The industry is pivoting fast to meet these new challenges head on with drone delivery. Canada by your side, businesses, institutions and communities can now optimize their supply chains, no matter what obstacles they may face. Music reimagining. The way you deliver founded in 2014, drone delivery. Canada is an award winning drone logistics company that provides commercially viable drone delivery systems through its patented, fully integrated hardware software platform Music. Our disruptive technology has enabled commercial customers access to new markets, reduced lead time and lower cost, and is quickly becoming a vital tool in remote communities with more sophisticated supply chains to help improve their efficiency and advance their delivery model. Ddc offers an innovative turnkey solution as a managed service which comprises drones, the supporting infrastructure software and professional services drone delivery. Canada has been approved as the first compliant operator for cargo delivery by transport, canada for unmanned aircraft. The system runs automatically using our proprietary flight management. Software, our automated drones deliver your cargo with oversight provided by our ddc’s licensed operators tasked with monitoring your flights. 24 7 from a centralized operations control center located in toronto. Canada flight also offers various key logistics functions, such as scheduling real time, tracking delivery, notifications, invoicing and data management, and can be integrated with your internal logistics software as required. When it comes to the supporting infrastructure, our preferred model is to fly between pre installed depots on predetermined flight paths, where cargo travels on an optimized air route using our proprietary drone spot depot technology, ddc ensures a safe takeoff and landing.

Our drones come with the option to either land inside a drone spot where cargo can be offloaded and reloaded for secure two way: cargo delivery or have the cargo dropped from a lowered altitude into one of our drop spot areas or even to a pre designated location. With no infrastructure required, ddc’s solution is currently offered in three proprietary drone models: the sparrow, the robin xl, the condor with payloads up to 180 kilograms, covering distances up to 200 kilometers ddc, is in a unique position to help you optimize cargo delivery in a way. Never before imagined with air canada as a reseller partner, ddc is perfectly positioned to help commercial and industrial customers, governments and remote communities, optimize their deliveries, reduce costs and even generate revenue. Ddc is perfectly positioned for a wide range of applications in canada and globally with partners. All around the world to address logistical challenges in multiple vertical markets, as we continue to pivot. Our reliance on fossil fuels is also changing. The move towards a more sustainable future is not only inevitable, but also within our grasp. Let drone delivery. Canada help you reach your sustainability goals, drone delivery. Canada is a proven leader in the multi billion dollar disruptive drone delivery. Industry, Music let’s make the last mile the quickest and safest mile on your cargo’s journey. Drone delivery.