It is classed as a penny stock now so it’s below two dollars or at the time of recording it’s about below two dollars uh before we actually go into the financials and we’re actually going to see what the company is about i’m. Going. To give you a little bit of an introduction that they have on their web page it’s around about two minutes, and it gives us an idea of what this company is. Okay, so let’s go right into it, delivery. Canada are you shipping goods that are time sensitive, struggling with delivery in remote locations, costly last mile logistics missing out on untapped markets, reduce your shipping cost, improve operational efficiency and uncover new revenue opportunities, while never sacrificing unreliability. The last mile can define a company’s profit or loss, and only one solution truly rises above the rest drone delivery. Canada is a logistics management company that offers a turnkey drone delivery solution, providing you with hardware software and services and is the first drone logistics company to achieve compliant operator status by transport, canada employing a 24 hour 7 day a week, operations control center, ddc’s flight management. Software has the capability to monitor and manage all of your deliveries globally. Our preferred business model is commercial deliveries to predetermined locations, where your cargo will travel without the requirement for a paved road or the hassle of sitting in traffic. Think of it, like a railway in the sky, using our proprietary drone spot technology, drone delivery, canada ensures a safe, take off and landing with our expanding fleet of drones.

Drone delivery. Canada addresses the bulk of your last mile delivery needs with payloads up to kilograms, covering distances of up to 200 kilometers and with more drone models in development drone delivery. Canada is a unique position to help you deliver in a way, never before imagined in today’s market drone delivery. Canada is perfectly positioned for a wide range of applications in canada and globally, with our all in one logistics solution for delivering goods across the last mile. In hard to access locations and when time is of the essence, Music let’s make the last mile the quickest and safest mile on your cargo’s journey reimagining. The way you deliver Music. So as you go, this is a drone company based in canada it’s. Actually, one of the most leading ones, the top most advanced uh in the drone industry, they’re based in canada, but they work internationally. Okay, so they have a vision and their vision is to be the premier drone delivery company globally, through their relentless focus on customers, employees and safety. They want to commercialize their technology to create new and innovative logistics platforms for companies and government agencies. Now we know all those that you don’t know uh. We need to look to the future and to the future. For the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of talk about drones and there’s been a lot of uh controversy about it regarding safety, etc. But as a as the time goes on, these companies become more and more advanced, in particular this company, because this company not only does have a patent on their drone that actually physically own their own drone.

They have their software, they have the full works. Okay, so they’re really really quite advanced uh and it’s uh. This is what makes this one there a little bit more distinctive than the rest out there. So let’s have a go and have a look at the actual company in a little bit more detail. There’S a lot of emphasis on their disruptive technology, like i said they do have their own technology, both hardware and software they’re good at minimizing the shipping lines they reduce operational and overhead costs and they’re fully compliant with the the the laws or regulations in canada. Now, there’s a lot of focus and this company could work with a lot of industries that have been healthcare, remote communities, airports, oil and gas, mining, courier logistics and industrial commercial companies. So they also have their software. As we mentioned this, their software system, which is called flight – and this is really quite advanced because they really what they do is they give an end to end logistics, support okay, so it’s not like a drone company, a company that you buy a whole load of Drones, you can say hey, i can deliver your packages or whatever, so they do have their own software their own hardware. So this, the specifics of their drones, for example, which is their own, has a maximum range. For example, 30 kilometers has a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour payload of 4.5 kilos and there’s a little bit more on there the system and then on the features how many motors etc gps based.

Obviously so you can find a little bit more details in the uh on their web page about this drone, so it’s important to note here the as well as their healthcare, the remote communities, the type of industries they work in. They also have a partnership with air air canada, so they do have quite a good foothold in the healthcare industry, so they actually take ongoing projects they’ve recently taken out – and here it says that on actually on the 20th. So last month the the company presented at the canadian institution of traffic and transportation, a webinar titled, the logistics of covet vaccine for canada, okay, so a long esteemed government and logistics industry panelists they were the only delivery company. Also, we say the drone delivery company on the panel that presented benefits uh for the for this uh pandemic, so they’re in continuous discussions with their governments, a government agencies and then canadian logistics provider to see how they can move forward and start to, for example, distribute The vaccines in canada and potentially internationally. So, as you know, always when i look at a company, i always like to have a look at the the management team. So if we actually go in and have a look at the management team, uh, starting with, for example, this year, which is michael’s, sarah or tara, he’s, actually an experienced person with over 30 years in the industry in logistics, management and vendor relationship management, strategic planning and Execution: innovation, business, reinvention, project management, continuous improvement, industrial sales and marketing, so yeah he’s got a a lot, a lot of uh a lot of lot of a lot of good a lot of experience in the in the industry also more recently on the actually on the Fourth of february this was uh dated, so it was just uh less than a week ago, they’ve also have uh miss miller, who joins the company’s advisory board, who brings of which brings a global network of experience in mining, oil and gas infrastructure, transportation, artificial intelligence, etc, Etc, so this is good to the building of the team, with a lot of experience and they’re really going in the right direction with this, so let’s have a look at the financials financials.

Currently the company don’t have any debt at all, so this is good news. So when we’re looking at a penny stock, we know that the financial, the balance sheet is not going to be the most perfect. Otherwise, if they were creating a lot of revenue, had a lot of profit margin and over millions they would obviously be in a larger market cap. So a very small market cap company, but good. First of all, we want to look at debt, so debt they’re, free of debt, so again it’s a risk. This is a company it’s, a risk must admit, it’s a risk to invest, but i think it’s worth a risk. They’Ve only just recently started to create revenue. So they don’t have a history that we can look at to see if revenues increase they may just starting off and again remember this is an industry that’s really just starting to pick off right now, um, they don’t have debt uh they’re starting revenue. We need to look at the what the cash they have. They do have cash and they are burning through that cash. However, having said that, they’re reducing the cash they do have a lot of equity, so no debt uh a lot of equity, which is good uh. What i would probably like to see over the near future is uh. Some funds from somewhere to make them grow further i’m, not sure whether they could sustain uh or grow their company without having either emerge from a company or issuing more shares to go to raise more capital or, alternatively, though they don’t have debt, we don’t want them To be financing from anyone, so those are the three options they could do and i would imagine they would go down that route in the near future when they see that they have a lot of demand internationally that’s.

What we like to hope at least now the price. According to the analyst, the price is actually over value, undervaluatory, so it’s, undervalued, uh. The price today is, as i mentioned, just under two dollars, so there’s a lot of volatility in the market for for this. At the moment, so anywhere between 1.60 today, for example, and two dollars at the time, recording so it’s, the 10th of february it’s, a good price well again, it’s a long term. In fact, when i bought it today, it’s gone down slightly but again, if you’re, a long term investor these sort of issues, factors shouldn’t, be uh. Shouldn’T worry you, because, if you’re believing for the long term in this company, you stick hold on to the company and you reap in the benefits over time again, if prices do go up, let’s say down to up to eight dollars and then there’s a pullback. You always want to make sure that you want to be averaging dollar cost averaging on that so that’s a little bit of an insight into the company. That said the review um i don’t know what do you think of it? Would you does it appeal to you? Uh for me personally uh, it isn’t a risk. It is a risk. However, having said that, the price that it’s at and the potential that the company have just for what they have uh as a structure as a foundation in in this industry. I think they’re really well prepared at the moment, so this is what gives me a lot of a lot of confidence in this company, so the price today is 188 at the time of recording the ticker symbol is t a k, o f, okay, it is in Other markets, uh i’m, actually using trading 2, 1, 2, so i’m.

Using this uh buying this off the in the otc market, which is ticker symbol, t akf and i think there are in other markets as well with other ticker symbols. So you would have to look at your your broker to see where which ones you could buy so guys that’s a little bit on the video. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video guys. Please please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to make sure that you receive more videos on the on the same and also give a like make sure you give that big thumbs up, because that really helps my channel growing so guys uh.