At the same time where we have a first drone delivery flight of actually carrying cargo. The first drone delivery from an airport happened near edmonton friday. The sparrow drone took a package to nearby laduke county. This is the future of aviation, the unstaffed systems, the autonomous systems for aviation, with all the safety requirements for pilots eia is partnering with air, canada and other companies on this project. The drone will fly one route to start delivering packages weighing roughly 10 pounds. The technology is such that its really what we would call a programmed route, so it flies the same route on a set of way: gps waypoints on a regular basis and while flying an unmanned drone and airspace around all canadian airports is highly restricted. All safety measures and approvals have taken place for this project. We do have what we call safety, pilots and visual observers to ensure that the both the ground, the ground and the air are clear for the drone with current supply chain issues. The airport and companies needing to move product see this as a big step forward. In improving logistics and delivery options, we see this as an extension of our own logistics supply chain. So, as youve seen today with the floods in bc and these other areas, when roads and other areas arent you cant get to places, the drone is another way to bring goods and services out to remote communities. The airport would like to eventually expand with more routes, delivering medical products or sensitive cargo to more communities, including edmonton, as opposed to having in a vehicle driving it kilometers.

You can fly it in a much shorter distance and a much more efficient timeline. Chris chacon global news: this is the the first time that weve been thrilled to be part of something happening here where weve seen a drone take off from an airport its soaring, its flying edmonton international airport announced friday that canada flew its very first delivery drone from Within an airport, from eia to a site in leduc county, the flight done by a sparrow drone from drone delivery, canada was approved by nav canada for the first time, so it flies the same route on a set of way: gps waypoints on a regular basis. Vice president of flight operations and technology at drone delivery, canada, steve bogey, says this advanced technology can contribute to supply and delivery chains, particularly in remote communities. Think about medical supplies. You know whether it be ppe, it could be swabs, it could be medicines, it could be equipment that is very difficult to get to vice president of air, canada, cargo jason berry says the company will see this as a way to bring packages more inland than to Just airports as youve seen today with the floods in bc and these other areas when roads and other areas are you cant, get to places. The drone is another way to bring goods and services out to remote communities. President and ceo of zing final mile, chris hyam predicts there will be more demand for drone delivery within the next five years.

Where well have drone activity will be in longer ranges and more cargo capacity, so thats what im really excited about? Drone delivery, canada, vp bogey, says over the next week. More routes will be validated. So if youre near the airport look up, you might see a drone delivery in edmonton sarah chu city news here today and the exciting announcement of canadas first drone delivery project operating within an airport. As youve heard, the drone will carry commercial cargo from edmonton international airport to a landing site in laduke countys niska business park, and that is the pat wilson memorial park. Drones are the latest in sustainable transportation, helping to reduce traffic and emissions with the unique capability to deliver to remote locations or areas where vehicle access is difficult or non existent. These initial flights will test the waters for future endless possibilities in the drone industry, including deliveries into populated areas and major centers. We often talk about the advantages of the nisku area when it comes to transportation, were directly connected to this region, the province, the country and the west, the rest of the world by a com, comprehensive distribution system. Now, on top of roads, railways, traditional airspace, we can add drone delivery to that list. What were able to accomplish is laying that foundation, not only for future logistics, its a precursor to advanced air mobility. Things like air taxis, canada as a nation, is leading in this space and our partners here today enabling the birth of a brand new sector a brand new vertical in aviation is being born literally as we speak so one day right now, its on electric and one Day soon, youll, hopefully see that powered by hydrogen, which is a great tie into the edmonton metro community and the hydrogen hub.

Here, our mandate at the airport is to drive economic growth and diversification. We believe that participating approaches like this. We are doing our part to contribute to the growth by attracting investment innovation.