I got from amazon. This is the rc geek landing pad. It comes in a pretty nice bag. Here you know you can strap this to a bag or something like that got the landing pad itself. Just rest that right we got some there. Oh, and we got some snakes stakeholders. We got four stakeholders hits of each of these cardinal directions. Laney has a pretty nice polyester feel to it, and then we got the duality to it as well. Now, with this, we have the cardinal directions. I love having cardinal directions when i’m flying the drone, because when you’re, when you’re up in the air, i like to match it up with the actual compass of reality, so that we know where we’re at um and then also you know, since it just rained, especially Out here, um last night everywhere is pretty pretty much damp and wet, so you know keep a safe spot for the drone. You know pretty much size comparison um. I got my other drone inside, but um i’ll do another video with another landing pad, because one thing i noticed about this one is that uh this one not as reflective. Even though we have some reflectors here, um i’ve seen some other landing pads that have a little bit more uh functionality as far as being especially if you’re flying in public places and there’s people near you as the operator, not necessarily your drone, so i’m, probably gon Na do another review on another landing pad see what you see.

What i think about on there um as far as foldability, is pretty pretty well on that oh it’s, not too bad, not too bad got a nice spring action to it.