What do you think mike im excited im, definitely excited to check out something new, and thank you so much for having me youre welcome. Youre. Welcome so be uh. Be a fun show chris uh chris is gon na join us. He forgot that we were running early so that we could get mike on, but uh we got a lot of fun things going on today. Uh obviously mike is here were gon na give away uh three drones: weve got a xiaomi fema mini the bug 16 pro and then the new bugs uh mg1 so were gon na give all those away, plus weve got some uh, some really cool radio master gimbals. That i said i was gon na give away in one of my videos were gon na give those away as well and weve got a turtle time coming up so uh chris. If he shows up well be flying around his basement and well give somebody else. A t shirt, so weve got a bunch of stuff to give people. So how about that should be fun all right, so we will be back in dos minutos, Music, Music. All right so were were back and uh yeah weve got weve got mike here. Uh chris is going to be joining us in in a minute um. I did confirm that hes on his way, um so yeah so mike uh youve got a pretty awesome channel uh lots of lots of mavic 3 content, so id love to love to chat with you about that um.

The the pabo 360, i think, is a really interesting drone. Um lets start yeah lets lets start with the mavic 3.. You know we weve been uh doing a lot of flying chris and i we met the other night to do some night flights with that and the evo ii and uh the air 2s and uh yeah. I i really like the camera um, but im not sure about the yeah, the mavic 3, but im not im not totally sold on on a lot of things. What what are your? What are your first thoughts on the mavics same goes for me same goes. For me, i wanted to be a little bit more impressed by it. To be honest, i just recently posted a video two days ago about it uh in my first 30 days with it um Music. I was really hoping it to be, like the next big thing. The next mavic 2 pro uh, because the mavic 2 pro is just like a huge chapter in everyones journey. I think when it comes to drones, it was just a monumental epic drone that everyone knew its just one for the pros. It was just that good at all everything basically yeah. It had its problems in the in the beginning too, but it was just a beast and and for some reason i think, the three its its not the same thing uh it doesnt, follow up in such a good way.

Uh. It has a lot of problems. Has a lot of things that should have been changed before it has hit the market? It has a lot of small things that are just not polished and for some reason dji is just you know: theyre acting the same way, every single time. They release a new drone, but this time i think they they out did they themselves even more because they do it even more. This time they they release the half ass product and uh yeah. I dont like that. I dont like that for sure i agree like you know, thats something that that companies like hubsan does you know they absolutely and um. I i have full confidence that the mavic 3 will be an awesome drone. Its already improved, eventually yeah a ton. Yes, it, but it will be, it will be next year, um, so yeah lots of uh all right lets lets get get some shout outs going here. We got a lot. A lot of people in the chat got hail9000. He was here early flyzone drones. Those guys are just down the street from us there. At least one of them is here: uh, mac, 282 uh, drone supremacy in the house. We see, we see you right there, uh phil from across the pond. Just like you, david reese theres fly zone, londinard um, london, art in the house. Today, thomas baker welcome uh, sjm drones, solid, a lot of familiar uh faces and names.

I can see yeah thats cool nice to see so many people joining yeah. It is fun uh mike here uh mike just commented. He uh hes the air 2s army uh, but its air2s armys uh in the shop currently so thats sad, uh, proud home, whats up kevin c uh yeah lots of lots of fun people um, but yeah. You know what the the thing that is that i do like about that. Mavic 3 is the camera like the i, the color, sorry youre, right, the the map, the mavic 3, the color, the color camera i meant which camera the the the map? Oh, yes, the uh, the four third sensor. You know i because the other one sucks in my opinion it you know what it does um it does. I i think it is a really cool tool um, but but its super, its super limited um. You know you cant, do you know what i think it would be really fun uh chris chris made it um. I think it would be really fun. Oh my chris hey, you guys hear me. Okay, we can thanks for coming to the party man yeah yeah. I was in the middle of putting in a new toilet, so uh um. Hopefully hopefully you have other toilets that are functional. We do weve got a couple, others yeah yeah, so were good, so so thats that thats good were just talking about the the mavic 3.

A little bit were actually talking a little bit about the the telephoto lens, the um yeah, the camera. Have we found a use case, spying on your neighbor? Yes, you know, i i think. Yes, it is nice for for some things. I im just im disappointed that you dont have any of the active track shots. I think it could be cool for you know to do an orbit and then to just zoom the heck in, and you just get some really awesome. Parallax yeah, but you cant do that because you dont have that focus mode and when youre zooming in it is so hard to focus to keep that subject in the middle of your frame. I think that thats, what its for you know, london has been uh saying its for exploring yes, but but it could have been so much more than that, but why does it have yes? Why do we have to limit it to that like? It is only for that; it is only for setting up shots like it, its basically the same uh camera that or that you find on the mini too right or close, not dont, know what youre gon na available. I mean if you dont know exactly what youre looking at. I know its called explore mode, but um youre, not gon na know, have a frame of reference. Its you know, 7x, its um. I guess if you know, if you got something lined up in the center of your frame, you want to zoom in a lot real, quick figure out whats there.

You know i dont know but yeah yeah, like you know, like you said. I think we could do a lot more with that camera if we could, if we could get it to the point where its a point of interest kind of functionality or spotlight, then you could do some really crazy kind of cinematic style. You know where the background foreground moving at very different speeds. That kind of thing yeah, yeah, phil here phil here asks so the zoom is better on the two zoom then thats an interesting question. I love the i im on record, saying i love the mavic 2 zoom. It is one of my favorite drones me too um. It has more use cases, yeah, youre, gon na use that zoom on the zoom as opposed to yeah youre, really not gon na use. It for recording anything at that 7x zoom state right now. I tried it a few times and its just its not possible to mix the the video with the main lens and with the second lens. It just looks so much worse, like its shot on a completely different drone, so if you want to mix them up, if you want to make a really nice cinematic video, it just ruins the the footage for, for me at least right, and you have yeah you Like you said you have that big jump when it when it, when it switches and thats what its its okay. So maybe i missed it at the beginning.

What do you, what do you thinks driving? That is that just the you know kind of their color science theyre applying. Is it the sensor quality the camera quality i dont know to be honest, i dont know um for me, like the the main use case for this. Camera is just like, like a long set just to explore um every single time, ive tried the zoom lens its just pointless for me to to keep exploring you know i keep looking around i figure out. Maybe i should go there. Then i go there, but you know its its its. Not probably i dont use it correctly. I dont know maybe they have another use case that its maybe a little bit more optimized for the regular user, but i want to create more epic footage. I dont want to just look around. I want to use that battery life the best way i can, and i dont want to just waste my time looking around. I prefer to do that from the ground, because i always explore the area anyway yeah. So, for me its its kind of pointless yeah, you got, you got to scout it out. You know i also find uh like just you know, because they shipped it with the basic remote like you, dont have a dedicated, zoom wheel. I know you can hold down. I can hold down function and that work that wheel, but thats the same like yeah. I want it on that.

I want it on another spot like i dont i dont want to have to to to deal with with the double button thing its just not its. Not theyre making it just theyre, making it harder for us theyre, not making it any easier right, but you know everybodys point here: if the camera isnt cinematic quality or at least doesnt match the quality of the other sensor, then you maybe wouldnt want to do that. Anyway, id rather zoom id rather do like a 2x digital zoom in post, just using the main sensor. Probably then thats. What i keep doing to be honest, i dont dont bother even to to switch to the zoom lens nowadays yeah yeah yeah. I i programmed the function so that i i could easily switch between the two cameras, but i found that that yeah, as as it currently is its not its, not super usable, you know so heres a maybe heres another question. Peop um people are saying um. You know it, you know don lon longs, saying its its its doing, what its supposed to be doing, what they, what they market it as um. True question: if im going to add a little extra size to that camera on gimbal, electronics, um and a little extra weight, would it better purpose be a global mechanical shutter, as opposed to a 7x camera thats for exploring yeah? I know theres some purists out there photographers, maybe its better for mapping.

You know you avoid any um, you know what do you call it uh, not jello, but rolling shutter rolling in your photos. Yeah so i mean. Would that be a better use? I mean to get get back some of the functionality that was there on the phantom lineup or or why not, just instead of putting a whole separate lens. Why not just continue to add digital zoom at that point, super grainy, but its super grainy anyway right when youre getting when you keep going. If the idea is just to explore why why do i need a whole nother camera to explore right if it gets you back out of the green when youre at that 7x point its, not a grainy image? Yes, but when you get to 28 its totally unusual, but imagine right now so the main sensor youd be on like 10 pixels. It would look terrible, so it gives you more zoom capability, theres, no doubt, but if, if like like were saying here, the only point is to explore. Why add a second camera to x, i dont know you could see more detail, maybe theyre saving that for the mavic 3 pro. If they ever release that you know next year, maybe they will do and that will be fifteen thousand dollars, but youll get it thats. Just the base version without the remote – yes, oh, hey uh, so flyzone drones with our first super sticker. So thanks guys and before we get yes.

Thank you so um. What were doing today were gon na. Do this a little bit differently? Let me let let me were giving away drones right. Uh were giving away at least three today and um all the money that we get in super stickers and super chat, and all that today is actually going to uh a college student uh named vero casa. She is uh, actually shes been staying with chris. She came over uh chris. Maybe you should tell tell the story, but anyway were gon na give away were gon na win. Uh three drones were giving away a set of gimbals, which you already kind of kind of. Did um the femi mini right? I got that here, uh, the bug 16 pro and the uh bugs mg1. Well, this is the theme mini. This is actually a decent little little drone id say comparable to the mini 2. But, but if you, if you anybody that donates will give highest donation, uh takes home a fee me mini so right now, its its 4.99 uh well ill drive it to elgin myself um. If you guys win it uh. The second second uh highest uh super sticker. Super chat will give you the bug 16 pro and the third one, the mg1 and actually chris, is gon na. Do some flying in his basement today, im gon na donate a hundred dollars for every minute that chris can stay in the air wow. So im im pretty confident he cant stay in the air very, very long, but pharaoh is an awesome.

Uh. An awesome kid and uh yeah were just trying to help defray some of the college costs. Because college is expensive here and uh. You know she got a raw deal. Chris tell us a little bit about vero yeah ill, try to do the condensed version, so she uh came to the u.s a couple years ago on an exchange program um she kind of got stuck here so shes from venezuela. Venezuela, if you dont know, is kind of gone really badly, so its a huge refugee crisis now its gotten way worse than last couple years, so she kind of got stuck here with covid. We kind of took her in because she had nowhere to go and then were like well, we could try to send you back when they open up the border, but then shes going to probably be stuck there um. You know in whats really a deteriorating situation, so we decided to keep her here and try to put her through college but college as jack said very expensive. So anything you guys can do uh to help us out help her out. Uh really would be amazing uh. She did get into college. Luckily, there was a university near here that took her were still we paid for her lawyer fees, visa stuff, but thats still all going through. The government did not speed up in the last couple years, so thats even slower than it used to be and uh so anyway, so they took her shes going to school there, um shes doing great shes got like an a minus average first semester.

Even though english is her second language and um shes doing architecture, interior design, stuff, so um thats that thats, why were doing this? As jack said, um biggest donation gets the best drone um were doing two or three drones that way today uh. Well, we got three drones: okay, so number one two and three donations so maybe well go you know, maybe if we only get three donations. Well, just do one two three: if we get more than three donations well take uh, should we we could. We could just raffle off the third one right yeah. We could do that so top top donation, you get you get the mini. Second donation will give you the bugs pro and then uh the third one will uh well just throw it in there all right, phil. All right were gon na have to get out our google uh conversion. Yes, um im pretty sure that hes hes in the lead here uh but uh awesome. I will have to ship that one across the pond thats thats gon na be fun, but we will well make it happen. It might be cheaper to ship from china um. It is actually it is um. So thanks phil um, so yeah so weve got a trust set up in in her name, so everything will go there. Im gon na go quickly, make sure my batteries are charged im a little out of sorts today, all right yeah you go.

You go get some! Some batteries charged um because thats going to cost a vera money. If you cant stay in the air for at least three minutes, thats, true, okay ill be ill, be back in a sec. All right! You you do that so yeah so were were giving away. Listen! Weve already got two two drones spoken for um, so if anyone else uh wants wants in um, you can do that so thats thats, awesome, all right, so lons saying um optical zoom in the mavic tune has been replicated. Why not um? I wish for a variable. After plus a true optical zoom pot yeah, you know yes theres a lot of things that we want to see on these drones and thats thats. One of the things a lot of us youtubers will do, is well well create, wish lists and say we want this. We want that um without you know, being engineers and optics people and you know obviously theres a lot that goes into making one of these things and um yeah itd be great to have a mechanical shutter and an optical zoom, and you know a micro four thirds Sensor all sorts of great stuff, but you know at some point: there are obviously limitations, so yeah people go ahead and jump in and donate dont dont. Be shy. Um well well talk more about that as we uh we get closer so mike lets. Uh lets find out more about you.

We can come back to uh to the mavic talk if people want, but uh sure lets lets hear more about you and what youre doing uh. Why dont you tell us? Where are you from im from bulgaria, which is in eastern europe um? What else can i say? I started flying drones back in 2016 uh with the with the phantom 3 standard, which was a huge mistake by the way yeah at least i should have gotten the advanced model, but at the time i was really broke. I was working another job. I was a web developer building websites and it was just a hobby for me it was just like a fun thing to do on the weekend and uh. I i ive never planned to be anything more than that, but things just naturally went in that direction. Um first year i was kind of pissed about the the flying performance of the phantom 3 standard. It was just really bad because it had a lot of issues with the signal uh, so it made me really angry not being able to fly where i wanted, because it had signal breakups every 10 or 20 meters, which was absurd, because i was not able to Get any shots with it, so i quickly sold that and i kind of moved on for a while. I was trying out different cheap drones, but they were at the time they were not really good. They still arent by the way, but theyve gotten a lot better.

Recently, but the ones that i tried were for, like 100 or 200 dollars, and back in 2016, they were just plastic. Toys were which were just terrible to fly. So i was intrigued by what can you actually do with these drones, but i never had a more expensive drone that i can test myself and then i was reading a lot about drones. I was watching a lot of tutorials and videos, but back then it was not like like it is right now, so there werent that many people flying drones yet, but i knew its its interesting and i was interested myself uh and then i heard the news that The spark will will be coming out from dji, and that really intrigued me because i decided now its time to actually get it as soon as it comes out. So i can try it out and and back then my wife was really pushing me to to explore more about drones and just maybe post more because uh. I i had posted one video or two videos before before that on my channel, which were really really bad, but i still have them um theyre that are still online and uh. When the spark came out. I was really impressed by it because it was just amazing. I mean it could do it all the everything that i wanted on my previous drone. It could do it and and the quality was great too so back then i just started pumping out videos in my free time.

I was still working at my day job, but i just got really excited about flying my drone every single time i i i flew and i just wanted to post more and things just went from there. I i think i i was extremely lucky because if you start with youtube nowadays its just really hard to be noticed – and i think i i i was extremely lucky with my third or fourth video ever on my channel – it was it kind of exploded. I think it got 50 000 views for some reason i was talking about which drone to buy, and i didnt have any of the two drones that i was comparing, but i was just talking because i knew so much about them without ever flying them. Yeah – and i i guess i got lucky because i got some some new subscribers – some some help from the algorithm uh and then i just started making more videos, and it was just really exciting for me to to see this new world and just get better because Ive never been in front of a camera. Ive never spoke english in front of other people, um. Well, no thats thats actually a lie. I have talked english in front of other people, but you know you know what i mean in front of a camera like a presentation, yeah thats, totally different. We make here its its different yeah yeah. So my videos at first were just tragedy.

They were just so bad um. Now i hear ya its its very funny when i go back to watch them, but i was learning so much every single time. I was recording and uh its a nice way to go back and just reminisce about those times and see what i was i was doing in in terms of video production quality and how things have evolved evolved since then yeah its pretty sure just great. It is yeah, the drones are better now yeah chris and i got started right around this right around the same time in 2016 and yeah uh, im, im sure uh. If we were to go yeah our first videos horrendous, like just laughably, bad um. You know we were spending more time, uh on our website and then kind of transition to the youtube and um its a lot of fun and uh. You just cracked, a hundred thousand subscribers, so that is uh thats, pretty awesome. So congrats to you, you know the hard work is is clearly clearly paying off chris. Should we hit him with some uh some rapid fire questions? What do you think sure sure i dont have them up right now? Let me let me pull them up here. All right, i was gon na add a picture of uh vero to our uh slides here, oh thats, a good! You should do that yeah, add a picture to pharaoh and uh ill ill start firing off rapid uh, rapid questions.

So so mike first thing that comes into your head: thats thats. What we want! Thats thats, your answer: okay, okay, all right! So if you could fly um, if you could fly any place, where would it be maldives? Have you have you? Yes, ive been there once on my honeymoon back in 2019 and at the time drones. Well, theyre theyre still not allowed. I mean its kind of forbidden to fly drones because of privacy and because people are go there on vacation, but i took some shots with which drone i had. I think the mavic 2 pro, not too sure yeah. I think it was the mavic 2 pro, but i wish i could have flown a lot more because its just amazingly beautiful, really really nice, scenery and the water is just you know, youve seen it yeah theres no point of describing it, but its its amazing thats. A great one, all right, we got a 35 super sticker, proud hove in the league, theyre getting 35 bucks for his fee. Me thats thats, a thats, a steal, so awesome uh and thank you all right, uh chris, you ready with the questions or do you want me to take another one, keep going, keep going all right so uh. If you could only have one drone. What would it be? Mavic, 2 pro? Ah, okay, uh, most overrated drone thats, i dont know actually maybe one of the skydios. Oh okay, the first one, maybe okay, yeah, that that wasnt much of a drone follow doesnt.

Does nice follow me: okay, um, worst drone youve. Ever flown uh, the mini the dji mini one Music, the first one yeah because of the signal issues. I think the signal issues were just too much for me to handle okay, or maybe the the phantom 3 standard. Actually, now that i think about it more yeah, thats, actually much worse, the phantom 3 standard is a is a mini that you can see the props and uh and its ten times bigger, yes, yeah, basically, basically, all right, um, best camera on a drone, mavic 3 Right now yeah it is, i would say i mean for all of the shortcomings yeah. It says its probably the best one. It is awesome all right, uh one person to fly with. If you could fly with anyone who would it be, i would fly with some color nice all right, um, favorite, drone channel on youtube that isnt yours, oh theres, so many i dont know there are a lot, a lot of good ones, a lot of good ones. Yeah, i i dont really have a favorite one. I like exploring all the like all the community and all the channels. To be honest, i really dont have just one in particular. I do enjoy the variety, so i can like take a little bit of creativity from each person. Just inspire myself, fair, all right, so um whats a feature on a drone that you just cant live without what is the drone long battery life? I would say the long battery life if it flies for just five minutes its? Not okay.

No! No, although we i do fly fpv, so im, im kind of used to the to the low battery life of those batteries, but i have a lot so its fine yeah and thats. It is totally different experience like five minutes under the goggles, depending on what youre doing like yeah its a its actually a lot five minutes, its great yeah um and what is the honest experience? Youve ever had flying the what experience oddest the strangest experience that youve ever had flying. Hmm, i think, humorous well or different, not too sure about humorous, but i, its uh ive, had a lot of issues with my signal. Sometimes, when im flying and all of a sudden, its like the drone hits its like uh like its in the middle of a of a storm, you know like a tornado, it starts moving around and starts like its losing its its brain and uh. It starts just twisting around itself. Um ive had that happen a lot with some some of my first drones. For some reason, i think maybe there was some really strong magnetic interference or something because yeah its unexplainable. For me, why would that happen? Yeah i dont remember which drone but ive had some issues where i almost lost a few drones, because of that i just all of a sudden they take off and you cant do anything to save them, but ive never lost like a big drone. I think, besides some fpv quads yeah yeah its its that that will happen either lost or destroyed.

Ive done ive done both yeah, so fpv or photography, which, which is your go to fpv for sure uh. Do you spend more time flying fpv drones? You think or photography drones i would say nowadays i do spend more time flying fpvs, because i fly with some friends and when you do that, its just always thinking about the next adventure always going there together, whereas with camera drones. I can do that myself yeah. You know its its a lot more relaxed and its not its not as enjoyable as it is compared to what what you get with fpv. I think yeah whats, your whats, your go to fpv drone um. I have a custom one that ive built with some. It has the frame by joni fpv, the qavs uh. It has some, it has some t motor motors and the stack also by them and vista, i think yeah it has the vista and what else yeah. I have that this is a five inch and i have the iflight camera seven, which is a long range one. I love that and the protect 35, which is a cinewoop i like that as well, because it has a lot of power. So its not just like a slow cruising cinema, but its a lot faster, so you can still do some more with it uh some more maneuvers and more moves with it not feel very limited by it. So i would say those three are my my go to right now.

What what are your thoughts on the dji dji fpv drone? I wanted to like it, but i didnt i i really wanted to like it to be honest um it was just it was. I would say a good first try at fpv, but then again they didnt help themselves by leaving the drone without any updates for so long. They didnt address so many issues and im scared about the same thing happening to the mavic 3. I hope it will not, but i saw many things going wrong: the wrong way with the dji fpv drone and they just forget about them. They they didnt, do anything about the about those issues. Yeah yeah yeah it is. It is an interesting drone, but um. I dont, i dont often think about this. Like i do um, you know something like that. You know like its yeah this. This, i think, is an awesome. Long range drone, like i like this for cruising the battery – is awesome when youre doing stuff like that, but you know a lot of people when they think fpv, theyre thinking, freestyle or racing, and you know this just yes, i got a question so you got, you Got through the rapid fire, you said: mavic 2 pro um, you have a air 2s or no. No! No! I dont have one that ive used one for for a few weeks, but it wasnt mine. So how did it compare for you to the two pro? I would say its pretty close uh, its actually very, very close uh, but those drones are so far apart in terms of their timing, when they were released its its a little bit weird that the air 2s is not so much more and so much better than Than the mavic 2, i was expecting a little bit, you know, so we can catch up with the old technology and and improve it on the air 2s.

I was hoping that uh, but i still think even directly comparing them. I still think the mavic 2 pro is better in terms of the colors in terms of the performance, even though its older, and it has its own problems. I i still think the air 2s is its not better, but it is more more portable and in some ways, of course it is better. But, generally speaking, if i had to choose just one, i would probably still choose the mavic 2 pro yeah. I you know chris and i we weve really been putting the the pro the air 2s, the mavic 3, the evo 2 pro, and actually we took the mini 2 um theres this theres, this cool little square, not not too far from where both of us live. Um in woodstock they filmed the movie groundhog day, im, not sure if youre familiar with it bill murray same thing happened over and over again its funny, but they filmed that movie there. We took all four of those drones up there and we did a bunch of shots um with those three drones to kind of compare and like theyre. The air 2s is really good um. It really is for a thousand bucks like its a steal. Absolutely it is um, you know its a really its just a really good drone, and i do think you know the camera on both the mavic 3 and the evo ii. I think are actually just a little bit better but um the the air 2s yeah.

The air 2s is just such a refined drone in the way that it flies, and you know we we did some some uh orbits it it. Just. Everything was cleaner with the air 2 aspects very smooth as well yeah. They dji just really figured things out for that drone very different than the mafic 3. Obviously, and the mini the mini 2 is you know its not really comparable? I think its a great drone for probably most most people right – probably not most people watching this stream right now, but but most people that that are like hey. I want a drone and i want to fly yeah get that you know yeah its its great its perfect for that great for that, but um yeah, so the the air 2s thats. You know if, if im gon na go somewhere to film, you know commercially. You know – and i have i have the mavic 3 and i have the air 2s and i have the evo 2 pro im going to take the air 2s like thats the drone that im the most comfortable flying it. Just i know what its going to do. I know how its going to fly. You know its probably because youre more familiar with it as well, and that could be – i probably ive logged more time on that drone than the other two that thats also true um yeah and it i dont. I think the color coming out about those other two drones initially is better, but i can i can tweak things in pro and post processing.

You know so for sure, um its its a its my favorite drone chris chris, would not take the the air 2s. What would you take? Which one would you take me um, i dont know. I mean uh now that the mavic 3s got the features uh, i might go with it. You know its still kind of the most intriguing i havent fl ive flown at the least, but you know its. We finally got some of the uh exponential sorted out. Whoa um there look at that that just came through um thats, uh, thats, awesome, 140., thats, uh thats. So far, our current leader, i think uh thats their second donation thats. Another currency, though yeah. What is yeah? What is it i dont know what currency that is, but i dont know what that is. I guess well have to figure out what that is and what, where that is proud, what is uh where, where are you? What are we? What are we donating uh? We appreciate it, of course, um. Where are you from? Let me see here, love to know. Looking this one up: south africa, south african rents, eight bucks, eight eight point: eight bucks, okay, all right its a big night, so hes he is in the leader, um thats. Awesome uh so yeah. So if you guys, if you want a feed me mini you, you got to donate more than than eight dollars. You can get it. I mean thats thats, a great deal, heck yeah and a great cause too yeah dont do were donating all the money to a college student.

So if you want to yeah, want a workable drone right, if youre on right now make sure you dont leave again where well be flying around my basement, which is a disaster right now and jack has to give me a hundred bucks. Give me vero im going to give vero 100 for every minute that chris can fly so yeah. This is the theme. Will we be using chris, okay mobulus six light or something like that? Okay, oh e, l, r s, uh mobilistics yeah its a little tiny one. Yeah this is this: is the drone top donation gets? This thing i think its like 400 u.s, so top top super sticker uh going to win this thing. Well, send it to you. It is a nice little drone, i would say very comparable to the dji mini 2. um. We also have well give whoever has the second best our second highest. Uh donation gets one of these. This is the bug 16 pro. I think this things like 220 um and – and this is, i think, a great its a great christmas gift – um, you know its uh, its a foldable drone about 200 bucks, and this is probably this is the best drone you can get that isnt and gon na Break the bank full three axis: gimbal does shoot 4k um im not going to tell you youre going to make hollywood movies with this thing, but its not not bad um and it does have two batteries: a nice little nice little carrying case so thats thats drill Number two and then the third one which well draw is the i havent actually even flown this drone chris has been holding on to it just uh another mjx drone um, the mg1 and uh.

This is a two axis gimbal uh, but third axle stabilized electronically. Very much like the spark that we talked about before um – probably not quite on par, but um, not bad right – that the footage coming out of both these mjx drones is is a good beginner sort of footage, yeah, so thats it done yeah its free, though thats The most important thing – yes, yeah yeah, yes, after minor donations before we fly uh at least one other thing. I was wondering where ive seen you know your footage youre in bulgaria. What is where? What is near you its hard for me to tell based on what ive seen? Are you in mountains ocean? What do you got? Lakes uh? I have. I had the sea right next to me, its 10 minutes away from from where i live uh. We do have some mountains, but i have to travel a little bit to to go there, maybe for four or five hours, its still quite accessible, though so its its fine. I i took the mavic 3 actually to the mountains to do some testing. I posted that video recently, its just uh every single time. I i go to the mountains, its just spectacular for me, because im im used to always seeing the sea. You know its its always the same scenery. There are not that many layers, even though the sea is always different, but when you go to the mountains, its just a whole new new perspective, and you have so many layers with the with the trees, with the hills, with some fog coming out every now and Then its just a great way to to spice up some some of my footage and uh yeah.

I mostly i shoot around around my local area but uh every now and then i pack my things and go explore around the mountain area. So i do have. I am kind of lucky to have both things around me: Music, so youre in uh, so youre on the black sea, then yeah. I had to break out google maps here, yeah thats, where i am thats cool, thats good. That is awesome ive been to greece thats. The closest ive been yeah, well, its its its pretty close and its uh, its a great location as well uh. I ive been only twice um, but its always a lot of fun to explore in greece, because you have so many islands its just. If, if i didnt answer your question jack with the maldives, where, when you asked me where i want to to fly the most, i would probably pick greece because its the closest second best option and its very close to me as well. It has a lot of amazing views too, so its definitely a lot more accessible. I i think to to go to the maldives. It takes 13 14 hours by plane, something like that and greece is just two hours away, so its uh its a lot more accessible. I should definitely explore it more so as soon as things get a little bit more normal back to normal. I think you might see some more footage from me from there cool, thats cool um yeah, some more more people joining join the show, uh, idaho, quadcopter, marcus, crawford uh thanks for joining us, yeah uh, like lon said, were, were raising money for college students were giving Away uh the femi mini uh, the bugs two bugs three bug: 16 pro theres, so many different random, bugs um, yeah and right now the highest bid is like nine dollars, um.

So uh you want you want! You want. The feed me mini. You just got. Ta donate more than uh nine bucks, um and uh well. Well! Send it to you uh, so thats awesome so mike what um? What do you got coming up on your channel? What what do we have uh to look forward to? To be honest, i im i havent done a lot of planning for next years, content, im, just hoping to do bigger and better things um. Now that ive passed 100 000 subscribers, i kind of feel like i owe it to to everyone watching to keep raising the bar with some some better looking videos im, exploring some possibilities about some locations where i can shoot some better. Looking shots and im just trying to to learn myself as i go and just produce better quality on here on my channel thats, probably the the number one thing im looking forward to thats awesome um, i i got in the mail yesterday, a handful of of random Drones um, so these these will be coming out on our our channel. Um got a uh a little. A little long range, fpv quad! Oh those are nice. You know this this guy here. This is the eachine nano long range three and uh. It flies on two 18 650 batteries, one on top one on bottom uh, so thatll be thatll, be interesting. Uh has has a little gps unit. This thing is interesting, dead cat style frame.

So how long does it fly? Do you do you know? I think its? Like 25 minutes, wow wow look at that. These guys are just exploding with the with the new technology. Yeah yeah, pretty awesome, hey thanks! Uh thanks for the ten bucks, uh longs, getting the big phone is pointing out theres, maybe an 1102 that was a combo of two: oh yeah, yeah. Okay! So yes, sorry thank you, the zar, the the african south african currency. Yes, so that the two, if we add them together, theyre at 1102., um well well, try someone elses math there um yeah, i got that in the mail and then i got i got this in the mail three. He has three femi minis. You can get another one for for fifteen dollars, marcus uh fifteen dollars and it goes to a good cause. You can sell it if you want um. I got this in the mail. This is uh. This is a cinder whip, so thats nice thats, a nice color. Oh yeah, so this will be be fun. That uh is that the fly woo, something uh. This is no. This is the eachine civitar with another ten dollars thanks man, uh awesome. So london art is currently our uh. Our our leader, hes, getting a feed mini. Is that a molded frame, its a 3d printed looks molded. This is molded um super rigid weve got some some nice soft bumpers. On this thing it looks solid, so yeah yeah come on marcus.

Do it stand up to lon im with im with mike mike mike? You you could use another drone. Air 2 s army is out right now, boom marcus says i challenge accepted. That put it in a tie. That does put it in well. Have them rock paper scissors for it or something somebodys got to donate, donate another 50 cents. Yeah, so this is this is coming out and then this thing hold on this is a fundraiser for any youtube police out there. This is not a uh that word. That starts with an a right, not an auc theyre, not an auction no were not were giving. This were giving these these things away. Uh look so this is. This is the what is this? The ruku f11 gim2? So this do they come up with those names? I dont know somebody somebody got its like a random name generator. It is. It is the like the worst, the worst names, but this thing, so this is ridiculous um. So this thing is sold on amazon for like 450, which is i mean, ive, never flown. This drone, but i can tell you its an absolute ripoff, so im excited to make this video and tell everyone that they shouldnt buy this drone um, i mean unless its its awesome, but this thing okay, so this is the gim i had weve had two of This, the previous version of this drone, its made by sjrc um and its like this ones, gon na, be different, though this ones gon na, be the mini killer, im, sure um, but anyway, this time it will be the mini killer.

Yes, so um yeah you can, you can buy whatever the previous version of this for less like right. Around 200 bucks, it does have a 4k camera on a 3 axis gimbal and i guess the difference with the gim 2 um. Is that its more money um and you get and you get a range of 9 000 meters now the last time i flew this. The other version. 9. 000. 9. 000. Meters, i think, is what they said. I maybe i made that number nine either way all right, yeah, yeah, nine thousand meters thats. What is that, like five miles, five and a half miles? Maybe we could put a drone with a better camera on top of it and fly it a couple miles. Put the mini well put the mini two on here and then fly theres no way in hell im flying this thing, uh outside of my visual line of sight. I just i just dont trust it, but it will just leave you forever. Yes, itll itll disappear um. So anyway, so that those are those are um ill be looking forward to those videos, though they they seem interesting, those drones yeah, you know whatever theyre theyre fun and we we will be brutally honest and tell you if its, you know good, not good. Like i im chris and i we dont make videos with you, know, theres some people that just theyll tell you everything thats great about about the drone.

But we will tell you everything that is not great about the drone and some people dont like that and but thats okay. You know like its a lot of people are actually looking for those reviews and – and they appreciate that so thats, what really matters! I think those those people yeah so yeah, i hope so yeah. I hope so um all right. So we have it. Oh, i have a. If you want to throw up the slides jack i do. I did throw a picture of vero just to prove she exists. Some kind of validation is it there im on the slides and i see no vero. Oh, maybe you got ta, update him or something. Oh, oh, cause im. Oh there she is theres barrow yep, all right, so this is vero. Pharaoh is shes. A real human bear was awesome by the way shes shes, a great kid um yeah, the other two children are chriss actual children um that he also. He also has to send to college someday so um. Maybe not you know: theyre theyre, smart kids, maybe theyll uh theyll, get some scholarships or or do something different who knows um but yeah. So this is vero is the one um, so lon and and and marcus. Thank you for your donations, thats thats, where this money is going um, you know so so thank you and everyone else. You know fly zone drones donated. We got our buddy uh donating in south africa, thats super cool as well, so we we appreciate it and i i maybe did i did.

I say that ive got gimbals hold on somewhere around here these ag01 gimbals from radio master and im giving them away mostly because i dont want to have to take my radio apart and theyre super hold on theyre super awesome. Listen, you get that tactile um metal on metal, sound, so im, giving these away um to a patreon uh. We did a drawing um and it was hold on. I forget who won so im gon na put it on here somewhere on the stream so were giving it to Music tmc 3d is, is our radio master uh winner so ill? Send him those – and i have a cool like led kit uh for the radio match that goes around the gimbal and lights it up ill ill. Send you that too, i might even have an extra ers component ill ill. Send that ill. Send that too thatll be a bonus unless you already have the lrs ill reach out to tmc 3d, if hes, not not here so um yeah chris, you ready for turtle time yeah, we can do it just so. I understand uh your stance on this jacket. Uh rule of the plot right turtle. I have no idea what you just said. You just glitched on us. Oh um, so same thing applies to you. If i dont turtle, the times keeps ticking right. Yes, until you can no longer fly the drone. Okay, all right and i will donate 100 per minute all right.

So if you fly for a minute ill give a hundred dollars, so you fly for two. She gets 200 bucks. If she, if you fly for three minutes, she gets three. If you fly for four minutes, i will give her 400 whats the flight time of the drone. I think its like three minutes Laughter but hes uh. I think, okay, i think hes gon na hes gon na max out at like three and a half minutes. So i feel pretty confident that im not going to have to spend more than 350 dollars. Oh look at lon, edging out marcus with two two dollars here: um, so lanas current uh, currently taking home the uh. The fee me marcus, is going to get a bug. 16 pro and then well draw um so for anyone else that you know you dont have to you, dont have to get in. You know for the the high flyer: 20 money um, you know you, you donate a buck and then well well take everyone. I will assign you a number at the end here and then well well, draw a number and then well send you this mg, one bugs whatever right so um so yeah and we have a gofundme page. We set up for barrel also so well put that make sure if theres anybody watching this after the stream, if, if you want to help out uh her cause thatd, be awesome well put that in the description as well, um yeah through that up there.

In the comments for now all right, so uh chris, are you: why dont you uh you, you get yourself uh all right, ready for turtle time, and then i might do some extended purchase to extend my flight time. A little thats lame its its lame. You know what youre gon na youre gon na perch and then youre, not gon na, be able to to take off again, okay, so so turtle time. The way that turtle time works is uh, uh schmuelkoffmans already on it guess. How long is chris going to fly? You give one guess right, one guess right so schumann, uh put in one one guess: whoever is closest to the amount of time that chris is able to to stay in the air right or to to not once he crashes or if he crashes, and he cant And he has to flip over if he uh uh. If he runs out of battery right, then we we cut the clock, but whoever is closest to the amount of time that chris flies. We will send you a half chrome, uh, have chrome drones, t shirt right. So you get you get a t shirt so were giving away a t shirt as well today, so uh just throw in your guesses in the in the in the chat um. If you have more than one guess, im going to take your last guest schumann, the three minutes and 22 seconds um, so yeah so go ahead and throw your comments in there um mike, you got a guess.

In there, 235 awesome, uh, thats, good 223.. Um. Hey fly zone thanks, man appreciate it um mike the drone ranger 333, my kinney 335, all right, so lots of people with some some guesses uh. I had a quadcopter 340. im gon na guess, im gon na guess chris chris is gon na get close to that four minute mark today, because uh well, because hes doing it for a cause, doing it for a cause. Me drone with a minute if he crashes out out, listen, veros, a good kid im. Im gon na donate her a couple hundred dollars either way anyway um, but this is fun lets lets lets lets lets, make it fun all right. Im pulling up my uh, my timer chris chris. Can you hear us? Yes all right, all right, you! Let us know when youre ready, uh, bad rx, uh unplug it plug it back in be a bust zero minutes. She gets zero dollars, its all on you now, chris hold on lets. Make it weird lets make this. No. I want to make you big. Oh here we go im excited rx, bad rx might need to let it cool down. It might have been sitting a little too long, oh bummer, what a fail epic fail. All right lets lets lets talk about that uh here lets get chris out of here. Um lets talk about that 360. Drone um, oh yeah! I got it right here that pavo 360.

That thing here lets that thing was is pretty awesome, so i think three 360 cameras are just so unique: um im a big fan um. What are your? What are your thoughts on on the drone? The whole the whole thing i like it. I actually really love the idea of these invisible drones. Ive tested one before uh. It was again by beta fpv. It was the x knight 360., and it was, i think, their first ever try at making these these things.