It was fantastic to be back at a conference seeing the people um, saying hello to old friends, meeting new people and seeing cool drone tech on the floor, so i loved it. Uh atlanta was great. The facility was great shout out to auvsi for making it happen and getting us kind of back out there and i think um, while they might not have had as many people as theyve had in previous times everybody that i talked to, who was exhibiting. So they got a lot of business done. People who did come by the booth were really interested and really seeking out kind of new new products and new solutions. So thats awesome. It was a great show, thats thats, incredible its honestly good news, im, sure the the few people that were there probably provided very kind of focused uh business opportunities, which leads us to our first story, which is uh miriam. It seems like the faa administrator had some news to announce for all of us, even though that maybe there could have been more focus on how drones are being used to help. So many events that are going on in the country right now, whats going on Music yeah, so um, faa, administrator, uh, steve dixon, did take the stage very appreciative that he made the time to come out. I think um we got to get him on more drone stages. He talked a little bit about drone light shows, but um didnt touch on as many of the commercial and public safety uses that we really talk about all the time.

However, he was able to give us sort of some updates on what the faa is doing. They are very, very, very focused on bibi lowes flight, so that is absolutely uh. The next big thing that we can expect from the faa talked about it um in terms of hoping to kind of get conclusions from the arc in the november time frame and move forward from there. So definitely a big focus uh for drone regulation is that bibi. Lowes flight that we have all been waiting for for a very long time. The other thing that he talked about was aircraft, certification and um. You know mr dixon referred to drones as uh airplanes. He said they are. They are a type of airplane, a type of of standard aircraft, and there is a program going on to modernize the certification program, where theyre really taking kind of the systems that they used to certify manned aircraft and modernizing and updating those to accommodate new types of Aircraft such as drones, so that is also really a focus uh for the faa right now. Um also another thing that the commercial industry has been waiting for for a long time, yeah, which actually brings us right into our next story. As many people have been kind of wondering how the faa would enforce these manufacturer guidelines that were put out for remote id – and it seems miriam that maybe this speech and the modernization of these air worthiness certificates is the foreshadowing on how the faa would actually enforce These upcoming rules, i mean for me, it seems like its a good thing that hey look if weve got a system in place to get bvlos flights uh through the door, great fantastic, but the modernization of the certificates seems kind of like a big uh.

A big metaphor for hey heres how the faa is going to enforce these uh. You know manufacturer guidelines and even dji when they were writing about remote id and their comment on the nprm. Actually, you know stated: how does the faa expect to enforce these guidelines when a lot of these manufacturers are simply toy manufacturers, so i mean: do you think that this is kind of a foreshadowing for whats to come? I really do i think that thats kind of a broad theme that were seeing um hey, were in a situation now, where we have an faa responsible for the safety of the airspace, which heretofore has been completely based around manned aircraft. And, quite honestly, when many of the systems and ecosystems and processes were developed, nobody thought about any other type of aircraft other than manned aircraft, so were in this situation. Where um, you know, you have drone regulations being developed over here and you have the traditional means of compliance and development. Over here and youve got to kind of put those things together. I think it was comforting to hear hey. The faa is very well aware of that theyre working towards it. They are trying to develop robust systems which will now encompass um drones, and you know naturally thats going to be a process which is not something any of us want to hear, but its its perfectly reasonable, and i think that um, that is, indicative of of kind Of how things are evolving at the faa yeah, very, very interesting, to say the least um and thank you miriam uh.

It seems like in our next piece of news Music that autel might have been the talk of the conference and no were not talking about a recent resignation, but rather we are talking about the deployment of autels fixed wing drone, the dragon fish, which i know a Lot of people have asked me: well, you know paul whats, the big difference between the dragon fish and something like the trinity, and it seems like there is a lot more thats offered in this dragon fish aircraft, which is now being deployed for public safety miriam. What was all the talk about this new autel drone? It was really interesting. You know i was um honored to be asked to moderate a panel uh. I did the suas manufacturers showdown for public safety as part of the drone responders airt track at auvsi and uh. So i was really privileged to kind of share the stage with um much more important people than i am um. We had romeo dersher from our tyrion open platform. We had wayne baker from dji. We had john mcbride from autel. We had fritz from skydio. We had fx from parrot, so we had all of a lot of major manufacturers represented and they were talking about the features that they had to offer: uh public safety and everybody sort of acknowledged. The fact that you know they all offer different kinds of um features and advantages for the public safety community in their quadcopters.

But right now autel is the first one to offer a fixed swing and um thats thats, really kind of a big deal when youre talking to the public safety community, because where uh the quads will take you for many many many public safety applications. You know youve got accident, reconstruction youve got uh, you know crime scene investigation, youve got all all kinds of great uses for quads um. If youre trying to do search and rescue like way out over a giant lake uh, you really want something that can fly for a long time and so the the autel dragon fish, which i think the announcement was that its first deployment by florida, sheriffs department had Happened is is really among the first now you probably know more about the features than i do. I did get to see it on the floor. You know its not huge huge, its its uh. Its definitely portable. Definitely something that public safety agencies can carry with them. So, but uh really neat really exciting. Well, awesome miriam! It seems like that aircraft is actually uh heavily desired. As i think, as i spoke to mr drone, jesus thats right, john mcbride, he seems to tell me that there are a lot on order right now. So thats, obviously very nice. But that brings us to our next piece of news as autel. Well, it seems like they just added geofencing to their drones as a manufacturer whos known to not have geo fencing, but for everyone out there.

That doesnt mean that its actually going to inhibit the takeoff of the aircraft, but rather notify users of where they are flying, which even go ahead. Sorry miriam! No! No! I was actually just gon na ask you about the piece that you wrote recently about the dji geo, fencing yeah. I mean honestly its super surprising miriam because we have seen companies like drone hacks provide an opportunity for responsible drone pilots to overcome these no fly zones. Like what the dji geo zone 1.0 and 2.0 often have – and i i will say i have personally run into data errors before where it says that theres a tfr but theres, not a tfr, where i am, and its inhibited myself and other commercial pilots to take Flight as well and drone hacks is offering a brand new way to overcome that geofencing by offering a new certificate for dji drones to essentially eliminate this geofencing altogether, but theres a caveat miriam. If drone pilots want to fly inside, theyre gon na actually have to remove the certificate, because, if theres, no gps well, that drone wont take flight, which is a very interesting caveat. Yeah, okay, but but you know moving back into auvsi miriam in our next piece of news. It seems like brink drones, who weve had here on the show before with on good singh uh. They have a brand new drone, the lemur s. What was uh? What was going on with this drone and what type of drone pilots will be utilizing this aircraft Music? This was so cool.

I love this um, so not sponsored im. This is just my opinion, but i had so much fun uh hanging out with brett kanda. He was formerly at flair. A lot of people know him. He is a vice president of sales and marketing at brink and uh. He showed me the lemur s which they soft launched at the show uh thats. The latest update for the lemur, which is designed for swat teams. This is really a very purpose built uh drone you can read about it on drone life had so much fun. I mean the first thing that he showed me is how robust this drone is. So i almost had a heart attack. He stands up hes taller than me. He drops it onto the cement floor of the expo hall. Im thinking – oh my god. I hope i am not liable for this drone and it just sort of bounces gently and does its thing. Then he flips it over onto its back and shows me. You know turtle mode as they turn it over. This is really a neat neat product. I think its something that, even though its purpose built for swat teams and public safety, anybody can kind of relate to. First of all, you were just talking about flying gps deprived indoors, so that is what this drone does. It is designed to enter a facility where there is a suspect, or you know, a suspect, uh facility, its got a little glass breaker, so it can break through a window get inside and just give eyes and ears all over, and it does some really unusual things.

Like two way communications, this is actually sort of really significant roi on this thing, because fbi research shows, if you can get two way, communications with a suspect, you have a dramatically better chance of having a safe outcome with nobody getting hurt. Uh, you know once you can kind of get in and establish communication with a suspect you dont have swat team members in there in their face. Nobody is put in danger. Everybody can kind of calmly uh try to work things out. So a really neat product. A lot of fun to catch up with brad i actually waylaid one of their customers who was going by the uh booth. They had great things to say about it, so yeah the lemur s uh, i love the name too. I mean who doesnt like lemurs thats, and is it true? This is the first kind of drone to offer two way communications i mean weve had the mavic 2 enterprise enterprise, dual enterprise, dual advance, that have the speaker, but this is the first two way correct absolutely, and so you know, uh brett actually put the drone um Down in in the booth, i was standing in front of it. He moved way way way way off in the hall uh, with the uh controller and honestly, we could have easily conducted the interview that way. I could hear him fine. He could hear me fine, its um, really cool technology, so thats awesome. I think next time you should conduct the interview that way, itd be fun to watch in our last piece of news and two days of trade show.

I wanted to sit down Laughter in our last piece of news and miriam. I know we didnt quite touch on this too too much but um. It seems like, as domestic drone manufacturers are kind of failing to launch theyre, not getting these drones that have been announced out watts innovations has doubled down on their advancement of their new drones, offering the new prism sky, which is supposed to be ndaa compliant. Did you get a chance to check out watts innovations at all Music? I did not see them at the show, but this has been big news, so fill us in yeah i mean the fact that the prism platform, which i would argue, is a very modular uh platform, its one of the first drones that you can actually take the Arms off put new arms on and turn a quadcopter into a coax x8 allowing for pilots to have an increased payload, but now with the development of the sky node. This drone might just be the drone in mind when steve dixon went on stage to talk about bvlos, because this drone has 5g capability which, while it adds for robust bblos operations, it also offers drone programs and teams the ability to do live well status on their Aircraft to be able to understand just what maintenance was done and just what wasnt done so i have to give it to bobby watts. You know ive met him numerous times, hes a really great guy and just to see him scale at the rate that he is.

It really makes you wonder: where are these other domestic manufacturers, and it also should give praise to watts innovations, which is a pretty small manufacturer based out of maryland all right? Well, i will keep an eye out for more news about sounds good miriam. Thank you to everyone who came and watched the show today.