More of drone shredder. I i’d rather drones a lot. If you guys, haven’t been following along with this series, definitely check it out, especially if you’re new to flying fpv, because in the first episode we started eric off just tooling around in normal mode on the dji fpv drone. We worked him up into manual mode. He was doing flips rolls. We got him doing rubik’s cubes last time. He even did a power loop we’ve been having a ton of fun. Today we are taking it to another level and we are going to teach eric how to do some dives. Now. Diving is something i think is really special to fpv drones, it’s it’s, like a type of acrobatic maneuver that no other you know, rc or any sort of aviation can do quite the same way. You can do it at once. I have to say honestly, like the pull out capability is what makes it so special that you can drop, drop, drop down, save yourself and watching these fpv drones. It seems physician, you know once once they drive plane out and then spin and throw all their inertia away it. Just it blows my mind, and this is the trick. I’M most excited about learning. I mean with these high performance freestyle fpv drones. The power to weight ratio is just unlike anything else where you can. Just so. I mean we’re going to have a lot of fun out here, we’re going to get you doing, dives it’s such a unique and versatile trick.

I mean it’s a ton of fun for freestyle. You can be diving through gaps but it’s, also a really good tool for certain cinematic shots. We’Ve seen alex vanover do some crazy, dives down the side of a building and then catch up with a vehicle. I mean he you’re going to see some of his shots and some movies and car commercials he’s, really, you know taking some of these freestyle maneuvers and turning them in to very unique cinematic tools. For me, i’m hoping to be able to take the drone come down a cliff face, join up with a paramotor that’s kind of carving it up down the hillside, so that’s what i’m excited about most so eric? Where are we? Where are we going to be diving today so we’re in one of my favorite communities? This is called highland park florida. I thought about hey there’s, a water tower here, pretty open and easy to get to there’s, no things that we can run into there’s no cars and stuff around they’re gon na be an issue, so i think it’s gon na be perfect for us and i’m excited This is gon na be a great obstacle. I think um, you know. Buildings are probably the most quintessential thing that you wan na dive it’s that awesome, really iconic, look and it’s a nice flat face that you know gives you a good wide plane makes the dive a little bit easier. This is going to be a little bit more challenging.

What i’m going to have you try to do is dive down one of the legs. If you kind of break this down into pieces, it’s, actually a very low risk and actually pretty low skill maneuver. To be honest, it’s, just it is a very mentally intimidating. As long as you don’t make me, go inside the legs, we’re good we’ll see all right. We’Ll do a little demo we’re going to move that we’re up. So the first thing you’ll do before you even drive the tower per se is just get used to a dive. So i mean the easiest way is just pitch forward. Look down at the ground. Hold it hold it hold it pitch back. Add throttle i’m just gon na. Have you do that a couple times go up pitch forward to look down and, as you come out of, it pull back and add throttle, but when you actually want to dive an obstacle like a tower, i’ll show you what i’m actually going to do, you’re actually Going to like want to roll into the dive sick so again, still in the open air i’m going to have you practice that, rather than pitching forward into the dive, instead we’re going to have you kind of roll into it like a split s, but instead of Pulling out immediately like where, with a with a split s where you roll over something, and then you know pretty quickly, pull out from it we’re gon na, have you delay that pull out we’re gon na? Have you go roll into it? Wait for it, wait for it dive, dive, dive and then pull out it’s a little scary, it’s a little freaky, but i mean just you know, get up a couple: mistakes high.

These have a lot of power too right, so i mean you: can you can wait until you’re, pretty low, flatten out and add throttle, but did you see how you see how shaky it got? Yeah you’re going cavitating here, yeah it’s, something we covered before you know. Pulling out of those power loops, i went into that uh into that prop wash it’s the same concept as before that. If i allow my drone to fall straight down like this, when i add throttle, i get all those shakes because i’m flying i’m falling into the dirty air when i start practicing right off the bat so that you’re, diving and now i’m adding throttle and pulling out Together and not only was it smoother, do you see how i like came out of it with speed, yeah yeah it’s, how you like conserve your momentum and make it you know way more smooth and cinematic, so you’ll do that in the open air and then you’ll Uh just start going up to the tower roll into it. Look down the tower hold it hold it hold it pull out too much fun man, oh, that was a blast, so much fun absolute blast. You got eric up in the goggles now let’s just start out with what i was showing you open air, just look down at the ground and remember to gently cut throttle and then rock it back there. There you go now. You also notice that um, by pitching forward to look down you, you really keep going forward a lot right versus if you roll into it.

You shave off some of the momentum you have so that you turn it to more of a true dive. Like you do one more where you just pitch forward: yeah it’s sliding forward yeah. So if you roll into it, you’ll shave off some of that speed, so roll like this, just split us and the faster you do it. You can actually use kind of the the back side of your dive, whether it’s a building water tower open air whatever, as a backboard by blipping the throttle. So if you do a quick roll, you can kind of blip the throttle to arrest any momentum. You have like that yeah, because what you don’t want is you’re gon na fly toward the water tower and then you’re going to roll around to dive it. But you don’t want to keep tracking backwards and basically run into the water tower. But if you think about it, you’re going to roll into it, your thrust line is going to be pointing toward the water tower, which means you can push away from it at any time. So that’s, how like diving is actually very low risk because, if you’re doing a proper dive, your power is going to be pointing toward the obstacle. So bailing out is as easy as as easy as adding power right, just punch power to bale. So if i’m coming up the leg, i’m going to come, Music whoa, so you’re doing a very slow roll into it.

So you can speed up, which means that it’s you’re tracking, more because it’s not like as you do, that slow roll. Your power is going to give you kind of some lateral, oh it’s it’s, the moss. Can you can you move the boxes and then just kind of roll into yeah? You want to be real, i mean it’s a dive. You should be real, close just roll into it there it is wow. Now there you have some proximity that’s. Looking a lot more freaking scary, like you know what you’re doing there but it’s scary, but like how much better does it look you’re close to it? You know you want to be close, nice and close and see now you’re. Not you have nothing to worry about getting stuck up top see. That was more of a turn. You got to really roll into the dive. You know get that notification trying to use i’m. Having to use the y axis, so my left thumb to kind of kick the nose over right yeah. So i roll kick the nose over pull power, dive yeah, but you see how he even you weren’t, really vertical you’re, still looking kind of out right, so use a little forward pitch. I mean look, look down, you know so roll it, and now, like yeah, push see you. I was so much better. That was so much better it’s anxiety, like i’m shaking, but even but go take it even a step further get to where you were, but then push forward on the pitch.

Stick so that the drone continues to tilt forward and you get more, you want to get more of the uh the obstacle that you’re diving in frame, so you got to get the drone more parallel. You got to get the drone more up and down there there. That was, oh, you had it, but you got scared and you pulled out early that’s what she said. Oh, my lord oh low battery. I think the thought of a half because it really when i was trying to do it just coming up to it. Looking at it and then rolling it didn’t work you have to carry the inertia. You have to carry a little bit of speed into it right so that when you flip it in it kind of backs up and then, as you just nudge that power a little kick you’re talking exactly exactly. Let me grab, then it starts to feel better. But it’s really like the anxiety, is real because i have to come at the obstacle: kick it around and as it slides back it’s, actually going back toward the obstacle as i’m dropping the nose and it’s there’s. Something about that. That just feels wrong. It feels like i’m doing something i should not do. No. This is so you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing, where you’re going to be flying at a wall at a water tower that’s, something that you want to dive right right. So you’ve got momentum going toward it.

If you just roll yeah you’re going to hit it right, so you want to use it think of it as a backboard, but instead of bouncing off the objects yourself, you’re gon na bounce off the air, so you’re gon na roll get that thrust line pointed toward It get as close as you feel comfortable, give it a little bit of blip to stop the nose down so you’re cruising straight down. Well, i mean, if you get really good at coordinating y’all roll pitch all the different axises together you can roll straight into what you want to be doing. I would actually maybe think more about like you’re, really you’re using roll and y’all right right. I mean if you use a lot of rolling yaw it’s a turn, basically correct right, so the less yaw you use the more rolling you do and i think you’re using a real, a real sweet amount where it’s giving you a nice turnaround. A real nice kind of integrated split s, but i want you to try and use even less yaw. I mean think about if you use no yaw at all, you’re pointed toward the object you just roll boop, now you’re upside down, and then you can find your dive spot by using pitch. You could kind of like break it down into two parts where you roll, then pitched into the dive all right and then what you want to do is find the right amount of yaw so that you don’t need to do that secondary pitch.

You can just get right into the the try to find the dive angle that you want yeah, you’re kind of over yawing, so that you’re you’re being you’re a little flat like in an airplane. I would consider it like a wing over i’m, basically building the energy up and then i’m using the tail the rudder to kick it all the way back around right but i’m going to try not to do that. This time i’m going to fight all my natural instincts, yeah and uh, and try some of that and try and just get um you just it’s it’s drones are different right trust me: they are. They don’t they don’t glide, so you’re thinking a lot about how to glide into this, and really you can just put it wherever you want, and i did you want it down and once you’re in the dive, you can actually change how you track against that that Obstacle right so um if you’re down look at the prop line. I know with this particular drone. The the angle can be a little bit confusing because the center body is at an angle for the camera and all that, but look at the prop line right now. We’Ve got the prop line perfectly vertical, with the upward camera angle. We’Re, flying with about 15 degrees, you’re still going to be looking away from the from the object. So you actually want to be having the prop line a little bit negative, fast vert, so that the camera is actually pointed down.

And if, if you think about it, the more the more you look toward the object, the less you’re going to track away from it again with that more vertical orientation of the props, the idle just the idle speed of the motor is going to pull you away. A little bit from it, but if you are pointed down that idle it’s still going to, of course, pull you a little bit away because there’s still a little bit of that vector, pointed away from the object. But you’ve also put some more of it into the down, so it’s gon na actually help pull you down the dive, make it a little bit faster, a little more aggressive. Let me go toward the ground faster and harder let’s think about this. Then you get real crazy and just dive like this. No, no! No! No! No! Let me get you a fresh pack with authority little less authority, maybe the faster you go at it. The more you’re gon na have to blip. You know do the backboard effect like i was talking about so go at it, nice and slow like this that’s good there. You see that was good. You see how i ended up, pointed down more yeah and tried to use hardly any rudder at all that time. Right, yeah, just just go no y’all, just to even experience it just straight roll and then pitch into your dive. Oh, i almost hit that tree, but you didn’t see come on that looks pretty good too it’s a different look, there’s, all sorts of different books that you can.

You can give it you got to commit. You got scared. Well, i feel, like i was still carrying power too. Just got to blip, it cut throttle roll into it Music. Oh, i just love that i could fly through a gap now and not like freak out like yeah. I mean remember this just what you did right there flying between two trees, that was like a whole event before and now it’s, just what you’re doing on the way to diving water tower boom. And if you you know, if you feel like that fence is coming up, pull back on pitch, you know, look up at the sky Music, oh you’re! In there you were under an office, but i was inside the tower. Okay, try to get into that exact same dive kind of between the two legs like you did, and really pitch, so that you’re really looking at it almost get upside down just to feel more pitch more pitch. More give yourself. I got to take a break for a second man: i’m shaking breathe, breathe, you’re, good you’re, good you’re in control. I realize i’ve been holding my breath while it was the entire time i’m telling you it’s, not difficult it’s, just uh it’s, very, like it’s, very it’s. This is a mental game because you’re trying like for me it takes everything i’ve ever done, which is you know, i’ll come alongside an object, my paramotor and i’ll kind of ride, down the side of it but i’m, always taking my energy and trying to throw my Energy away from the object right, this i’m, taking all my energy whipping it at the object, then tipping my nose toward it so i’m traveling toward it even further yeah and yeah i’ve got the punch out like i can get out, but man there’s.

That moment, like that’s, i literally, like my left hand, is just shaking yeah and so i’m saying this is. This is a type of maneuver that just does not work the same way as it does in a pair motor like you’re, used to doing on your aviator channel or in a fixed wing airplane, or it it’s very useful feels incredible. The two that i got that we just felt right – that was cool i’m. All right, let’s get more batteries like drones are basically just high powered stones; they have no glide, they just go where you toss them here. You know just go out into the open air. Really high enter a dive, hold it now pitch forward forward. Yeah. Do that one do that, while you’re diving near the obstacle, it’ll it’ll change the perspective and it’ll kind of show you how you can control your distance from it pitch forward? Do it do it there? I i’m scared i’m. So against, like everything in my mind, i know it’s it’s, really weird you’re gon na get it’s gon na be more upside down pitch forward. Do it there, it is yes see if you hadn’t you chickened out. I saw your chicken i didn’t chicken yeah, you did i smarted pitch forward. Do it hold it hold it hold it hold it hold it there. Look at that. How sick was that that was it’s intimidating. I think, because you’re going so aggressively into that pitch, look at that trigger what was that even that was a nice little little flow you did kind of over it.

The problem is the power lines on the back side and then, if i, if i’m entering this way or i’m further away but see oh man, you’re really looking down at the ground. Now i mean like i don’t want to see the horizon at the top of the screen, while you’re diving. I want you to be looking down at the ground. I think like, if you’re seeing horizon at the top of your screen. That means you’re kind of flat. You’Re not really in a dive. You know what i’m saying just roll cut throttle roll there. It is there, it is there. It is shaky, you’re, shaky, you’re scared, but you’re looking good, i think it’s, because the object is so short. Uh huh, like i feel like. If this was a 800 foot tower i’d, be so much more confident, oh power lines, you can hold that dive. Longer i mean this. Has a lot of power just get ready to get on the power to pull out Music hold it hold it hold it hold. It power – oh, that was smooth that was smooth that felt good hold it hold it hold it hold it power yourself. Yes, yes, so you can combo it right. You could be orbiting and then flip it into a dive boom. How are you getting that flow man? Getting some flow that was excellent. That was excellent right there, that if you had a taller object, you could have held a lot longer, hey upside down, all right guys.

Thank you! So much for watching another episode of the series drew. I got to say thank you for having me on, and absolutely man thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone it’s an amazing journey and it’s bigger than that. Because of this rampage was amazing for all you guys who i got to meet at rampage. Thank you. So much for being super cool people really was a great time. My first big drone of event, like drone, only event a bit of flight fest, but this was totally different. The vibe was super cool. If any of you guys didn’t make rampage, i hope to see you with the next one. Here i got to experience true fpv freestyle culture and share a little bit of his world with us. He did a paramotor demo and flew around the the compound all this fpv pilots were like oh that’s way, crazier than me. It was super impressive. It was really great just getting to share our love for fpv with you and seeing what you do on a daily basis and getting to see that a whole new perspective. Truly, my pleasure is such an honor to be a part of this community now and to be able to be pushing myself more and more to learn stuff from guys like you and from all the great folks that were at rampage so dude. The dive you did was awesome. Man it’s just a mental game; it is a mental game and i’m gon na get better at it.

A really quick shout out to everyone who’s still watching. Please smash that bell like button and subscribe and make sure if you guys haven’t leave a comment down below. Let us know what you think of the series guys new videos. Every monday, here on rotor riot every friday on our aviator, show channel we’d love to have you there too, and we’ll see you on the next one. You just did the whole outro for me.