You may have seen the site before we were brought here previously to film the implosion, which was the main event of clearing out this site, but it's over a year later, they're still working there's a lot involved when clearing out a site like this. These these were all buildings. Oh they blew it up. Man that's all there's a lot of a lot of mess. Remember when your mom would make you like clean your room when you're a kid and like how long did that take like a year and a half yeah? How long look at how big this room is it's a big room. It takes me so long to clean up all this. We brought back here today because they've encountered a pretty unique problem. These were our circulating water lines uh, so you knew the cooling towers that were over here. They were the pipes, they're nine foot in diameter that took water from the power block over to the towers, so they run under a road. So we have to fill them in to make sure they never destroy the roads. So, but we need to know how much material we have to bring in to do that you want to. Maybe you can do it. You don't think you can get in there. Oh, i can get in there it's getting out. It would be a little getting back out, there's a section that they can't get to because there's road and railroad tracks going over it.

So they actually need to backfill those, and why we're here is to get a look on the inside. So they know how much material they need to fill it up and if there's anything else in there that they need to know about before they start the filling process. So we have like a screen. Well then, we'll be able to plug it into our goggles and it'll. Give you a live, hd video. Will that record it have? Yes, the drone actually goes down, so you don't, lose the footage, so we'll be able to record multiple i'm not going to send like an action camera, because i don't want to risk that the goggles that i'll be wearing will record onto the goggles themselves a 720p Image and that we get no matter what so, even if the drone goes down and it's gone well at the very least get that 720p modules are a much better resolution than they were. When you came out last year we were using an analog system, so now we've got new. Digital systems have come out like very recently note and it's. Like you, haven't noticed, any experience lag because i know you said that was a big part of the reason you used it yeah. We did not prompt him on that question uh that well, that was always the biggest problem with digital before, because this wasn't the first time they tried to do digital, but before when you did digital or hd, there was big latency problems, and now it is a Little bit more than the analog system, the analog is technically still a little faster but it's very marginal, and the benefit to having that visibility.

It'S like it's, crossed that that trade off and the image is so much better like. I think i can fly better with it, even if there is maybe one or two more Music milliseconds Music it's, not too long it's it's still pretty long compared to how small it is. Maybe this entrance will be more clear, not flying through okay, so we got ta turn around and come back. They said it's completely blocked off on this side, so we pretty much have to go down the tunnel turn around and return. Definitely a lot harder. If you got ta turn around and come back, i really think we're losing the drone today yeah. I i totally think we're losing a drone. Probably mine, the height is really concerning Music. We got these uh cinemas hooked up with led lights, because it's also gon na be dark in there. So edwin just got here. This is one of the best pilots in florida. We brought them out here. We want to have all the skill available to us. This is looking like it's gon na be a pretty difficult mission. Yeah. We might just make this edwin's problem to deal with. Oh just don't lose our drone because they can't send anyone down there, because this is like a slide right. So they've excavated it as much as they can but like you, couldn't, send a person in there because they could just carry them alive right all right.

Look at that nerves of steel that's! Why we brought him here. So this is the dji smart controller and it's. The device you need, if you want to get video out onto a screen from the goggles, so this is going to plug into edwin's goggles. We just plug this usb in right here. The light on yeah it's, a long hallway, dude keep going. I mean how well can you see, bring it out, let's have a look and we can do another run if they, if they that was insane. Oh, my god that was insane. Oh man, look at all the money you got on this. There we go there. You go all right, that's, crazy, it's back! You made it back. You have a footage review! Oh well, could you see the light worked really well dude, but all i could see was a long ass, hallway, just just nothing but darkness. At the end, scary, hallway of water that's, pretty badass dude – you went deep in there is that enough. Uh. Is that a good view dude? That is a scary view coming out of there yeah. Lately you were coming backwards and then you rotated like right at the last minute before the rebar. I was scared to turn around you're scared to yaw in there, because it's so it's so hard to yaw without tapping the throttle by accident. And if you start drifting towards the wall like – and you start over correcting and stuff you're good it's gon na die, so the other thing they want to have us do here is get some aerial flyovers.

So they want to show some kind of before and after so they have drone shots before the demolition started. So we're gon na get just some flyover shots then maybe get some freestyling we're. Just gon na make a round around the entire site. They'Ve got a couple of zones that they want to get footage of for going into the pipe and doing that inspection. We didn't want to risk any uh action cameras, so we were just using the footage that came straight off the air unit or was recorded to the goggles uh. Now that we're not really gon na, be flying in a pipe that we might not uh recover from we're gon na be throwing some action cameras. We got the dji osmo action here, so that will actually get like a good 4k image and we'll just give you the screen, and you can just tell us where to steer Music. All right now fly around see the building on your right. There, good spinner there. You go okay, i told you everything you see in this area, that's it okay. Can they get a quick flight here today, so Music, so that was brilliant. He actually went between the grapple and the cab of the crane Music Music Music. Look at that drop whoa! You guys see that i love you guys. You can see that there's a wrecking ball, that they're just dropping down and down. This is not something that they mentioned we're gon na get to do today, but apparently they want some footage of this machine going and i'm just wanting to dive it as they drop the ball.

I think that would be so cool. Oh, that was awesome. Oh, my gosh, that was so sick i'll, go over there and tell him. If you only want to get a battery pack ready, we just got approval to do a crane dive. He said the guys were dying to try to crush a drone or something what did he say: yeah yeah, when we first got here, he was like no they're not going to go for it and they see the quads and they're like like. Well, i mean yeah. Maybe maybe we do it after all, actually, because i want to crush that thing. No, i told him next time. He picks it up pick it all the way, the top Music, oh Music, oh yeah, i see somebody went down so i went down in the puddle. It was awesome. My drone i went through the splash and i was like don't die. Don'T die don't die come home, come on come on come on come on. I went straight for it full commitment. No way he got it back a couple of new propellers and he's good to go. I think that's wild thanks for watching the episode. We did a lot of crazy stuff at the construction site and uh. We didn't lose anything so that's, really good uh, not a single drone. We lost, i already got mine back. I was fully prepared to lose one. The score is that you're actually plus one drone right, because you should have lost that one.

I got a couple extra cat lives today, yeah. Well, this is awesome. I think it's really cool to get to use drones in kind of like a unique way to help perform some inspections and get some of the aerial shots that they want to show the progress on this excavation, a big shout out to total wrecking for bringing us Out here, thanks to dji for sponsoring this episode, digital system did great with all the long distance flying that we had to do you guys enjoyed this episode, make sure to hit the like button to. Let us know you've had a good time.