Finally, Music welcome to cool weird stuff. Today, im going to be reviewing dronehead, i got it for halloween for a halloween present from my grandma and then um. It was in a bag. We, after that, we had dinner there and then we went trick or treating. I had a whole lot of candy. So what you want to do is you want to fling a guy into the helicopter, which i call a drum, and then you fling the pieces which are these monsters? There are three types: the red guy with the mechanical mouth looks. It kind of looks like a mechanical mouth to me, and then you got this guy that guy and then you got the no eyeball dude. The hair cover covers up his eyeballs and you get three of these, but i like playing with two and then theres. Finally, who does have a face and what you want to do is you put the drone in the middle and then you fling a character, whichever character youre playing guys i like playing as the red dude. You have to fling that guy in there you have to fling them in there get in, there goes up, you can catch it, and then i made up a game without the drone, its called auto attack and uh. Whenever uh, whenever somebody is in the which, whenever somebodys in here, i call it the lava pit so to demonstrate lets, say im trying to get somebody in there, but then my guy falls in there like now.

He falls in there. Somebody else knocks me in there and then, if my other character falls in there, i im out, i lose the game, so i take my characters. I put on the side to the side and i spectate the game. The last person standing with people wins and then theres also the main part, the drone it all comes in the box. The drone comes with the box and you come with. It comes with three monsters and theres directions, and you have to charge the drone for 10 minutes. You put four tripoli batteries in this. We had to take some out of our remote and it comes with this. You have to build it. It does not come with the box because, obviously it wouldnt fit in there, so you also so lets say somebody got in there. Somebody presses this so somebodys in there. Somebody presses this and not. I did not mean for that to happen. So what you do is you get a character in there and then you knock him out with the other character. So its like this, the guy comes along. You can fling him and you take the place or so like this, so that guys in there and you can fling them out and then have the uh your character go in there or you can just fling them out and nobody gets in there yeah ill. Try. My best to do it my dad can like have it fling in there at the last second, and then he takes my place.

Applause see just like that Applause, oh my gosh. Finally, finally, that took so long, but i finally did it well. That was not my first try at all just so. You know uh now, im going to talk about the stuff that i dont like first thing is that these things always just get tangled up and that sometimes they fold downwards. So then you cant get the pieces. So that so then you cant get those in there. Second thing is that you have to pick up all the pieces. Third thing is that if you push like, if you just push it like normally, it should go in there, but instead its on an incline ramp. So then, its also a magnet on the bottom. So then, it should just like stop about right there, so you have to hit it really hard and then ill just make it in there and – and it also runs out of battery yeah im gon na keep on doing this until it runs out of battery. Oh there, it is, you know that it ran out of battery when it starts blinking battery and the first time we tried doing this. It says on the box that uh it says it on the directions to charge it for 10 minutes, but it took about hours for like about 30 minutes to charge and then once its done, you can play the game. I would recommend it if you really like drones.