right now and number two. Would these new potential rules have any changes to part 107 as a whole? Would you be able to fly larger aircraft? Is there going to be a system like tcas, where we can sense and avoid other aircraft? You know thats kind of where i was going with the remote id question because you know remote id was supposed to essentially be that thing, but its now being challenged in court. And so i wonder, are these rules coinciding with remote id? Is there a sense in a void, et cetera, yeah? I dont know i mean my understanding of sort of automated see and avoid systems. Is that you know, while perhaps they could be tied into remote id systems they dont um? You know they can operate without that, because theyre operating now uh when we dont have remote id um implemented. So i think that those things can be um, certainly independent. As far as the pilots license, you know, all i know for this right now is what was in the executive summary, which says that the recommendation creates a new remote pilot certificate rating to cover bv loss operations beyond the scope of the extended part, 107 rating.

Okay, so and its designed to cover topics associated with extended visual line of sight and shielded uas operations, very interesting, to say the least. Well, should we expect them to hear something in the coming months from the faa as far as how they will take these recommendations and implement them absolutely so um i dont know what the timeline will be. I really uh genuinely believe that this is not necessarily entirely sequential, so its not like. Okay, this gets published, and then they start looking at it, and then they publish it in prm. I think that they, they have been working really hard um in concert with the arc. So i um, i dont know what that timeline is. I know all of us are kind of hoping that it will come soon, so we will see what happens and especially as you and i spoke about last week with the change in leadership at the faa – well see uh. If that has any effect on the timing. Yeah thatll definitely be interesting, uh to say the least, well miriam. Thank you for that. Update on bvlos as well have another story later in the show talking about how uh drone delivery is already being powered kind of by these uh. These newfound systems in a unique way, but moving on to our next story, it seems like the faa is now opening up the door for more and more uh potential applications or link providers.

Now for our listeners out there lance link. Yes, we are talking about the absolute worst acronym for anything in the aviation industry, also known as your automated airspace approvals. Maybe we call it aaa, i dont know, but that said it looks like there are theres an opening at the faa to allow for new lance providers. Ive got to say miriam in the last year, ive really been using um a new application to do this, as it shows power lines in the area which i think is a really useful tool. But anyway, what is the news here? Music yeah. I think this is great. This is um, you know: sort of demonstrating uh the faa, continuing to sort of move along and open up fairly to new providers, new players, new service suppliers. So what theyve done is to announce – and you can see the specific dates uh in the article. What theyve done is to announce that there will be a new application period for lance suppliers. You do have to have a working product before you apply, so that is why they have announced it a couple months in advance. I believe that the application period begins in may. Okay, interesting so well see who those are, because you know, if you look at the list of lance providers now only a few of those are really available to the public. Other ones are really designed for sort of internal use, um yeah, you know, i think i know some of the companies that uh that you are speaking of well in more exciting news.

It seems like drone. Delivery is finally hitting the streets as well. If you live in the streets of dallas fort worth, you too could soon get well those nice little trinkets that youd find at walgreens, and i have to say you know if i can get some sour patch, kids and a coca cola from a drone delivery. I will be a happy camper there miriam, but what do you have here? Music? Well, as you know, when i was sick with covad, i was so appreciative of the care package. You sent me because i did not want to leave the house so im, just gon na go with cold medicine, alka seltzer, cold medicine, its critical, no so um. This is actually a really interesting thing. Of course, it wouldnt be a drone life news show if you didnt, say drone delivery, at least once uh, but wings. Drone delivery is coming to the dallas fort worth area and whats significant about this is, while wing has been already in operation. Of course, uh in christenburg virginia and uh all over australia too, where we see it in the united states drone commercial drone delivery has really been launching in more rural and suburban communities. So when you introduce drone delivery into the dallas fort worth area, what youre really doing is uh setting a precedent and saying: okay were going to operate commercial drone delivery, this isnt non profit. This isnt government sponsored this isnt part of a test.

This is commercial. Drone delivery in a complex urban environment and thats actually really exciting because it um it is a much more complex operation and once we get this up and going and everybody can kind of see how this operates safely, its really, i think, going to open up things Across the country that is awesome, im really excited. I honestly just want every burrito place in town to be able to deliver breakfast. You know whats whats, really interesting about this story. Miriam when i looked at the details is that they are not charging delivery fees. Is this the end of doordashs hyper, expensive delivery service where they upcharge you on every single menu item that you get and delivery and all those other charges where a 30 meal turns into 65.? I dont know i live in in a community well outside of anybodys delivery rate, so i dont know im hoping it puts me in somebodys delivery radius at all enough ill willingly pay five bucks for that, but yeah i dont know. I think that we will see the business models evolve, but you know, as weve talked about before wing has been really instrumental in coming up with sort of new ideas like putting a drone delivery network on the roof of a shopping mall, so that you can get Anything from the shopping mall, you know there are shopping, centers and shopping malls and mini malls all over the united states of america.

That is part of the american landscape. So it is its awesome. Lets see what happens its gon na be really exciting to see how this goes as well, because i know you know this is going to be kind of the first drone delivery in the united states at least thats in a heavily you know: uh, dense environment and Urban environment, lots of obstacles, so it will be uh. It will be really interesting to see how it goes. I hope for the best i mean. Obviously, i think its gon na be ill predict it right now sure something wrong is going to happen with some delivery service and im sure itll hit the news. Drone delivery drone falls out of the sky, blah blah blah. I dont know you know they have been operating this for years, really in other places in the world, so im very optimistic, not only a complex urban environment, but also near a huge international airport, so yeah and they have a few airports there in dallas theyve got Love field theyve got dfw, so uh, yeah, thats gon na be very interesting. Well, miriam im glad to see that youre still getting better and feeling good and uh for everyone out there uh, you know say uh, say a prayer for for miriam and her family and every family that catches covet, because it is an ugly ugly disease. But miriam. Thank you so much for uh for joining me today and updating all of us on whats going on.

You know many of our listeners out there dont know that you keep me updated on the news, so i i appreciate it well. Thank you, as always, for having me always nice to talk to you. Awesome miriam well, thats, going to do it for us today. Let us know what you thought of the news show what you think of these developments im really curious too, and ill be posting in the drone. You community application about this new certification for part 107. Pilots. I think this is really exciting. Itll be interesting to see how long it takes and itll be interesting to see if its practical as well, because you know, obviously you know in owning a drone school, it would be in our best interest to see a practical test, but im not sure objectively, which Method of certification would be better. You know, weve got check rides in general aviation, but itll be interesting to see what comes up for remote pilots as a whole. I mean this. Could this could be a dawn for you know new drone schools or existing drone schools? I dont want new competition. Existing drone schools so anyway well ill go back to where i started uh many years ago, which is you know there were like 60 years between when the first automobiles hit the road and the development of the dmv right and now every person in the united states Who gets their drivers license, has to take a written exam and a practical exam, its all very, very well established.

Everybody knows what to do. First, they go to driving school. Then they take the exams. I think eventually well get there. Hopefully it wont take 60 years. Yeah, hopefully not – and even you know what 60 years to get those tests, but still what is it 112 years later that new mexico still calls it the mvd and not the dmv? But i cant answer that one Laughter but anyway, thank you so much miriam for joining me again today and thank you to everyone who listens to the show supports the show. Let us know what you think, but thats gon na do it for us today, thanks again for joining drone life.