So today i have another flute. Surprise um. This is a hulu see its also called a cubit. Uh im really excited um this. It is sort of like some native american flutes, in that it has a neat drone, compartment, um, so theres a lot of really cool harmonizing things that you can do with this. So lets open it up. Okay, here we go. This looks really cool. This is really just so neat like im, very, very excited um, one of the neatest things about this flute um, it is, was originally a gourd flute. This one is made of plastic, but um. It was originally a gourd food. It has this like chamber where the sound resonates, so im really excited to see how that changes. The sound so lets open it. Oh my god, its so beautiful, theres, um theres a lot of really cool, looking ones um on amazon. I picked this one in particular, because i like that it looks kind of like porcelain, i think its so gorgeous. Oh, this is just so pretty okay, so it looks like there is a few different things for me to figure out here, like theres, some knobs on the back that im not sure what those are about um yeah. So i am going to go ahead and explore this um and then uh ill play it for you. So after playing around with this for a little bit, i can say that this is my favorite flute by far so far that i have gotten on this little journey that ive been on for the past couple months or so.

This is so cool, so im just really excited. I love drone flutes, so lets just take a step back and we will talk about what a drone flute is exactly so you kind of get an idea of what im talking about from here, so um. The concept of a drone flute is that um, you have both a melody and a drone going on. At the same time now you might be familiar with the concept of harmony, which is when you have two different moving lines of music that go on at the same time, um like if you have a soprano and an alto, both singing and theyre singing different parts. Youve got a melody line and a harmony line, usually very beautiful um, so the concept of a drone flute is you have a melody line going on, so it could be doing. You know whatever row row row your boat even and underneath of that melody. You have just a constant note playing a sound so for row. Your boat, you might be able to sing row row, your boat and underneath of that is – and it just goes the whole time um and it does sort of give this very um. Stereotypically middle eastern sound: this is not a middle eastern instrument um. This actually originates from the country of myanmar or burma, its known by many names, but it originates there among a small ethnic minority called the assam and from there it spread to china and korea and the halluci or the curcubit, or it has a few more names.

Um, its just its all around that region and its still played today, which is very cool, but it is an example of a drone flute um. This one uh, you can see it has three pipes in some halluci uh. One of the pipes is decorative um and you only have one drone, but this one does have two drones, so you can switch via these knobs that are on the back, which is the coolest thing these knobs go up or down and that blocks off this little Hole right here, so you can make it so that this pipe will not produce any sound, and you can do the same thing with this pipe. So if you dont want any drones, you can slide both of those up and youre just going to get regular music and so im going to go ahead and play that for you first, so you can get an idea of what it sounds like on its own. Then well do some cool drone stuff because its amazing Music Music, i cant quite get that higher note but thats the range it does have a relatively small range. It doesnt go any lower than this Music. Okay, so now were going to start in with the drowned. Sounds because this is so fun all right were going to start with this smaller pipe first um, so im just going to move this knob downwards, and you can see that unblocked the pipe so lets do a little playing with that cool, sound, so cool all right.

So well go ahead and close that one up and well open up this lower one um to give us sort of a lower drone. Note see how that sounds: Music Laughter, so cool um, and you can hear the drone note – is just a little bit quieter because it does have this thinner, pipe um, but it just sounds really cool and were just gon na give it a try with both drones Because, honestly, i dont know if thats gon na work so lets, try it Music, Music, Music, it works and it makes for some cool chords. I adore it um. You may have heard that strange little sound when i went to go. Take a breath um its really interesting, its like the gourd portion up here is sort of holding air um. So, even when i pause, it will like still make some kind of sounds through the reeds im sure theres some kind of playing technique that takes advantage of that. So, im going to look into that, because i bet its very cool now, the construction of the halluci is very interesting um. You can see this mouthpiece is just sort of like almost a standard, mouthpiece, its just a hole. You put your mouth on it, you blow in um, but inside of it there is a reed um like you might see, on a clarinet or a saxophone um, and that is what gives it that very interesting timbre that neat sound to it.

That doesnt quite sound. The same as a recorder or a standard flute, it has that really cool. I love it um one thing to keep in mind with the hulusi. This reminds me a lot i used to play oboe for a while when i was younger – and this reminds me of that in that you have to have a certain amount of breath – pressure um – it does require you have to breathe into it with a lot of Like Laughter um, so even though it sounds its more of a thin sound, its a smaller sounding instrument, but you have to put much more air into it than you think. Youre going to need to um so like, for instance, on the ocarina, when youre blowing really high notes, you kind of have to really with your breath out to support it enough to get up to pitch, and the halluci is very much the same way. I was trying it out for a little while and kind of you know, breathing very gently into it, and i was like what is going on with this because um the notes werent really changing much and it just sounded kind of strange um. So then, i gave it a little bit more pressure. I was like well, maybe if i get up to a higher octave, um and thats when it really came to life, and that is the way that this instrument is meant to be played um.

It sounds so cool i just i cant get over its its a warm sound, its a ready, sound, and i just i like those sounds Laughter um. If you would like to grab a halluci for yourself and do some experimentation with these really neat very different kinds of sounds than you find on a lot of western instruments um, you can grab one on amazon. This one in particular is right around 20, but you can find a whole host of different ones, um in the 20 to 50 range, and some of them look more. I dont know i dont think porcelain is necessarily a traditional material for the halluci, but in terms of like western aesthetics, it does look a little more traditional. It reminds me of a cute teapot, but you can also find ones that are a lot more interesting. Like theres, a bright neon green one that i thought was kind of fun, theres a whole lot of different options, available, um, so yeah. If you want that um go ahead and check out my description, because i will put a link um to the listing on amazon and if you have any questions about this instrument or any of the other instruments that i have profiled lately and please do ask me Down in the comments – because i will be so happy to talk about this with you – i think this is just one of the neatest instruments. Um, i dont know i think its fairly beginner friendly um you dont, have to have a certain mouth shape.

The finger holes are really easy to operate. The sliding drone idea makes it sound, really cool without a lot of like technical proficiency, so i think its a pretty beginner friendly instrument. If youre able to muster up enough breath pressure um, i think its absolutely possible for most people. I just dont think its something that a lot of people are used to, and so it might take some practice to be able to really um breathe from your diaphragm down here um my my music teacher, my vocal teacher would always say to take a deep breath And like envision, your entire stomach and rib cage and everything down in here, just expanding um, so get a really good, deep breath and then um force your breath into the halluci. It takes some getting used to, but totally doable. I think this is a really beginner friendly awesome instrument to try so yeah. Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day. Thank you all so much for watching. If you would like to subscribe to my channel, go ahead and click on that subscription button right up there. Otherwise, if you would like to join my patreon or buy me a coffee, the links to those are down in the description.