Applause is that a shadow of a parachute, oh yeah, it is thats right. This drone just crashed behind a beach smoothing machine and is now being dragged along Laughter here comes the owner of the drone trying to stop the tractor like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our drones. Now this is cool. What a great location for fpv well just do a power loop and then come back through here in the window. Oh, this is the 2021 suzuki jimmy with four wheel drive and that magnet in the door that attracts drones to it. A mother and son giraffe forage for food in the hot african sun. Now a drone stuck high up in a tree. Perhaps someone with a really long neck could retrieve it for the operator orange meteorite falling from the sky. This lucky young man will be richer if he can retrieve it, and so he does but wait its not complete without ah, yes, the battery all right chasing each other, with fpv quads fun around the corner and oh a little too close ill just turtle. Out of this and be on my way, maybe not weve all been in this situation where were just cruising along and we see something that we could fly through if we just had the courage i can do this, no problem lets go for it, and here we Go lined up good all right. I can see the exit plainly, Music and forward straight line Music straight line straight line.

Oh cool theres, a hawk or something in that tree whats. He doing oh hes coming im gone. Oh man cruising around the parking lot. Oh some coppers, its nice, oh no lost sick and were down uh, oh Music. Oh no. This isnt gon na be good. Oh theyre, gon na take me to jail. Theyre gon na write me a ticket. I dont know what the heck oh theyre wait a minute. They gave it back. Every officer should be this cool. All right, whats going on here, looks like were coming in for a landing got some snow on the ground ever so gently descending down. We go gently gon na touch down in that snow, gently gently, slow it down slow it down, slow, slow; no, no! No! No! It is kind of difficult flying. A drone towards yourself, as you can see, welcome to the learning channel were going to find out how fixed wing foamies are made. We have father foamy here looking for his mate, he spots her they lock eyes and momentarily embrace, and then the male foamy falls to the ground, useless. How not to fly a drone. Okay, okay, yeah dont dont do that oh yeah, thats bad playing through the trees for the first time avoid the branch thats good, thats good, avoid the ground back up. Okay, look out for the tree: oh man, that was close im, glad we didnt okay. So there was a third tree good to get out there and practice your fpv skills once in a while.

Oh its a good location, well just drop in here no problem at all. These are magical memories that will last a lifetime teaching your son. How to play soccer thats! Lovely next lesson is to teach your son about the dangers of trees. Oh i swing around. Oh no higher. I think Music thats just a smoke bomb initiating return to home sequence in three. Oh two, god. I hope youre, enjoying this crash compilation just wanted to take a moment to tank everybody for watching, as this mini 2 goes underneath and out the other side here. It goes just lets. Take a poll how many of you like poles. This concludes this poll. All right were coming in hot, coming in hot, better slow down, slow down slow! Oh no! Oh man, thats a heck of a ride, thats a classic right there. Its got some good stuff happening under the hood. Lets get a closer look! Well! No, not not! That close, this may sound completely random, but i have to know who is your favorite baseball catcher of all time? Mine is johnny bench, oh geez. How did we get in this situation? All right, stay, calm lets just slowly descend were good, were good were coming down. Everythings good, oh thats, a little close. All right, no were good. Okay were good, were good, just a few more feet and just land it ever so gently. Oh Music, almost had it to the left to the left.

All the drone parts are in the tree to the left. Oh, this is a cool shot, looks like theyre pouring cement for a bridge abutment, but you have to be careful because it looks like theres some wires. There dont get in the wires dont get in the wires dont get in the wires all right escape the wires good job, okay tree, of course, all right through the gate of some sort of ruin into the courtyard. Taking in all that beauty, oh man, all right! Well, that thats yeah little fpv here by the sea, everythings cool except those escs whoa. What was that? Oh? It was mr owl and thats owl. She wrote ah love just out here in the middle of an open field, with a cinematic orbit capturing the romance the passion, the tree the golden hour, silhouetting that water tower. In the background and perfect golden light on this smokestack. Just out with some friends, hey friends, say goodbye to the drone forever bye, drone forever. Yep weve all wondered what it would be like to fly into a smokestack. Well, these guys did it bye, bye, drone, Music Applause, whats, greener, the truck or the grass wow. What a beautiful mural and painted on the steps only visible from straight on certain angle, youre going to get the best view and were getting the best view right now from this drone thats, some good piloting just straight up man that artist, what a great artist! Maybe they should branch out.

Oh, i think this car is an audi, yes, its an audi, and that tree just took you outie, even though vertical video gives me the heebies. I thought id share this with you. This is the dji pos and its a great beginner fpv drone nah im sure its fine is a hard way to learn. The difference between yaw and roll Music should have rolled not sure what country this is from, but its one where flying around these high tension lines is legal, getting those wires on either side perfectly centered, avoiding everything right down the middle and forgot about that. One thats kind of smart, oh these young whippersnappers. What is that harold? Is that a drone? Yes, mother, its a drone? What are those kids doing crashing into a tree? Mother, Music? Oh, look its on the ground. Should we help no keep walking? Okay, harold – and this is your captain speaking if you look out your left window, youll notice, a tree thats right, i said the left window Music will be in this holding pattern for quite some time id like to thank you for flying newbie airlines. Finally, video evidence that trees really do jump out in front of your drone. Here he is minding his own business, going through a clear path when this stupid tree jumps out and grabs heres a pilot flying around trees, with prop guards about to find out why you shouldnt fly around trees with prop guards.

Here we go just backing up, and now your prop guards have you hanging in the tree like a christmas ornament tracking, a couple dudes on motorcycles here in the desert getting near the ground, giving you a sense of speed coming up on a tree were just gon Na go around that, i thought were going to go around. It were going to go around that one right, theres, something that all drone pilots need to remember and its very important, and that is that you need all four motors in order to fly Music Applause. Uh. Oh stuck in a tree what to do well well, just give it a little bit of motor there and try to shake it out of the tree. There no problem at all just uh, try to get it loose, give it a little bit of nudge there. With the motors and oh yeah. There we go safe and sound. Oh yeah, like a car commercial im, getting some cinematic shots of my perfect blue car. This is man, and now you must endure that upside down, walk of shame where everyone can see your pink sweatpants theres. One sure sign that your fpv game isnt ready for prime time and that sign is well assign. If your drone isnt flying right, it could be the electronics check that grounding wire, and here we go once again right into the good old tree. Oh well, we didnt go into the tree. Oh okay, it was the roof this time.

Okay, and here we are once again learning the difference between yaw and roll. We want to roll, but we yaw roll roll roll, not yo, yo yall come back now yeah flying out in an industrial park. Next to that factory that makes faces thats right, its a face plant. Oh, what a beautiful location and a great way to learn that a square drone wont fit in a round hole, and it appears, as though were about to wave goodbye to someones drone yep there. It goes never to be seen again. Oh well, hey good news. It made it all right as we pan slowly to the right. We see the light pouring through the trees. Those beautiful trees in the background are so low. Okay, there was some trees next to me, as well were gon na hit that tree arent. We were gon na go right into that tree, huh all right. Well, we made it past whats. The problem no problem here kid with a frisbee didnt, see that coming and were flying a bit too fast for our skill level, maybe right into that tree in the ground. Oh god, what a horror show: disarmed, disarmed, disarmed turn it off; okay, check it out, aint! My drone cool – i can fly right here in front of us. I can go right here by your car. Oh oh hell! Oh dagnabbit! Sorry about that guys. I think i figured out the problem, though well try it again.

As soon as i adjust my compass, all right were ready to go. This is a beautiful stone, constructed house with a lovely view: two single car garages, one two car garage and one big ass pine tree – that i will just gently land in and i will stay here for a moment. Thank you. All right. Welcome kids to camp crash. A quad looks like little jimmy just got his merit badge. Congratulations, jimmy wow! This is a great shot. What a great location looks like some old, roman monorail or an aqua doctor something so what will take us out will be those birds nah. It wont be those birds, itll, be good old, mr tree yep and heres another tree taking out another drone. So sad to see these things goodbye, drone, nice, knowing you, oh, oh, okay, nice recovery, welcome to a tropical paradise with these little cabins filled with all the accoutrement, including a kitchen that has a stove a refrigerator and desync Music come on come on baby come on Baby, oh thank you landing: okay, gon na land on the car right on the roof. Now what the heck right on the sunroof use that thing as a landing pad there. We go right down straight down, no problem. I can see it bring it right to me. No problem at all: where are you going? What are you doing? What do you man? I thought the yall and the young one i thought the yall and the young one all right were flying at night.

Looks good. Look! Oh, we got an error message. Motor error. Okay, um time to come down right better. Oh there, it is again motor error check. Propellers fly with caution. Oh dear time to land come on down, doesnt! Look like hes look. Is there? Are you trying to auto land? What are you doing there? Uh? Oh! Oh! No, oh, he gave you a warning man, oh hell, oh no, no, green acres is the place to be farm. Living is the life for me, land spreading out so far and wide crash into trees. When you fly side to side, two children just delivered by that panel van as another van comes in with even more children getting a nice drone shot of the occasion. Okay and thats just about it for crash compilation, number six ill leave you with this non crash. Video of a tranquil water scene, as i ask you to contribute for volume 7., if you want to be a part of it, send your crash video to this email address and make sure you put crash in the subject line as we fly high above all obstructions And trees, nothing to work: okay, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. That was a surprise here. It comes here. Hold this hold this and ill catch. It hold this, get it get it hold this hold it i got it was that you saying an expletive. I think it was, i think i did too goodness.

Oh sh, hello, editor ken here. I just wanted to point out how very close i was to getting my fingers lopped off trying to catch that thing and i genuinely did try to catch it.