I sometimes get up to shawno in once in a while over to green lake. It all depends now, if you want to see what the ice conditions are im going to be putting these out, hopefully on fridays weekly. But if you really want to know it subscribe to the channel, you have to do this through youtube. If you click that little annoying bell there, you will see when i get. These posted now lets check some ice safety information. This is extremely important. If you are a bobcat, you can go on less than four inches of ice people cant. If you are a person, you can go on four inches or more with your gear. Five inches. If youre a grizzly bear six inches. If you are a figure skating, bigfoot 7 inches, if you are an atv and a snowmobile, 10 inches a car 11 inches a red dinosaur, because i cant pronounce that word and 12 inches or greater. You can be in an suv or a pickup truck again. No ice is ever safe, ice, be smart, be safe. All right, so lets take a look at the actual drone conditions. Flight was at about 200 feet. Here we are looking north um lots of open water out there still and some um patchwork ice as i call it and were gon na start panning the drone over to the northeast right now, looking towards high cliff state park. This was at asylum bay.

As the intro stuff said again, weve got some open water out there, everybody in this area, you know theres a big section right there. It might be extremely uh thin sheet ice, but not really anything you could ever walk on were going to be swinging down to the south here in just a second that shoreline coming into view and then well be swinging into asylum bay proper. But i dont need to tell you guys what this means. This means this is going to take a while. So we need some low winds and basically cold temperatures now here we are swinging into silent bay. Now this is between the points, so the dnr fishery station is kind of below and behind the camera view, theres the water tower coming into view. Now we have some areas that look like bad ice and some extremely thin ice right in front of the camera out towards the water tower towards the west. All right, obviously, you guys can see people fishing out there. Now those people are in the area that look to be better ice. I did not go on the ice, so i dont know what the actual thickness is. After this im gon na take a nice gentle flight over there with some music. You guys can watch that you get to watch a person with the spud bar, but to summarize ice conditions are marginal at best, be safe, no ice is safe ice. If you watch right out on that white tip out there, we got some guys that waved to the camera theyre my first ice celebrities of the year, thanks for watching everybody thanks for joining me, i enjoy doing this.

If you want, you can watch some of my other videos, you get to watch my nephew and i do some fishing uh, some deer hunting and just enjoy it. Im gon na be doing some reviews of some gear this year kick back and enjoy thanks everybody.