If you missed that video ill put a card in the corner here for that and link it in the description. If you want to see that review, but basically take all the parts out of this frame and were going to stick it into this four inch frame – and hopefully the motor wires will be long enough well find out here after i pull all the parts out – Music. Hey, Music, hey, Music, hey, Music, hey all right, so i got all the um parts out of the old frame and for the most part everything actually went in. Okay. The motor wires were long enough for the front arms, but not for the rear, theyre. A little short so im gon na have to get some race wire put it here in the arms, and that ought to give me a little bit more space or length to get the motor on on the back, and the only thing i desoldered was the original Three wires for the s bus receiver and i have instead wired up a express lrs receiver with the antenna up here in the front. I did flip the board over so its actually flipped over 180 degrees on the roll axis. This is kind of a strange board with the usb port kind of pointing it was pointing on the left side on the pointing down, so i flipped it over. So all the wires that were soldered on are on the underside.

Now this frame did not have a whoop style mount, so i actually created a little 3d print here. You can see its underneath. I squeezed it in between the uh two sandwich plates and that gave me a mount points for the screw here on the left and the right side. New screw in the front in the back should be fine, i guess well see, and then i resolder the um. I soldered on an xd 30 connectors im going to be flying some xt30 batteries. I created all these little 3d printer parts, ill link, those in the description uh ill mount for the gps here, the m80 gps, which i was able to get to work once i pulled all the parts out, i think possibly the vtx might have been interfering in Uh this the way it was stuffed in here so lets see how to try and keep the um vtx away from the wire that goes to the gps. That should um. Let me get the locks and apply some sort of a mount here in the back off the top plate. I do have this kind of unusual mount here in the front for an insta360 go to also mounted my express lrs antenna on the bottom there and put the camera up on top its kind of like uh, that fr7 7 7 inch where the gopro was below The fpv camera instead of the fpv camera up here on the top plate, so thatll, allow me to get closer to the ground.

Just want to try this out. I might do some more of these for other four inch builds later. I guess well uh. Let me know in the comments, if youre interested in that but um for the most part, i didnt really do any uh soldering theres a lot, as you saw when i pulled everything i was a rats nest or wires. Didnt have to sort of tidy them up a little bit there, and some of these are, i guess this one had to be long enough for the camera to reach. I think gps wire is still a little bit too long, but thats okay, i might shorten it up later and well see how this looks after you get the top plate on all right. So this is what the race wire looks like ive got this flywheel race wire and just on the back motors, and i went ahead and i flipped the board in beta flight and also swapped the motor resources and bareflight as well on the cli. I do not change anything else. I think im going to lower the pits, because now were on a four inch prop and out a three inch prop. I am using a zip tie and heat shrink to mount the vtx antenna and using some tape to hold the vtx to the top plate, like that and a little bit of a zip tie there to hold the xt30 and im gon na use um this lipo.

This 1550 gnb its a 2s lipo ill link that, in the description im using the um jim fan, um four inch props and its an lstm which all this ways with all the extra mounts and everything. So the drone by itself is 107.9, its about eight grams. Heavier its literally 99 grams in the uh previous configuration and then with the 2s battery that im going to use a hundred and seventy seven and a half grams. So i think if we throw on the nc 363 insta 360 go 2.