The price of this drone is thousand three. Ninety nine in amazon, you, i don’t, know you get it in okay, then let’s unbox, it guys Music. Okay, we got a charger in this. Let me open it yeah. Then. I got a charger in this charger and these are the two extra propellers and this is then use a manual. We don’t have use with this and so second eye and, as you can see, the drone uh it has four propellers and here comes the red light, and here comes the blue light. So this uh some model in h6 have a camera in them. But this one is not with camera. Ah then, this is the battery inside this. You can even take it out. So this is the battery guys. So, as you can see, this is a 220 mah battery. It gives you a flight time of 10 to 15 minutes. Okay, now let us see about the remote, and this is a remote, so this is the on and off so guys. This is my dog mickey, and this has seven months old, okay, shaken shaykh. Thank you. Thank you. Mickey it’s, so lazy never buy a pub guys and guys. I just said you that i’ll take you to my terrace, see guys. So this is the battery uh, nothing, but you have to take this battery and insert to this one. Not this hole like this. Just put it inside and uh let’s connect this both wires, so that don’t turn so now i am gon na put it up.

Three two one see guys Music. Let me directly flip guys, Music uh guys. Thank you for watching. My video and please like subscribe, share comment this video and uh. If you want to buy this don’t hesitate something i’ll give a link in the description of amazon.