You may already saw some footage, but there will be more at the end of the video um, so lets get unboxing. This is the s2 drone, its got a fpv, camera 3d flips photo and video and a whole lot more and oh, oh man, i love this. I love this already look how small this is so because its a small mini drone. You dont, want to fly this when its really windy outside. So just keep that in mind, it is a foldable drone, so the blades just simply fold right out. Look at this! So cool guys, i absolutely love mini drones: uh theyre, one of my most favorite things to review theres the front camera so yeah. I love these. They give you two batteries, so nice little batteries here and the batteries are 5500 mah, so 550 mah. This is the remote that they give you so on this remote uh. You have different cycles. You have different settings, so you can auto, take off theres theres a lot of stuff, so make sure you read your manual if you want to take advantage of all that. This has to offer you can pop this open right here lets see here if we can actually get it open there. We go pop this open in this. You can put your cell phone right on here, um for the camera. This button on the left side is for multiple modes, so you have different speed modes uh.

It should be in beginner mode and beginner mode. Basically, when youre flying the drone it slowly can go left slowly can go right slowly forward and backwards. Now, if you have it on the most advanced mode, it would turn like this more quickly for backwards up and down. So i recommend, if youre new, to drones or giving it someone thats new to drones, just to keep it on beginner. Even if this is your first drone of this brand, just keep it on beginner, learn it and then up it as you learn um how to maneuver it. So its probably gon na take three triple a batteries. They do not provide the batteries for the controller. So you will need three triple a batteries, and that just goes right in here pop them right in there um for charging its usb charged for the actual drone batteries. They give you two charger cables for the batteries and its just simply plug and play deal plug. It into the battery plug this into any usb port. You have even power banks uh its very simple to do. They give you extra wings, they give you a screwdriver extra screws, so you got extra wings in there as well, because its not uncommon for people to land it in grass and mess it up or hit a tree or hit a building so theyre smart. They give you the extra, obviously theres the manual, and i recommend you guys checking out the manual for full features.

There is tons to learn with this, but were just gon na jump right into it. Show you guys how it flies, because i know thats what you guys love to see so guys. There are headlights on this one and its blinking, because its ready for pairing. So you just turn this one by pressing and holding press and hold the power button, and then sync it up if you are confused or need help check out the manual its very easy to follow, all right so were going to start out in beginner mode and Show you guys so this is beginner mode and well hold on no this. This is beginner mode. So if we can drop it down here, you guys see how it can barely go left. Just slowly goes left and right now were gon na put it in mode number two. Now, as you guys can see it moves left and right. Much faster now were gon na go moon number three, and now we really have control. So we really can, as you guys can see, it, can really move so guys on your remote, the button to the right on the remote. If you press that it does flips. So, as you guys can see here so auto, takeoff uh make sure you learn it and learn the manual its very simple guys and you can take off and do whatever you want. Uh, its easy and its pretty reliable till so lets see how good we can land so, as you guys just saw that landing.

I mean that was awesome. This is very reliable uh. This is definitely in my top. I would definitely say top eight drones. This brand makes one of the best mini drones out there, so this is the second one i have of this brand. They, they are very good at mini drones. Not many companies can come close to them, so most of their mini drones are in my top 10 list because they just do mini drones, really well, absolutely love this. The batteries last long, all different modes makes this my one of my favorite.