So i went ahead, bought one and were gon na be going over the things i love about it, some of its limitations and the issues ive had with it, but before we do lets check out some footage that it got completely on its own of our buddy. Oscar Music, Music, now me personally, i was completely blown away at how well it was able to keep up with oscar at those speeds. With all these obstacles, i mean, if you fly a lot of drones, you know how hard it is to fly backwards, while tracking a fast moving subject, especially when theres obstacles all around you. But this thing is set up with cameras all around it. To really be able to navigate its environment, the way this thing tracks and flies and avoids obstacles, its really amazing but ill. Give you a little spoiler, its, not quite perfect, all right. So finally, we have received the skydio2 got. A little letter. Skydio2 represents over 5 years of work by our team to build a drone that has enough autonomy and intelligence to make flying drones, more useful, more fun and less stressful for everyone. Now this skydio2 has been out for a little while, but this is designed to fly autonomous autonomous. How do you say that autonomous um autonomy, yes autonomously? It doesnt even come with a controller? Well, you can get a controller, but i was like this is the future drone. We dont need a controller here.

Does it just follow you around? Well, apparently, you can carry this beacon around and it just follows you around. So, even if it loses you visually, it has some sort of signal to tell it to keep following you, but what, if, like you, wanted to fly it out somewhere honestly, i dont even know how to use this thing at all. I guess the battery just kind of snaps in whoa, its magnetic and theres no latch. I dont know if i trust that i mean it sure as hell makes it easy, but i dont know theres a little trust issue. I have dylan, you want to tell us about todays sponsor our sponsor today. Is i dont know? Who is it all right? Maybe we dont have one i dont know there was someone on the comments. I was saying im starting to think dylans, really only here to do the sponsored segment. So if we dont have a sponsor, then will i just start to disappear? You can go home yeah here. I got you a gift. Of course, we need some future glasses to go with our future drones, hey its those glasses from like two episodes. You feel super cool right now. I have hella friends man. What are you talking about? You actually control the drone with the glass you go and fly over there. Nuclear strike im gon na throw all this crap on the charger and uh lets go out for a little flight, not gon na lie.

I feel pretty cool right now, so this is the usb type c charger and it just gets sandwiched in between the two batteries magnetically, of course, very cool. Now this here is the beacon, now theres three different ways to control this thing, with the phone app which im not expecting much range out of and then the standard two stick controller for more of that traditional manual flight experience, but the beacon its really unique because You can throw it in your pocket, it shares the gps data with the drone. So if it loses side of you or loses track of you, it knows where you are and eventually itll come back and find you all right. So now i have it so its gon na track me from the front. So now i dont even need this vlog camera anymore. I could just vlog like this when i put this beacon in my pocket, lets see what its going to do. If i turn and theres a pole right there, please dont hit it and oh my gosh, okay, okay, im getting so freaking nervous youre! Here, let me show you its just barely dodging those tree branches. Apparently it knows. Oh, my gosh all right im, slowly starting to understand how this thing works and lets pick up the pace a little bit man, this thing actually hauls all right, dylan, youre up, you know those video games where you have like the sidekick thats like a robot.

That kind of follows you around. You should try to imagine that it has a machine gun on and youre trying to get away Music. Are you impressed dylan? Just like the sci fi movie, you wan na try to lose it in this parking lot. Carrie holy crap, its really on you. It actually like skipped over me to keep catch up to you. Oh wait. It slowed down. Did i get away nope holy crap? I cant believe how well its following you right. If this was any other drone, it probably would have crashed like 10 times and would have lost this way long ago. Can i hit it? That was a little delayed. I could have definitely hit it yeah. The important thing is that it hasnt crashed. Yet all right here, im gon na, have it stay on the left of me because theres no people on this side and lets see if i can just go and have it dodge these trees, while its flying sideways, which is honestly pretty difficult and sketchy to do. Im sure you see the foreground trees, but theres also trees behind it too, so its weaving and its impressive okay im not gon na lie. This is really impressive, isnt it it is. I mean oh wow. It is having no problem staying up with us and you know a lot of other active tracks or whatever as soon as theres foreground, and if i were to hide behind a car for a few seconds.

Hell totally lose me, but here its holding on to me just fine, i mean im starting to gain some confidence in this thing. It definitely takes time to gain confidence like doesnt. It seem like at any moment its going to crash yeah. Let me go ahead and position it more that way here. So this is pretty easy. The only thing im adjusting on here is distance and the angle i want you know its going to go in between these trees right here. Yeah no problem – oh my god. It just like goes so fast straight towards objects, doesnt, it yeah. It really makes you think its about to crash, but then at the last second youll know how to maneuver around it right im, really surprised how well its flying, considering how windy it is right. Now i got some cars coming behind me, so im gon na just make some space and have it go to the right of me. I accidentally hit the left, so i probably went all the way, but there now i can get it over where i can visually see, theres nobody over there. It took me a couple flights but im starting to learn how to trust this thing. Yeah thats cool this controller once you get used to the beacon its pretty handy, i just kind of generally tell it hey go on to my left and then i can see that theres. No one really in front of me here so lets go in front now and uh get that angle, while it dodges that tree just see how close it got to that palm tree and its just like, i know, look im vlogging with no hands cant.

You just do that with a tripod honestly im having a pretty good time flying this thing well, im, not even flying it, its just kind of flying itself and uh yeah. I dig it. What if this was just how i vlogged every day, just hey, lets, go here and ride, and then we just vlog like this pretty convenient right, Music, they actually dont, say do not hand catch. They actually said in a tutorial like this is how you hand catch it all right, so this is going to be one of the trickiest environments. I think, with all the little twigs and leaves one thing to keep in mind. Is that its? Not that quick at booting up, you have to turn it on. It says its sinking, gps. So finally, it says its ready to launch. I have this uh really skinny stick here, and i want to just kind of leave this over here and see if its gon na hit it on its way up. Oh definitely did a little maneuver didnt it yeah. It did so. I could just do manual. Steering can i just crash this straight into this tree. No, it goes around it im going to try to fly it into this little branch right here. It wont. Let me do it right now, im literally just trying to fly it around and crash it into things, but it just it wont, crash its really solid in terms of its obstacle avoidance.

I havent even heard the propeller touch anything, yet you would think i would be able to at least clip one of these thin little branches around here. So if you want to wack it with a stick itll, let you do that dude youre, so close to the propellers youre about to scratch your lens, it doesnt, really back up it. Just like, goes up higher like away not not not backwards. All right lets try to find the thinnest stick. We can all right this little stick right here. Oh, oh, oh, hey, whoa! It just landed itself on the case, thats kind of crazy. It literally just went back and found the case and just landed itself. Oh low battery, i like how it just did it on its own were over here. Looking for sticks, is it because it took off from? That is why i think its a combination of return to home and then, if its coming down for a landing, and it sees that shape on the top of the case its designed to land on it. The website has some really good tutorial videos which, if you decide to get this, definitely check that out before you go flying. But it says that if i generally land – and it detects that case, it should lock onto it and land so lets. Try that out. Oh yeah see so it detects that case right there and just perfect. I got it so it is possible to crash yeah.

I ive never felt so accomplished to crash a drone, but basically what we did is we went around and we all looked for the skinniest. Stick we can find – and i planted it right here in the dirt, where its going to be hard for it to see it blends in with everything else. I had to fly it straight towards it and it eventually clipped it and was taken down. So that generally answers my question about how hard is it to crash this thing and how good is the obstacle void is, i would say, its by far the best obstacle avoidance ive ever seen and the the way it dodges obstacles and the way it tracks with The beacon its insanely good, but you can still crash so you do have to be kind of careful still. Does it still fly and were good again. I like how youre backing away now, i think, also at faster speeds, its probably a bit more vulnerable. Now it is also an option to just get the drone by itself, even without this beacon, so you just control it all from your phone. So lets check out this app real, quick and im gon na take off, and i have my basic controls down here on the bottom. So i can see all of us and i can have it swing to the right and adjust the height as well. But at least in my experience i cant get too much range out of this.

This feels so wrong to fly a drone backwards because thats the easiest way to crash it does give me resistance. When i try to fly through somewhat tight spaces, it does definitely require a decent size opening before it wants to fly through it, which is totally understandable, but yeah i mean this is the type of flying. You can do with your phone and of course you can have it do some tracking, for you ill, have a track frank here and now its just getting him, but since he doesnt have a beacon, its pretty easy to lose it so already it lost him. So if you need some serious tracking, definitely definitely get that beacon. If you double tap somewhere, itll fly to there so lets go right there, its just going to fly right over to there its fun and cool now, but give it like 10 years and its gon na be hunting us down. Okay, so right now im at 4k 24, but i have the option to go 4k, 30, 48 and 60 and looks like i cant use hdr when im on 24. As soon as i hop into 30, the hdr option turns on so one thing i did need to do is adjust the height floor to disabled. If you have, it turned on itll stay at least eight feet above the ground, which is probably safer, but then it does seem to have a really hard time getting through tighter spaces and following you, its gon na, lose you much faster.

So i have that disabled here we also have our shots like vortex, droney and rocket lets. Try rocket because right above us is a bunch of trees just going up man its getting up in there. I mean this is the only drone. I would ever trust to do a rocket in a place like this now. This brings us back to our ride with oscar weve done enough testing weve built confidence in it and we just told him go for it, and this thing was no joke. There was no holding back, it stayed up with him perfectly fine, and i told him you can just go ahead and ignore the drone dont worry about crashing it or anything like that and it 100 delivered. Now, if theres anything, i didnt love was that the tracking is so quick and responsive that every time oscar jumps theres, this jerky nod that happens, but if i just warp stabilize it out a little bit heres, how that looks, dude its keeping up with you pretty Good isnt it yeah. It was a narrow path that i was coming down to like that shot where i got it from the front yeah, and then it gets over these trees and catches. Up to you, i mean it makes it really dynamic, because sometimes, if i have somebody recording me, it looks like im moving slow, but it gets some cool shots in there for sure yeah. It did really good honestly.

I know how to operate a drone, but some of my friends dont. Sometimes we want to get shots where were all kind of riding, and it makes it really difficult to have to pass it to somebody that doesnt know how to control it. If theyre sitting there theyre going to lose range, pretty quick, so theyre going to be like oh lost, connected to the drone, so we went ahead and got all the shots we wanted and never at any point was, i really concerned about the drone crashing. I mean sure we have proven that it can crash into a thin twig, but generally ive noticed that anytime theres a thin twig, usually its in a bundle or a bush, and its very easy for the drone to see it now on the ride back, there was A part of a trail that had all these cables going through it and you know i avoided flying it there for that reason on the way up, but on the way back, we were just like you know what lets push it and see what happens and, of Course hit these cables right here coming off the side, which is no surprise. We were pushing our luck there, so we werent really disappointed it was kind of to be expected, but the drone is still fine, but the main takeaway from this is stay away from really thin things that are out there by themselves. But once you start training yourself to look out for different things, that could be a problem for the skydeal, its actually not so hard so overall, even though it did crash on this ride, it was something that we were expecting after doing some of these tests.

I will say the skydio is very, very cool. I actually really enjoyed using something that really prioritizes the autonomous flight. It definitely took me quite a bit of time to really trust in the drone, but once i did, i was able to just get it up in the air and then just do whatever for 15 20 minutes and really stop worrying and stressing about the drone up. In the air, but there was a point where the sky deal got kind of confused here and i think its because my gps signal was really weak, because i was right next to the cliff and then at a point. It flew off. I think the fact that we were right up against the cliff really threw it off because it was getting like the gps signal and it wasnt sure if we were at the top of the cliff or at the bot im, not sure. But at least i wasnt too concerned about it crashing into anything. I just was wondering where the hell is that thing going. It took a second for it to realize. Oh there we are, and then it stuck to us pretty well afterwards, but when we were walking alongside it seemed like it had no problems and again also when we were up top, it seemed perfectly fine but yeah. What do you think dylan dylans gone hes in vegas right now, hes partying? What vegas i didnt hear anything about. Vegas hes been gone for a couple of days already how about sam? I havent seen him in a minute sam hes, still working on that netflix show hes uh moving up in the world doing some special stuff yeah, unlike other people, i know what why do you look at me like when im looking over here im looking at the Screen yeah im on that screen yeah, i know so im stuck with your ass, its all good.

I dont eat much! Oh okay! Well, frank! What do you think of some of these shots? I was just impressed on how well it avoided all the trees and how well it followed us. It really does what its supposed to do, and that is to track you and to avoid obstacles. Yeah and i dont think theres anything else, theres. Nothing else like that. No, but i think what i feel like im missing right now is that manual control, but i think once i get this controller, it should help with that. Something like this would replace my mavic, but i need to hold on to the controller and fly with the controller and see how that feels first, before investing in it so buy the controller and ill come over. Again i mean the camera. Quality also seems not bad right. I mean its good its good enough for me. Some people would want to push the the quality a little bit more and get more out of it, but i think for an average user like myself, im okay with this uh, you should also keep in mind that this isnt, a drone that should really be flown In the dark right around this point is when i started getting messages on my beacon, saying: oh theres, not enough light so land soon, but that makes sense yeah because it cant see the trees and the poles around it. I mean if im operating the sticks, im.

Never flying sideways or backwards this fast. With these many obstacles around these arent easy shots to get here, and you go ride your boosted board yeah yeah. No! No! No! I would i would use it. I would use it yeah. Have you ever used active track to chase yourself on a boosted board? I have, and you can only really just go in a straight straight line and make sure theres nothing in the foreground, yeah, yeah and also and youre, always kind of like looking back yeah exactly you dont trust it as much as this theres. This example. They have on their website with next to the dji and, of course you know its on skydio site, so theyre going to make the skydeal look really good, but this is a pretty accurate representation of what the dji would do. I mean i have no doubt that it would get stuck here and if it didnt get stuck here, youll probably get stuck right here around this turn right its very easy to go underneath the drone and have it lose. You oh heres a little example of some of the technology that is going on. You can see its actually building out this 3d map with some fancy, nvidia graphics thing technology in there is just insane, and this drones been out for a while. You know i just have been very slow to review things thats, just my channel now i just review things that have been out for a really long time.

I guess the question is: who is this really really for? If you want this drone to follow you and not worry about it, its for you, this drone is for you how about, if you were trying to get those cinematic images, and i think that, with the controller youre going to be able to control it, the way You want, but there is less camera controls. I mean what the air 2 has a one inch sensor, so youre probably going to get the better sensor. You get 10 bit out of it in a log setting. It also collapses. Smaller the mavic 2 versus the skydio yeah, the skydio being fixed. It definitely is a little bit harder to transport, but you dont also have to carry a controller either. This is all just through the phone now, usually, whenever i hear oh youre, going to control a drone with a phone app im like ah no not again, but this was decent because its not so much trying to use these little button controls to try to fly Something on your phone youre, just telling it hey fly here! Oh, do this track dylan now here it does lose dylan here for a second now. If he had the beacon on him, it would have definitely kept towels on him, but yeah you can escape it pretty easily, when its just visual, so beacon is something i would 100 recommend going into price a little bit, though.

The starter is 1349, where you only control it with the phone. I think the beacon is really what makes it and i went ahead and bought the sports, which is 17.99, and that comes with some extra batteries and a beacon in that case thats. The thing, though, with this price point, you can get like a high end drone. That is true like something with a really nice camera on and all that, but it wont have the tracking abilities yeah. I know nothing. I know has this track, nothing has yeah. Do you think theres gon na be a skydio three with like a one inch sensor and like a really good controller, yeah thatd be tempting or in a lower price range like, for example, mavic mini is well 400 drone. So that is a good beginner drone, but at the same time you really have to learn how to use it. You have to know how to use the sticks and it takes a little bit of training, and if you fly backwards or sideways, you can hit a tree or anything very easily. You know you have to be very conscious of where the sensors are on something like a mavic, and i do think i am going to go ahead and get the controller too, because then i could get a little bit more of that smooth control. You know with the phone or with the beacon, youre kind of stuck with these hard buttons.

Like turn to the left, you cant do a smooth pan its gon na go right now, the 36 mile per hour autonomous speed, thats, pretty impressive, i mean you could go cycling or mountain biking and youll probably be within that speed range. But once you get onto like you know the motor sports, then you might just leave it in the dust and we have a 23 minute battery life. Now that is one thing. I have noticed that it is a shorter battery life now 23 minutes thats still not bad, but i think weve gotten kind of spoiled with the 30 35 minute flight times we get out of some of the djis, but i mean i guess it all makes sense. I mean how much computing power is this drone doing, and we also have a 3.5 kilometer range which in most cases its plenty but again, i think a lot of the dj drones go way further than that and sound fifty percent quieter. I would say it was decently its pretty quiet, yeah yeah. I was surprised about that for me, whenever im going out and flying im, very cautious of not trying to disturb everyone thats trying to just hang out there, so the sound is a big factor in that 3.5 thats with the controller correct. Oh, it must be because, if its the phone with just this wi fi yeah its, you can still see the drone as its the phones losing signal.

But overall, im pretty excited about this, like now that im starting to learn a little bit more about its limitations and when i can trust it and when i shouldnt trust it im starting to really enjoy using it and – and they mentioned that its a stress free Experience that they were trying to do – and i think theyve done that you know any drone that i take off and you know if it doesnt have this level of technology in it. Theres some stress involved – and here is the part of the video where were like awkwardly trying to figure out what the best way to end. It is um frank.