I wish there was a microphone, but that would make it over one hundred dollars. This drone is only like a hundred dollars. Um i’ll have the name of it in the description, so you could search it up on amazon. They don’t sell this version anymore. They only sell the version at the white top, as you can see there’s some people over there by the way, but i wish i could get closer to them just to play a prank on them, get super close and make them be like um, but yeah. So there’s my neighbor’s backyard as you can see a lot of dead stuff. Very odd um, but i mean not all people are like us, so yeah and then, as we go here, here’s my other neighbor’s backyard, they’re a bit on the older side. So i was expecting an old man to come out saying get off of my lawn stupid drone, but didn’t see anything. I tried to look in their windows to see if i could get their attention to prank them, but that would probably end up bad for me. So that’s, why i didn’t end up going closer and because i would have ran out of signal and the drone could have drifted and crashed into their window and i’d have to wait at least 30 minutes until they’re until they weren’t looking in their backyard. So my house is the one on the right. This tannish colored house that’s my backyard.

You might be able to see my garden. Oh yeah there’s those people’s houses. As you can see, they have a light on in there on the on one of the windows. Um it’s, like an airbnb house, that you could live so yeah. This is my house and, as we get closer to the top left window that’s, where i’m controlling the drone from it controls nicely. I want to try to do it tonight when it’s pitch black out to see like how the light works on the drone and like, and i won’t even be able to get that much footage sushi. What are you doing? No, you can’t bite my foot, sorry about that, but yeah. So this is my neighbor’s backyard. You could see there’s nothing in the window. I did hear like they were watching a movie once i went to go retrieve my drone from my backyard. I heard like gunshots and like movie stuff, so yeah um. They seem nice though there’s some nice people that live there did i see that they’re always wearing masks, coveted masks, which is weird. Why is my cat biting my phone? Cable? Sorry, okay, you could bite it. You could elect your recruit yourself, just joking, no, no sorry about that, but yeah! So as we go up here, you can see me in there on the top corner. There we go now i’m in the center, but yeah so that’s how i control the drone.

As you can see hello, yes it’s maximum sp, you could see my face very concentrated flying it because it does malfunction from stabilizing itself um but yeah and then yeah.