Video let’s go Music. First thing i want to say is as a disclaimer. This is a review copy, uh it’s made by play monster but it’s sent to us from our friends of north outset. Games well, hi there outset logo uh, they are fantastic. They send us a handful games that we can look at. They are the canadian distributor of a lot of games from various companies play monster, being one of them and drone home being the other one. Thank you. So much for your support really do appreciate it. Okay, let’s get to the review now. Drone home is a gimmick game it’s, like the gimmick games that you’ve played in the past, that has the new hotness mechanism, like any kind of levers or any kind of like computer apps have come in the past. Well, this is taking the new age concept of drones and putting it into a game. Now you have these aliens that you’re flicking into this drone so can take off and you can win the game by getting through your your aliens off of the planet. Does the game work out? Does everything go as planned? Well, stay tuned, i’ll, show you down at the table and we’ll go from there. Let’S Music go all right, so the equipment that you get here and drone home. You get yourself a really short charging wire, but it’s one of those mini um ports, so i’m, pretty sure you have a longer one and i do when i used it uh.

You have these little guys here to have a metal magnet. I think on the very bottom of them the drone itself uh is: it need to be charged and i’m telling you this for a second time, most likely in the video make sure you charge it. The amount of the book says before you use it, because it’s important you get a replacement part. I think that goes to this um, because the drone actually comes a symbol assembled, and i recommend keeping this case for the drone to keep it safe. All these sections here do come out of the base. You need four aaa batteries for the base as well, and that is the setup now. Let me show you how this game works. Okay, so the game set up here once you have the red light on here. That means you’re ready for liftoff. The game is about getting your aliens off the planet, so once you get them in their drone, it flies off. That means you are successful, sometimes more than one will get in there, but most the time it will be one and then once you um catch the drone from its flight. You take your alien and basically just discard it and again, once you get all four your aliens off the planet, you win, everyone will be going simultaneously, though uh you’ll say go and then you’ll be flicking this thing and it takes a bit of a certain touch.

But people will be trying to knock it out, but it’s going to lift off, and that is that sometimes it goes a little bit higher. Now i do recommend playing this on a table, so you can have a bit of room to catch it, but there will be people knocking each other in and out of there, and there is room for two, so we’ll see it lift off one more time here. All right, mine’s starting to die so um i’ve been playing it a lot, though again charging it will make sure that it lifts off properly and at a higher pace. So again you continue to do that to all the aliens left off and that is drone home. Let me tell you what i think about this game now, so that is drone home. And what do i think about this game? Am i going to recommend it or not, because this kid’s game not going to be giving it a grade or anything? Yes, i do recommend it. It gets a game vine player award. I was a bit skeptical going into it, because this thing has propellers and it could be dangerous um and as long as you go into it with caution, it even has caution uh that you, you want to read and you charge the thing all the way up. Every time you play it, which will let you know once it’s done charging with a specific light. I love the actual gameplay of it it’s, so frantic and fun.

And then, once you start to see those lights go off and the propellers are going. You have. Maybe one or two shots to get those aliens in it’s, just so very satisfyingly frantic and fun um. Now the the droid going off and flying it goes up like a lot of the time. There were a few times that stayed in the basement. All i had to do was just charge it and it was flying off to the ceiling. Again. It goes off at a nice pace, so you can watch it and catch it again. Play this at a table. Keep yourself at arm’s length, because this isn’t something that you want to get flinging at yourself. It won’t do that as long as you play responsibly, but bravo play monsters taking the new technology and incorporating it into a fun game. Adults, kids alike, will like playing this game. It’S, not anything heavy it’s, not anything that’s going to blow your mind, but if you just want a simple dexterity game that has fast pace and an interesting thing. That’S going to have people looking over because they’re going to hear this noise and see this droid flying in the air. Well, this one’s for you! Now! If you want to pick it up, it will be in the link down in the description below send your ride. Over to amazon, so you can pick it up right now, but thank you so very much for joining me in this review.

You could have been anywhere. Thank you so much elsa for listening this drone home. This was a very fun game and i am going to be keeping this in the collection until the next time. That is to you, my name is dave, have a great rest of your day, a great time with all your play. You heard it here on the game: button i’m out bye, Music by nation. We love making content here for you on the channel and we’re almost at 10 000 subscribers so subscribe now, and help us out this video right here. I think you’ll, like this video right here, youtube thinks you’ll like or you can just sit here and watch me dance at the dinosaur for a little bit longer Music.