com in this video insta360x2. This is my favorite 360 camera and i have a bunch of accessories, a bunch of attachments that im going to be using with this camera hooking it up to my bike to get a bunch of different and unique type of perspectives, so lets jump right into it. Heres, a bunch of different shots, i was able to get with accessories for the x2 mounting them onto my e bag, as well as here mounting these onto a little back, harness front harness and ill go through with you in the second part of this video. A little bit more in detail about some of these products and which products i was using in order to get those particular shots, so lets get right into it: Music, oh Applause, oh Music, all right so lets get into some of the products, as you can see Here, im wearing this harness now, in order for me to get that front and back view that drone shot looking type of view im wearing this thing right here. So this is a full waist harness im able to use something like this. While im on my bike and then when i want that back shot, im able to spin this thing around, this is a extension pole from telesin, and this thing goes out super far a little more than probably about twice the distance of the insta 360 pole and Super sketchy when hooking this thing up, because of course, its sticking out so far ahead of you and you dont want to like hit any trees or anything and same thing when its posted up behind me.

And here we go. I have the another unicorn mount same thing i have on my helmet. I have another insta360 back here and this is tied down with a clamp quarter. 20. Here all right. My next shot right here, of course, chesty get that first person view pretty much see what i see next view is going to be down here. I hooked it up to the main frame. The unicorn extension is going right there right where the tire is so youre able to see things like the brake caliper wheel shot, as you can see here, use the same mount which is really good and hooked it up. So its mounted to the arm got the ball. Joints right here tightened up straight down, get the lens pointing directly at the wheel, so now im able to get that wheel shot as its moving around all right, thats, uh thats, the wheel, shot, lets um switch it up again and there it is guys just wanted To show you some of the kind of unique perspectives youre able to get with the insta 360 x2 camera a bunch of different options for you to use in insta 360 studio that i really like, and it just gives you a bunch of different options. Even with one single shot, youre able to pull out three four five different angles from that one video. So i hope this video was helpful if you are looking at adding in new perspectives, new shots into your story and just kind of get creative with it theres.

So many different mounting options you can do, especially when you have some of these clamps that it makes it super universal and really easy to do so. Make sure you guys check this out. Like i said, links will be down below in the video description. If you guys, like this, video, got some value from it, dont forget to hit that, like button also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is also statistical with ill see you guys.