Welcome back to my channel today were playing drone home im, so excited opening up this new game. It looks really funny because there is guy goes in there. Bunny flies up to the moon time to open up this box. Music theres. Your green thing and then theres um, the red chili thing and just have to keep looking through until i found it theres an orange thing theres. Oh this thing needs to hang around. I think i made daddys help with this. It looks like we got to charge this daddy says to put them in all by myself, put the silver bitters here and then daddy. I need some help. This says for only eight year olds, im only six. I know he already says it up easy as possible. Im gon na play this with my nanny daddy, to see who takes off to the moon there and then hes in we played there and nanny knocked the light up there go round. Hello, hello were going in the land for safety because it hit the like two times over that so its changing in the last time, forever. Yay ill give this game 10 out of 10, because i love when it like it gets in the drone, and it just takes off like that. I feel its like. I just really love the way it takes off. It just takes off and i love it. So im giving this game 10 out of 10.

, really good best periphery present ever albuquerque tickle that like button and smash that subscribe button, because i just love this game.