So something like a little lighter. I see i see, i see you see it yes, so what do you think? Oh i like it a lot pretty cool Music! Oh lets! Go! Lets! Go! Oh there they are oh, my my the adidas terex uh. What is it the ultra uh aggravate there. It is on your screen. I forget the name of it, its a long name. All right, adidas were giving it a shot. Today, whoo, i got ill just say right now bill. I could just you know what i said uh recently its like you just hold a shoe in your hand, you just feel the build quality like this feels like its built, like a tank im, adidas good work. All right, but well, see well throw it on the scale once we get to the trailhead whoa fascinating, a wee bit concerned, ladies and gentlemen, the collar of this adidas. Ah, i feel it cutting into my ankle already, not cutting, but like it feels almost too well built. You know what i mean its as stout as a as a tank as a rock as a as a as a plank of wood. I dont know it just feels a little uh, a little. You know probably hes gon na need. My guess is a hundred miles to break in you know, thats the type of feel its feeling like a la sportiva shoe frankly, which could be good, but man. Oh man, okay, were gon na.

Take it out here we go Music do Music, so one of my biggest pieces of advice is just remember, especially for all the young folks out there youre going to win some and youre going to lose some here on this earth. Whether youre talking about running a race or whether youre talking about youtube, yes, the drone hit a tree this morning, its okay, thankfully ive got a spare part. Somehow i even had the correct tool to replace that part. So, anyway, its kind of a miracle bottom line, youre going to win some youre going to lose some. You got to roll with the punches here on this earth, its just oh its part of being part of the human experience, as we have hopefully communicated this week between the food poisoning. Oh true love, oh man actually were gon na go upstairs, but you should have seen her. This were gon na talk to her in a second, oh, my god, its been a little rough. Well, just put it that way, so tuesdays with true love is definitely on pause. Uh well see how shes doing upstairs, but it was rough this morning so anyway, oh yeah, question of the day before we go upstairs. Who was, i dont, think ive ever asked this before? Who was the most um, interesting teacher or influential teacher? You had you know whether it was in middle school in elementary school high school college, doesnt matter uh? Who is the most influential or interesting teacher that you had and what was one like one nugget, one one, i hate the word i dont like the word thing, what was one piece of advice or one knowledge fact that you learned from them that you just instilled Into your life and carried with you beyond school, all right all right lets go upstairs and talk to.

I think that was everything the drone. The drone uh were gon na open some packages from yesterday hello, my love, i love my love hes back stay here. We got packages and i want to show you something yeah i did because of the wind were surviving. I know hes a little sticky head were all a little sick huh. We got some packages, you come sit. What do you want me to get? You get me? Milk, my cup of tea cup of tea, so first of all, weve got some packages. Okay, no i i know i know sometimes its hard were just surviving but were thriving too right. We are thriving, we are thriving, we are thriving, but boy. Sometimes you just got ta, be grateful for your health, yes and not keeling over, i know and its throwing up. Yes, yes, yes, so here we go uh these packages; okay, east, harlem, united runners. We love you theyve, given us exactly who they are right, so they came to the group round in new york city and actually here it is on your screen meeting them love you guys they were out cheering on race day so fun. However, i just i dont know what happened. They ended up in my closet. So so sorry, so here we go okay and then im gon na show you just a little twist on the dgr logo. I dont, i dont, think youve seen it yet, but we cant im.

Sorry, we cant show it yet: okay, okay, but first lets open these up. Here we go so i think actually um. I dont know thats a seth. Look at that two love and this one says true love, so here you open that one, okay, okay and uh ill, try and ill. Try it right, yeah its perfect! Oh my my look at this. Oh, my goodness, one two, oh look at all those stickers. The children are going to go crazy. Oh got him! Oh wow team destiny. Oh look at that! Pink it so much! I love this color. I love honey. I love it. I love it. I love it. She loves it. Oh so cool how perfect for winter and heres a t shirt wait. Lets see. Is this a lot? No yeah t shirt: oh thats, nice, Music, so theres a story behind theres a story and im not going to share it right now. I will link i will link to their social media down below in the comments in the uh description. Okay, oh wow, ill link to it all. You can go ill link to, i think their instagram, especially down below in the description. Okay, love, you guys! Thank you! So so much oh lets see. Is there more for me? Oh my babies, Laughter michael, you want to put one on. Oh, my goodness, michael you take the gray one. Oh my god, beanies hello, okay! Here we go perfect day for these.

Here we go boom. Michael! You want to put a hat on look at this guy. Yes, oh, these are nice. That is epic. Look at this guy, this pink beanie! I love when it covers your ears. This is this. Is the real deal ill help you you hold his back, so he doesnt fall. I got him okay, thank you, guys, hes! So warm you like it mm. Hmm! I love it. Thank you guys. Youre going above and beyond, they went above and beyond. You guys are amazing and stickers. The children are crazy about stickers, they put them on their water bottles. So speaking of you know, here we go speaking of merch and you know, logos and branding. We are in the process of building out the dgr. Look its called, you know the dgr brand. What is what do we look like around the world on social media on the website on merch on hats, someday its coming so hon this logo twist its just like a little twist that our our fella, you know who you are. We love you youre working so hard out there, whos weve chosen the logo, but now were just tweaking it ever so slightly for different um platforms such as merch. So what im about to show you hon its just a little spice on the logo that you have already seen? Okay, a little um! So here you go all right! So youve seen this one! Yes, okay! So youre ready im going to open it up its just.

Like a little lighter, look its like something that could be a little its more. What im calling the cleaner look? Okay, so you see how it doesnt have that uh full beat that full d? Look, yes, its a little lighter! Oh yes, that could end up on. Like clothing um, so something like a little lighter, i see i see, i see you see it. Yes, so what do you think? Oh i like it a lot pretty cool. I like it a lot its just like crisp. Yes, i was gon na say its like um sophisticated sophisticated. Yes, so yes, we have not forgotten. We have not forgotten about the logo. We have not forgotten about building out the everything its just taking time exciting. Is this exciting yeah? I, like that, a lot i i it took her a second because its actually a big difference, its a big difference from the the real logo, its just like a cleaner, sophisticated, and i think it could work actually pretty well on on on merch, just like just Like the east, harlem united runners, so i love this speaking of which we are gon na, do like hats and everything with embroidery. So this is, this is considered embroidery. Yeah do you know thats where thats thats, what its called? I didnt know that i know im learning because of this yeah. I think its considered important thats amazing so anyway, its amazing all right its amazing.

Here we go comment of the day, real, quick, sorry. I know the vlog is going wrong. I dont know what that is here. We go. I chose it earlier, its cs wells. I believe you have had a couple comments of the day heres another one ive just started implementing what i call overkill protocol in regards to prehab warm ups and cooldowns to try to attack my recurring shin splints that are rearing that are rearing their ugly head again. So ive made a new rule for myself that my prehab warm up and cool downs all together need to take a minimum of half the amount of time that i expect to run um itself. To that i expect the run itself to take also im adding 10 minutes of stretching and massage every evening. So on my one hour tempo days, for example, i might do five minutes. Pre run foam rolling 10 minutes warm up 10 minutes cool down and five post run minutes. Foam rolling ive always been really bad at this and just want to get out the door and run but its uh, but its biting me in the backside cs wells, you rock, i think, thats at least your second comment of the day. Thats really really wise and almost a good rule of thumb, like todays run for me, was like an hour and 40 minutes like there are 45 minutes, i dont even know, but that means i think what youre saying is.

I would need to dedicate like 50 minutes. I dont know if i could do that, but its like before and after man really smart. So all right, i mean thats a man of solutions because that hurts uh. Ladies ladies, sorry, sorry yeah maam man yeah miami. Sorry, we love you fun! High five high five high five high five high five michael boom yeah, all right onward and upward, well toss it to um. Oh one, more, oh well, toss it to the new marathon monday, uh playlist, oh thats, fun, monday yeah were doing marathon mondays. Now all the way up to rotterdam. So but this one turned into marathon wednesday, because i was dying im glad youre back were back, hey youre dead, yet all right see beauty, work, hard and love.