. So the reason that i went along with this is that the dji mini 2 comes with djis geofencing restrictions or no fly zone restrictions by default. Now people have their own opinions around about that, whether its a good or a bad thing um. My experience is, i think there should be a little bit more flexibility within this autel drones and pirate drones dont offer this um restriction, uh and im sure there are some good reasons in there for that there are some people who are a little bit careless with Their drones, but my opinion is that people should have a little bit more flexibility with the product that they buy as an example where i live is within whats regarded as a blue zone. So i cant fly my drone without first checking a box to say that i have permission to fly within this zone and that isnt always the case. I might want to check the the gutters of my house or the roof or you know just show someone. The drone one meter off the ground in my garden – and i cant do that without first um seeking those permissions so theres one hacks website, so its drawing hacks.com, they offer an application which you buy a license for the license for the specific drone, the dji mini 2 was uh 40 euros, which is about 35 pounds um, and that allows me to do two things with the other one um.

It allows me to remove the the geo fencing restrictions and it also allows you to boost the signal of the drone um to fcc levels. It doesnt jump the drone to the fcc frequency. It just allows you to boost the joint to those levels and well talk a little bit about how that works in a moment, dawn hacks do offer licenses and modifications for other drones as well and in this video well take a look at the application that they Offer that allows you to do that, but first ill talk to you about how this modification works. Um. In essence, what the dawn hacks application does is applies an unlocked certificate to your drone um. This is one that you can you know. An unlock certificate is what you can get from the authorities. Um applied to your drone for a limited period of time allows you to fly within a certain area, and the same method is taken by this modification. It gives you an unlock certificate which in essence the range is the whole world and it doesnt expire for like 100 or 1000 years. I cant remember the exact date um, but it allows you in essence to fly anywhere. What happens is when youre flying within a permitted area itll fly exactly as normal when you cross the boundary into what would have previously been a blue zone or a red zone that the one itself will say or sorry the application will say, unlocking zone reached.

It pronounces the word a little bit different to that something like unlocking his own reaction or something to that effect. But in essence it does let you know that you are flying into one of those zones um and im, not suggesting that people do be careless with our drones but um. You know i like a little bit more flexibility um within that the signal level doesnt happen by default, um the signal level when you power on the drone, you have to press the button at the back of it until the drone beeps it beeps another couple of Times then, you press the button again and it changes the the signal levels of the drone so that the the range is a little bit further um and i havent really tested that. I can see within the app that the signal levels have changed. But in terms of the range you know, i do keep the drone within line of sight, so i havent really tested that um myself. What well do is well show you what the application looks like um itself um. So if i just bring this up onto the screen just now, what youre looking at is the the application that you get from drone hacks, and you can see that i have logged in to activate the license. The mini 2 is connected at the moment. Ive blocked out some of the serial number, but you can see its recognized its a dji mini 2 with a serial number that starts with a 3, and it gives you information on the the firmware and stuff as well and the license has been applied here now.

You can see the recommended firmware um, for my drone is the one thats applied, which is one three and then four zeros um, because my serial number starts with a three, but for drones to start with a five, i would recommend you go with the uh. Slightly later firmware within the hacking tab you can see. This is where you apply the hacks um, so you can change, it says: fcc mode, it doesnt change to fcc modes, which i think is 5.8 gigahertz, and it just boosts the signals to those. So you can see weve got the the ability to modify the signal there. Um in there you have the option to remove a limit um, i believe, thats on the height, and then this is one i was interested in here, which was removing well youre having an altitude limit removal as well im less interested in that mode is that they Know flies on so you press hack, and it makes those changes and ive made those changes to my other one already. You do have an option to flash back to the original dji firmware. If you had to undo the work that youve done so far and then with the hack parameters, this is where you can get a little bit more detail. So you can start to change things like the tilts and this the claim rates and stuff, like that. I havent touched this at all. I guess, if youre a little bit more advanced and want to be a little bit more flexible.

You have some options here, um with that as well. So really that thats all i had to say on the matter, um, you know weve seen the application um. The modification has been made to the drone. Its worked fine for me, ive noticed no other changes in the performance of the drone. Some people do recommend that you use the drone in airplane mode once these changes have been put in place to stop dji undoing the changes, and i didnt do that and ive not experienced any issues, and the other thing i guess to call out is that, yes, If you update the drone, firmware itself is prompted by the application, its possible that it might remove um the restrictions that are in place there. If you wanted to, you can disable the the geofence and uh unlock, if you will so as youre going to the dji app itself, i might include a screenshot here just to show you what that looks like you can see the unlock certificate that has been applied And you can disable that if you wanted to do so, if you were lending the drone, maybe to someone else or for whatever other reason, i hope thats been helpful for you. I just wanted to share that. Ive had a really positive experience of this, and you should as well uh consider it if youre looking to unlock those restrictions.