, perhaps the best economic drone that exists. Look at its front. Camera capable of recording in 4k stabilized remains perfectly still and is stabilized as well as mechanically also through internal software. So a really fantastic stabilization has the gps and has many functions plus a large battery that allows a very high autonomy now watch a couple of scenes during his flight and then lets talk about it closely and then guys. tell the truth.. Is it or isnt? It amazing this drone with less than 200 euros, thanks to the socnto code that I will leave in the first comment and in the description you can take it home. then look at this gimbal. For now it is stopped because I have not done any type of calibration, so it still does not move but look from the application. Then, in this way you can see the movement of the camera, obviously being new, since the sender is not active yet also moves. The shot, however, if I make it vibrate, look at shots. It remains practically stationary, because the stabilization, as well as the axes of the big man, also electronic – and this is a great thing for a drone of this type – is not so cheap with a battery that allows us to fly for twenty six minutes. That has all these functions. In my opinion, it is impossible to find there is a comparison on the market to this piece. It cannot be found.

Now we also look at what is supplied with these. We find inside the protection. We look at the application, the remote control, and then we see together. However, they are we go on the counter. This is the briefcase that is inside the cardboard box with which it comes s. I hear an open mouth in the upper part. I held this protective sponge and then the drone and the radio control on the upper part of the case. There is this retina and inside we find the instruction manual, always carry it in the lower part. Instead, there are the housings for the remote control drone snows spare a cable for recharging, a small vegetable and screws for the possible replacement of the propellers on the front of the drone. If this cover to protect the game is removed simply by moving this tab forward and sliding it out, we rest a moment from this side that we take land in the very compact world with built in rechargeable battery via pre police, usb cable. In this way, it allows us to grip it having good stability, keeping it in this way, like a year with the thumbs, through the sticks on the upper part to the deer and its support to be able to keep the mobile phone also of subscription size danti. With a rubber coating and does not damage the mobile phone and that does not keep it in place, it is also possible to decide the inclination, i.

e. the front part. Instead, there are the two antennas that are rotated so as to be able to give the correct orientation and are positioned in this way. We look at the commands on the remote control, the power key key for emergency landing key to change the speed in shooting mode, normal mode and sport mode key for returning home. This tone in the possibility of returning home, either by pressing the key or when you lose signal that when you are running low on the batteries on this side, we have the button to be able to make videos on this side instead to take pictures. The two wheels one for zoom and the other to tilt the timbale, then to shoot at the bottom or at the top. Now we turn on the normal f 11 version. I had the remote control, then, with icons that lit up according to the function that was selected in that Im the case. Instead, we have writings that appear in addition to symbols that give us some information and puts this only because it is trying to connect to the drone. That momentarily was then opens simply by first extending the two upper arms at the end of stroke, at a very decisive click, and everything remains in position very firmly. This is the key to turn on the drone once turned on put help. In the meantime, the remote control will continue to search for the dome until it connects automatically ok.

Now there will be the connection between the remote control and the drone in the. In the meantime, he takes the mobile phone that I show you the application. The drone was in command, they have just committed, then the application is called sj lost at the top. We have the possibility to select the model, then f11, they press on control and, if committed to him file generated by the drone, we will also see the preview of what the camera is shooting. So I go to two files. I connect chrome and Ill show you a couple of functions. Ok, we are connected against what the camera is. Recording already appears so lets see the various functions we have the possibility and for some very important settings regarding the flight. The main one is to go and modify immediately that we are able to use it correctly. The queen mode is a mode dedicated by experts to those who are still practicing, but if you already know how to use it, remove this mode and change while always remaining my legal limits. As you can see, we reach 3000 meters, unlike the technical model, normal unread 11 s, this one reaches 3 km, the other one instead reached 800 meters, maximum altitude 120 meters, and we can also decide what the return altitude must be. We save. Currently, we are in a closed environment with the shutter down. The gps does not connect. However, when you connect to gps from this side will also show the number of satellites we moe stra the battery charge level.

That is also visible on the remote control, not as a percentage but indicates with tacs that the battery is not fully charged. This is the command that allows us to choose to take pictures or whether to record video through this touch, passion, start recording directly from the mobile phone or use the rates in the remote control. The possibility of taking it off to make it go home, then, by making the slide hit, the drone will return to the point from which it took off, and these are special functions, paternal, but the forum we have me the possibility of using the gestures and therefore Based on the movement, we will do the pain with the fingers will receive some commands. The possibility of inserting music in the assembly wars apply jean makoun filters and funny functional that can entertain during the flight with fingerprints on the lower part. We have some information regarding distance, height, speed, etc. and pressing. This t rod. We can enter the gallery with the recordings. We have a couple of photos that we also have videos, unfortunately, at the moment, not the locations with me. So I cannot show you, the high resolution photos a couple of photos taken so very quickly and despite everything I am still in high resolution clicking on the video will show the recordings that have been performed via the camera, even if downloaded via wifi on the device. We pass the radio control again by pressing the button for the polo mode pretend once we go to sport mode, because we were in normal mode or in camera mode mode, then a mode to be able to make the recordings this the key to be able to Perform the emergency landing higher, we see the distance, the height the speed and various icons, accompanied by the age that this instead is a symbol of civic the power of connection.

Therefore, the more or less other signal that we have between the radio control edition and being so children, obviously it is at maximum. Now I turn off the remote control, then take it twice hold down power of for a long time. I turn off the drone by holding down the ok button and remove the battery. The battery must be removed simply by pressing these two side buttons and sliding it towards the other. As you can see, on the same battery, there is the usb type c input. This allows us, while we are flying like another battery to recharge the same. It is a battery from 2500 milan per hour from 11.1 bolt that allows a flight up to 26 minutes stated. I have no problems, among other things, actually how much flown, but from the minutes of the recording I calculated 23 minutes, considering that I took it all the time actually as the times. We have therefore compared to what it declares on the lower part of the draw that there is. The entrance is the slot for the micro sd. We can use microsd from 32 up to 128gb and to download the files and contents in the microsd. It will be necessary to insert the same micr or sd in our pc, as, as you have seen from the shots to new rings. Perfect remains very stable, mounted the powerful brushless motors that allow a safe flight, even in windy conditions. They are able to have good power, and especially in sport mode, even with less abundant.

Yes, he manages to command perfectly and now a small sore point. This can be more than half a kilo. We are back on 250 grams, which, unlike the days that weigh less than 250 grams to be able to vote more. It is necessary to be in possession of the license for gifts to 1 to 3 to be taken easily even online, and that allows you to fly this type of drone before you can perform the flight. The drone they placed on a flat surface after which they had brought the two sticks forward to the outside remains a boat of the entrance hall. What is the correct position, then, by moving the sticks in this way upwards towards the outside, the toe libration will take place automatically in the middle. Bringing different to the the inside will ask us to rotate 360 degrees at a height of one meter. First, in this way, and after that, with the drone pointing upwards, I hope that what appears on the display goes well. Unfortunately, I only have two hands. Not I can do otherwise, then doing a rotation. In this way. The okay appears on the display and asks us to rotate the drone in this other way. Now we have also calibrated the compass, it is possible to run molin, and this video also comes to an end. Drone sj lost f11 s, 4k prof a name. A director manages to give us a very high quality of images and videos and that, with the discount code for June, I will leave you the first comment in the description you can buy it paying less than 200 euros.

In my opinion, it is worth them all, because we have not seen it is built well with many technological functions that allow us to take full advantage of it. Every new world is not professional, but still give us the really important emotions, because it manages to behave well to be stabilized by cycles of good quality images. It responds well to commands from very powerful manufacturers that allow us to control it, even when the weather does not help us. If you are interested click on the link, go and look at the product. If you decide to buy it, you will know what you are buying me so that I thank you for having seen this video to the end invites you to subscribe. My channel and half I like the video click on the bell to activate the notifications. We want to have it immediately.