This game released august 27, 2021 for a price of 4.99, its actually a windows, 10 game, its not on xbox right now, but it has xbox achievements and it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes its a very easy completion. Im going to show you how to get all the achievements very easily theres only 10 of them. It doesnt take much skill to beat this game, so you dont have to worry at all. We have to beat 40 waves, but you dont have to do it consecutively. You could beat the first wave 40 times if you wanted to, but we have to get up to wave 10 to get up to the boss and hes really easy to beat too all right. So lets press a new game and get started so you place this ball thing you can roll around and you can attach weapons to it before the wave starts. Youre gon na press r trigger to open the store on the right side is the weapons that youre gon na pick theres a left side and the right side. If you click on it, it will put it over on the left side. That shows you what you have equipped you press r, bumper youll, see different weapons. These are guns well, attach them later press our bumper again. These are shields put the left one and the right one on youll see them equipped on the left side. Then press l trigger to start the wave.

We have to kill all the enemies theres only gon na be one in this wave. Press l trigger or r trigger to use your sword and you just want to hit him and kill him its only going to take one hit youre going to get the achievement for killing an enemy with your sword. And now what were going to do is actually roll off, because theres an achievement for rolling off into the water and thats going to kill us and end our run and give us an achievement. Now we can restart its going to bring us back to the beginning. Back to wave one were going to open the store again. This time were going to equip guns, so press r, bumper and put the two guns on the left one and the right one, and then you put the shield on and then press l trigger to start. And now we have guns, your ammo runs out, but it will refill after a few seconds, so now were just going to keep killing enemies. Press l trigger to start the next wave. You dont really have to upgrade that much well, do it later on once we have more money, so theres an achievement for killing 25 enemies with guns, theres an achievement for killing 10 50 and 100 enemies, theres also an achievement for going through 10 waves and also 40 waves, but, like i said its not consecutively, even with the kills, you do it in multiple games.

I just got the achievement for killing 10 enemies when you go through the waves theyre not going to be exactly the same. Youre gon na have random events happen. This is an asteroid shower, so i just got ta dodge the asteroids. You get an achievement for finishing a random event as well, after its over theres a bar at the top. It goes down so once it goes all the way down thats when its going to end, you can press in the right thumb, stick to jump im, not sure what it is on the keyboard, but you need to know how to jump later on theres, a boss That we need to fight and he sends out waves that you need to jump over and if you dont jump over them, youre going to take a lot of damage. So make sure you know how to jump. Also, sometimes youll be on the bottom area and you have to get to the top area, so you got to jump up, youll find items. Sometimes i think that was a jump boost all right. The wave is over the achievement, doesnt pop. Until you start the next wave so lets start the next wave there we go at the top left. Is your money as we get more money then well start upgrading. We can upgrade our guns. We can even change our shields out to rockets. You can put on the first ones for free later on after you get past, a certain wave see im out of bullets right now.

But if you just wait, then theyll fill back up, so you may want to just use one gun at a time to save more bullets now im in the store. I cant afford anything, but if you see these, it shows that you can buy them. It costs 400, its the better gun. You want to buy the 400 on the left side and the 400 on the right side and on the next wave ill show you the rockets there we go. I just got the achievement to pop for going through 10 waves. I think it popped early too, because i only played like two waves of one or two waves at the beginning. I finished the first wave and then died and started over and now im at wave six, so thats only like eight waves but whatever ill take it. So just keep going through the waves. The enemies are really easy when we have to go through 40 waves instead of keep playing and going as far as you can, its probably better just to keep doing the first few waves, because theres only a few enemies. So you just kill them quickly. These enemies have shields, so they take a bit longer to kill and of course, theres a lot more enemies as you go on each wave, sometimes theres bosses that show up even before wave ten theres like this flying boss and uh. If you keep going youre gon na fight, other different bosses, too, were gon na go to the store again this time.

All right, let me show you the rockets over here at the bottom im gon na buy one of these uh guns. You can see its blue now on the left side, so i got a better gun theres. Also, these rockets, the first ones you already unlock so im, just going to put them on and theyre going to replace the shields, but now with l, bumper and r bumper. I can shoot out rockets, so i have more guns to shoot. I actually unlock the achievement here for killing 25 enemies with guns gun lover and, like i said you can use l, bumper and r bumper and it will shoot out a rocket and blow up a bunch of enemies when theyre close together there we go were getting Close to wave 10, where the boss is were on wave 9., just keep moving and shooting my left run is a lot better. Now, since i upgraded it now, i can upgrade the right gun too. Im gon na do that before the next wave because were gon na fight the boss next, so lets go to the store hit, our bumper go to the right gun. Buy this one equip it now. We have two blue guns, and here we go. This is the boss, the treater there. He is so just keep unloading on him and keep moving. You want to circle around him. This way you can dodge his attacks. Hes going to jump up, make sure you jump over the rings, so you dont take any damage because it does a lot of damage.

You might do the rings, a lot im kind of getting lucky here. Oh there we go and, like i said, youre pushing the right stick to jump. I dont know how to do it on the keyboard, though there we go hes dead and the achievement doesnt pop until after you finish, the wave so start the next wave, and then your achievement will pop there we go so were on wave 11. Now i just killed 50 enemies thats why the rockets are good when theyre bunched up together, you do a lot of damage to a bunch of them and kill them. So we only have two achievements left. We have to kill 100 enemies, so you can keep playing. As far as you can get im on wave 11., you can keep playing to kill enemies because therell be more enemies each round and you can keep upgrading. You can make your guy really strong, but also you can kill yourself and keep doing the first couple waves if you want, but i would wait until you get the kill, 100 enemies achievement first and then well worry about the 40 waves. So i just kept continuing on and on wave 15 is when my achievement popped for killing 100 enemies. There we go and now that i have that achievement im actually going to kill myself im going to jump in the water and thats going to end the run. Now we can restart and now were back on wave one.

The only thing is every time you have to go to the store and just equip the weapons at the beginning. So just put on the guns really quick: you dont even have to put on the shields, because the guys are so easy at the beginning, and the first wave only has one enemy, so you can keep going through the first few waves very quickly, sometimes on the Third and fourth wave, you might get a random event or you might get one of the boss fights like the flying boss and if you want, you could just kill yourself, then and restart, because it takes too long to go through the random events and uh boss. Fights but the random events arent too bad. You can go through them and then continue on if you want. So this is wave three here all right. This is just enemies, the only three enemies so its so quick to go through it, but on wave four here i got a random event, which was a boss fight. I just wanted to show you this. What i was talking about, theres this boss guy flying around it, takes a while to kill but its not too bad. You can do this wave if you want, but im just going to jump off and restart it. You can probably press start and just restart each time if you want, but just to be safe. I killed myself and that will bring you back to the beginning.

Each time and youre just gon na keep going through the waves, and eventually i got the achievement to pop it. Didnt take that much longer and it will pop after you finish the wave of course, and there we go survivor 40, and that is the last achievement and youll be done with this game. You can actually check the achievements in game as well. If you pause the game go to achievements and, as you can see, i got 100 on all 10 of them, so thats it guys thats the achievement walkthrough for drone gladiator, which is out now for only 4.99 thanks, so much for watching. I hope this video helped. You leave a like if it did and ill catch. You guys next time here at achievement.