Hmm now, ive already got overtone as youve seen in some of my videos, which is this one, its a dji, mavic mini and thats the cover off for the gimbal. For the camera – and i got thinking – ive had a chat over the years with lots of people, including zoltan, who was thinking about buying a drone thats specifically suited for it, and i thought to myself it cant. There must be something i can do to use this. One nice and cheaply – and i came up with something of course i did so. I like thinking outside the box, so theres a few things to consider leaf, least of all how im gon na release it, let alone. How am i gon na? Carry it and i think the normal drones that are sold for this theyve probably got a release hook, that you press something and it releases it? Well, i obviously havent, so the best thing i can do is have a fixed hook, and then i thought right if its fixed, how do i release it? So what im gon na do? This is all theory. At the moment i love the the fixed hook and when i get out to where im gon na go, if i turn it round then put the the barrel arm on so that no more line can be sent out and then, if i fly it backwards, it Should just fall off and i thought that through and thought that through and i cant see why that wouldnt work so thats the first thing, and the next thing is: how can i put a hook on this now? What i need to do is not mess it up, so i can still get to the battery if it goes flat and i can still stow everything because it stows like that, and then it goes in in its very own cutaway place in the bag, which is Here so it still needs to have the same lets say footprint, so it can push it there, be nice and safe in this phone.

Well, ive been spending the last two days, thinking about it and what i thought to myself. If you look very carefully to deploy the propellers youre going to pull one of these arms that way and one of these underneath and up that way, um, because this set are lower and these are higher – theyve got legs. So actually he can stand on the surface when it lands, so on this side, the same again put it out and then the other one goes up that way there they are deployed. So i thought to myself now what, if i can utilize this leg rather than putting something underneath here, because if i put something under there, yes, it would be pointing out, but also look. This has got vents here for cooling, so i dont want to put anything over the vent plus it wouldnt fit inside the um the case with anything protruding underneath. So i got looking at this leg now when the the legs fold up, look theres a little bit of height here. Well, i thought i dont know so what im gon na try is this im gon na try fixing a piece of wire thats gon na stick out like this from the the leg, but itll effectively be the hook, so i can slip on a ring or something To carry the the rigs the bait, the weight, the whatever and thats something else ive got to think about ill. Come back to this in a minute when youre thinking about adding weights to the drone youve got to think to yourself, but i have.

This is a 250 gram drone, so the motors can lift 250 grams now for 250 grams isnt a lot so ive got to be careful about any weight i put on here for it to carry out, for example, how much line am i going to? Let it take out, and do i have to think about the weight of the line, the wind, with the lime, pulling some weight on it. What ive got to watch out for is that this thing doesnt get pulled down into the sea and are the motors going to be strong enough to maintain hover with the weight of bait and a weight or something below it? Now, on this first um run im going to connect my underwater camera, because i thought to myself: if ive got one chance of taking this out more than the 80 yards, i normally do id be stupid not to have a look at the bottom while im out There so what ill do with this one ill take this out in its current form, not with any extra and im hoping it will just hang here in flight like this now. Is it going to wobble this, or will the motors try and compensate and maintain the horizon? I dont know so ill. Take a smaller weight just in case this all goes pear shaped, but ill find out that, once i connect it on in flight to see how this will compensate im, sure one or two things will happen regardless of what weight i put on it.

If i stick extra weight on it, will it then try and maintain its home altitude and will it compensate for any wobble? I have a feeling it might do because theyre quite clever little machines, so im expecting it to drop and maybe come back up but im going to be on the controls ready so that if it doesnt drop suddenly, then i can just steadily up and out so Thats, the first thing to worry about is the weight of the motors plus bearing in mind. If this has now got to carry, i dont know 350 grams. Instead of 250, the motors are going to use more juice, so the batteries are going to last less. So i cant fly it for 20 minutes and another thing: how far do i spend it? Send it out, because if i want to go for 300 yards ive got to think about the flight time. Ive got to think about the drag on this as it goes further and further out because it might get heavier so ive got to keep a close eye on the screen, because, thankfully the screen shows me the the height that it flies and the other crucial thing. How much light have i got on the reel, so the real, i think, could take 250 yards im gon na im gon na go safe for the first one ill, just go to 200 yards. If i can 200 meters, whatever it shows on the thing im going to try for a 200 meter distance and im going to try and maintain 20 foot all the way out, there then im going to turn it around and fly backwards to drop it.

The last thing i want to do is to lose this drone, because this is not a cheap thing, but i think its worth having to go like i say, ive been thinking and thinking and thinking of this. So what im going to use for my hook is a grip of wire because thinking about it, if you think of they, get stuck and you pull out how much force youre putting on the gripper. That should be good enough for what i want. What im gon na do im just gon na have maybe a centimeter to an inch stuck out, because ive got to go back to what i was saying to you just a minute ago, but its all packed away. If ive got an extra centimeter or inch stuck out, that way, will it fit in the box? Yes, it will because it will fit upside down and that will sit on top of the phone. So thatll be fine, but i reckon something like that should do it, which is a couple centimeters, like i say, just short of an inch uh im going to bend it round 90 degrees and attach it to this arm in here then, im gon na whip it On and then glue it on, ive got some um thread from some fly: tying equipment so im going to whip that on, i noticed theres a little bit of a lip right close closely down there, where i could run that little line that little wire against anyway.

So thats the first thing is to put this down and whip it on im, going to cut this um grip of wire in half, so ive got so much so its a bit more manageable Applause. There we go so im going to try and tack that in place with a bit of super glue to start with thats, looking good, so im going to start by putting an overhand knot go around two times. So ive got a loop im going to slip that, over the top put it tight here right now now im going to start whipping, if i can ive trimmed the thread off and ive ive put super glue down the side of the um. The wire lets just see if the wire slides, no it doesnt. That was one of the problems with whipping it without glue. It might just slid out. Look at the whippings lets just close it in its stowed position, its looking good so now ive got to bend it now. I want it to fly so that that is that is forward so that way its forward, so that needs to be bent forward. That way, i want it to im not going to be able to bend it right on top of that leg, that it doesnt matter too much because, like i say its going to be sat up in the box, but i want to bend it yeah. Maybe no im going to have to bend it, holding it like that and pushing it against the pliers so that i dont damage the plastic or break the leg.

So if i hold it there like that, hold that level this now we need to be bent parallel to the body. Well, okay, that went reasonably well. I think i can bend it down a little bit more im quite happy. I havent put any stress on the leg or the motor up here so thats the principle im gon na cut that a bit shorter, though thats too long. I mean its not too long, but its a bit unwieldy, maybe half as long now. I dont mind that, because whatever i slide up well sit under the hook because in flight going that way, therell be a four supply that way that will slide it down to here now its not going to get caught up in the leg or the whip. In here its just going to sit on that bend and then when i turn it round and fly it backwards, it should just slip off and i quite like the ive got ive got it straight enough. I mean it. Doesnt need to be straight, but yeah really. I could have had it put it off that way, a little bit, so the force would have been towards the center of the drone, but the drones so small. You dont, you know, think about your your dynamics, your physics, its only going to be a few foot away before the force is going to be right behind it. Oh my god, i dont know what im talking about.

It probably wont last that long, but that that is on there secure that is not going to come off so lets just think about yeah. There isnt any reason for having it at any particular length along here. I think i quite like that. That looks good. That looks a good length to me, probably still a bit long now lets see when we stow it its sitting like that so lets see if it fit in the box now lets bring it round to the recess, for the drone is near. You lets put the cover on for the gimbal, so thats fine fold, the blades in it goes that way and over here is where were looking look push it down and look that sits absolutely perfectly fine. Now, as i said, i was going to use my underwater camera or the first go im gon na think this through because the last couple of times ive um tied the camera straight to the braid and now because ive got this gripper set up on the camera. I dont think theres enough room in there to put another link. Now there isnt, i cant, put a link and the gripper on so i cant put a link through there thats something i could do. Look at this vein here. Dont know the purpose of this vein, but i could that might be it. I could drill a small hole through this vein and put a um o ring on there.

All right lets see if i can get one of my clips through that im gon na try one of these clips ill be a yes, then. So, as i said, i can hang it by that and still have the the line so hows this gon na look like that feels heavy yeah. That does feel heavy, so whats that four ounces, an ounce is 30 thats, 120 says half the weight of this. I dont know if thats gon na do that. You know what i can actually test that indoors before i go out to the beach right, so there it is hovering so lets offer up this Music and see what happens Music, no, its way too heavy for it. Music Applause, Music, so there you go, it will manage a two ounce white. So this has got me thinking. Then it definitely wont work with the camera, but it will just about work with two ounces. Hmm ive got some one and a half ounce weights, so i might have to do that. The only trouble is 200 meters out. I dont think two ounces will hold bottom, hmm thats, why? I guess these bigger drones are a lot more expensive, the ones that actually do the um the bait carrying them right. So i decided in the end im gon na use a loop rig with a one ounce weight and its got a an imp on it and as its only a proof of concept.

Today, the only bait im using is um the barkley worms so ill. Get the um drone ready and well see what happens: Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, foreign, Music, all right, Applause, its off Applause. It came off so im gon na have to change the angle on the um. If i put that i dont want to put it up too much. Otherwise, it wont come up. It wont slip off um. Also, the drone reported that the um propeller was going too fast, which means because the weight was on there. The competition was too much so well. Try again: Music Applause, Music. I love cosmo in down beach Applause, Music Applause, Music, all right! So i need to be a lot more gentle Music. Oh, this is better Applause, right, 24 meters, away 48 meters, away Applause, im losing you on the wind yeah dont worry! Can you no? I cant see it now. Dont worry about the drug john. Can you see me Applause, Music, wed like to apologize ill, take off Applause, Applause, Applause, um, living Applause? Oh okay, im out of view Applause. What ive got to do, then, is come down and try it again, because its only going to work well its going to work better when theres, no wind and obviously id have to put some proper bait on, but for a proof of concept that worked brilliantly.