So now these are the things i dont leave the house without making sure that i have everything i need with me. Lets check it out Music, plenty of things to cover in todays video, so make sure you check the description for some time stamps if youre, only interested in a specific portion of the video now lets start with the backpacks first, as they really tend to vary depending On the type of project i have planned for the day, but usually my everyday carry goes inside this one. So this is the lowepro protactic 450aw2, and i love this backpack for a couple of different reasons. First, it packs a whole bunch of gear inside and youre able to arrange everything inside as you wish, and the backside is really comfortable and soft. So when you carry this backpack on your back for longer periods of time, it will not be painful its made of some really high quality materials because ive been using it for the past couple of years now and it still looks brand new. The other backpack that i use from time to time as this one, the torval quad pit, stop pro. This is an fpv backpack, but it also has a ton of different compartments, so it can be used as an everyday backpack depending on how much gear you want to carry with you. Sometimes i tend to over pack a little bit. So if things dont go inside the lowepro backpack, then they will most definitely go inside this one because its a little bit bigger its a little bit heavier as well, but it can pack pretty much everything i needed to pack next on the list we have the Camera drones and the camera drone of choice for me is no surprise its the dji mavic 3.

. This is the standard mavic 3, not the cine version, but i believe this one is perfectly fine for my needs for youtube and for all the things i usually shoot. This is pretty much perfect and it gets the job done, and i still believe this is the best drone i currently own, so thats why it always has a place in my backpack on the front of the drone, as you might be able to see. I currently have an nd16pl filter part of polarpros directors collection made for the mavic 3.. This filter set is amazing. I highly recommend it to you if you have a mavic 3, its a great investment, so you can use the full potential of this drone to your advantage. It has some pretty cool filters inside and ill link. The video i made for these filters in the description. If you want to learn more besides the rest of the filters, i also, of course, bring the controller, and i tend to not bring any more batteries with me if its an accidental shoot that i want to to film during the day. For the most part, one battery is enough. If i plan something bigger of course, then i bring all of my batteries, but for the most part i just use the battery that i have on the drone. In case something happens, and i want to shoot that next we need to explore the fpv side of things because, as you guys know, i have a huge passion for flying fpv.

I started two and a half years ago and i absolutely love this hobby, but the most interesting aspect of my current fpv setup is that its not hd im currently testing out an analog build which is a custom build. I will list all the components on the screen right now, but that also means that im not using the dji fpv goggles, currently im using these. Instead, these are the orca fpv pilot, one goggles. They are super compact, super, stylish and sleek, and they are very, very comfortable as well. These are my first pair of analog goggles that i ever owned thanks to orca fpv for sending them out to me, so i can check them out and so far i really really like them now its a very different experience to fly analog compared to flying digital With the dji fp goggles – and i would say they both have their place in the if fpv hobby and i also have love for both im, not 100 convinced i i will keep using analog drones, because the difference and the quality inside the goggles is that huge. However, in the analog setup that i currently have you dont have any lag, and you also dont have any blurriness inside your goggles when you start losing that signal – and it definitely has a little bit of a learning curve to understand how the signal degrades, how the Signal works when it comes to analog drones. The quality, of course, is definitely sub par compared to dji and digital systems in general, uh.

So thats, probably my main concern going forward with this current setup. I use these goggles with a rapid fire module on the side. Here and i currently have a luminaire stubby antenna and a true rc patch antenna for a very minimal look that doesnt take too much space. They also have some really cool features that i didnt know about, such as. There is an alarm when you tilt your head down. So when you fly, you tend to keep your head down automatically and there is an alarm that you can set up. That is going to make those goggles beep. So you can keep your head up and not lose that signal. You also have something which is called fpv connect, which is a little module that you install here on one of the sides of the goggles which allows you to directly live stream. The signal that you get on your phone – and you also have access to your dvrs directly after connecting to the app which is pretty cool and its something new for me, which i hadnt seen before. Something else which orca offers, which is not on the googles. But is on their fb controller, which i keep at home. Mostly, is the ability to use that remote to wirelessly fly on their simulator app, which works on your phone, so you can simply fire up that app power on the controller and start flying on the simulator. Wherever you are, you only need your phone and the remote controller, which is pretty cool speaking of radios.

This is the radio i currently use for fpv. This is the jumper t18 and it has the same form factor and pretty much looks exactly the same as the most popular fpv radio out there. The radio master tx16s so im currently using this one but im always open to checking out other ones, and i have a couple of different radios coming in the mail very soon, which im very, very curious to check out as well and finally for the fpv part. The action camera i tend to use the most – and i carry with me every day – is the gopro hero 10 black, of course, with a polar pro nd filters on it. I have some 3d printed mounts for it on pretty much all of my drones. So its really easy to to put it on start, shooting with it straight away and were good to go next. We need to talk about cameras currently im filming on a sony a6600 with a sigma 16 millimeter. F. 1.4. This is an absolute beast of a camera. Its a very light compact and easy to carry with you everywhere you go. I tend to bring that camera with me when im planning to shoot something outside, and i need something more compact, because when im in the studio, i use this one. This is the sony a7iii with a tamron 28 to 75 millimeter. F. 2.8. It is a lot more heavy, a lot less compact, but it allows me to shoot a lot more dynamic scenes with it.

I have a variable nd filter on the front from polar pro, and this is the mist edition which i tend to put on when im using my lens to shoot some b roll. I love the the look. This mist edition, variable, nd filter, gives to my footage – and i use it mostly – for b roll. Of course you cant film outside without one of these. This is the joby gorillapod 5k, its very sturdy, very nice tripod. That is bendy and you can put it pretty much anywhere you want to and for the microphone. This is the one i have been using for years. This is the rode videomic pro its, not the plus, so you need to remember to turn it on. Otherwise, it will be a disaster and ive done it many many times so yeah. I i need to change that asap, but for now it still works fine for my camera, for vlogging and for some of these scenarios, where i want to have a shotgun microphone and of course it has the dead cat attachment on it. So we can avoid that annoying wind noise. Now, of course, no edc is full without your computer gear. So, of course we need to talk about that, and here we have my m1 max 16 inch, macbook pro with 32 gigabytes of ram, one terabyte, ssd 24 cores gpu and a really cool, in my opinion, dbrand skin on it. So it doesnt scratch.

When i take it out of the back all the time, this machine is an absolute powerhouse and its a big game, changer for me being able to edit on the go edit in the office, but also at home. I have all the freedom in the world to create the content that i want and now finally, i have a computer that can keep up with all the tasks i give to it, because previously ive had a lot of struggles with my previous computers not being able To catch up with all the tasks i i pushed them through here, we dont have any issues on the m1 max macbook pro. I absolutely love it. It has been a little bit big in the beginning for me and it took me a little while to get used to it. But now i really dont want to look back because this size is perfect for me and it fits all my backpacks. I can carry it everywhere i want to, and i can work outside if i need to something which has never been possible before for me and something which i also carry with me. Is this external ssd drive from sandisk? This is the two terabyte version of this external ssd and i tend to carry with me everywhere. I go because this is where i, edit all of my projects off and with the two terabyte capacity, its big enough to hold all of my current files that im using and the final few things i carry with me every single day are these two: this is A set of airpods these are the original airpods, but i still love them.

I still use them a lot and they sound great, and this is a pocket knife that i actually picked up quite recently. I wasnt sure, if im going to use it, but im quite surprised to say that there are many situations during the day where we actually need something sharp, and this gets the job done. So i highly recommend you to get a pocket knife that you can use for your day to day activities and thats pretty much it guys. I really hope you enjoyed todays video, its been pretty long. I know, but i love watching other peoples, setups and everyday carries so. Hopefully you did enjoy this one as well.