Oh no, oh dear! What happened? Oh! No! No! No! Oh face full of sand. Oh Music Applause: oh, come on shut down, shut down, youre, ruining the props youre getting sand in the motors. Well, i guess theres only one thing left to do and that would be just to continue on all the way to china. Oh, i see a gap gon na fly through it with the greatest of ease, no problem at all. I can fit between these buildings just stay right in the middle right in the middle right in the middle. No um, oh okay, beautiful sunny day, perfect time to get the freshly fallen snow, get close up here. Not that close, not that thats too close! Oh, why why its not stopping oh, this is! Is it over tracking the track door? With my drone, you can see my shadow there, the camera or, should i say the victim – oh well, i guess were in brazil trying to fly for my friend over there on the motorcycle very impressed so far and suddenly not so impressed this kind of shot takes Some skill – luckily i have the experience to not only avoid the surfer, the zip line and the water, but i can also avoid this is so beautiful. Unfortunately, my battery is a little weak and okay were good im back up. Okay, all right we can do. We can do it, we can do this. Just get back well, just get back just enough energy just to get back come on.

We can do this, we got it. Oh yeah many people see this video and they say what is the point of it. I just dont get it well. Youll, soon see the point of the rooftop as we slowly crash down the side of the building to the parking lot. It was about this moment. He knew he was, and this concludes the story of the submarine that could fly. Everyone knows that the best place to learn how to fly a drone is over a busy street. So well just follow this car and hopefully avoid the brush – oh god, oh my god, oh whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, all right note to self lets. Oh okay, all right were gon na go back to the backyard when filming your friend flying along the beach. The last thing youd expect is a giant speaking of trees. Im not gon na. Let this one get me down. Well, i might but oh nope nope were good. I recovered all right so back to the uh were gon na just make our way around here. Theres got ta be a way out. Okay back to the mission of filming this, maybe i should go back to the drawing board. Pro tip always give yourself plenty of time to avoid obvious obstacles like oh, i dont know trees. You did see that tree didnt, you skippy theres. One thing that all quadcopters have in common – and that is when you lose a propeller well thats, just a bad day, all right: the mountains of switzerland, what a great place to fly, fpv, beautiful, beautiful location, look at all those rocks.

But you know what i really want to see is a close up of the grass i hear they have some great grass in switzerland. Look at that grass beautiful all right im doing a back and away shot of the church, visual observer. You want it! Okay, good! Oh come on man: oh yeah, beautiful orbit of these boats. Good thing, i got my side obstacle avoidance on, got that on right on okay, im being told its on and clearly its not on. I am gon na fly through that little gap. There. No problem, hey! Hey, hey, hey pro tip number two when flying back towards yourself always remember to stop stopping is important and now the gentlest crash in the world heading towards the tree branch – oh so gentle and down. Oh so softly in the snow. Hey kids, can you say scraggle check me out boom right through the backhoe, do a little switch back here around there and around the dirt going around the dirt, ah its a perfect day, but i am getting a little uh wear me out. All this excitement im getting a little bit tired pro tip number three when flying the drone back towards yourself make sure to stop. Jesus is my co pilot jesus is my co pilot whoa whoa whoa hold on jesus jesus. Ah jesus, do you want a crashing snowman? Do you want to crash your drone and then do the walk of shame with your controller all along Music? It was a sad tale, told all too often my drone and i werent getting along and eventually we broke up because our relationship was on the rocks.

Hey. Nobody wants to crash, but if you have to, if you absolutely know, youre gon na crash, you might as well do it with a little flare. Try to get yourself a bulls eye, Music, close enough thats. Ten points for style knock knock whos there orange orange, who orange you a little close to my drone with your orange drone and just like nascar, were going round to the left around to the left around to the hell theres some wires now lets see. If we can get out of this here, ill just move this stick over that way and all right were good. No, no, no were not good. All right now were now were good too many wires too many wires here, oh flying over water. How could this possibly go wrong? Just like that? Okay, all my friends are watching me. Big, open space got the drone. What could go wrong im just gon na fly through this gigantic space. Here, no problem did it forgot about the ceiling just doing a little tree. Diving here go up and around and through the trees, okay, theres, the ground, okay. Well, that does not sound good. We now join fpv pilot jamie silvers, as he fires up his drone holy just thats, crazy that it can do that. Its electronics dear im flying sideways thats what i said, but i think i forgot about that big old. My very first attempt at flying through a window slow and steady, slow and steady.

This way a little bit that way a little bit here we go and i didnt even make it through all the way waiting for my plane to come back. Do you see it? I dont see it oh there, it is im flying sideways glory be, but i think i forgot about that big old tree, its still recording, i think, its still its still okay, this isnt broken holy. Today. Luck was on his side because today his lipo decided to give up the last volt on shore. Music. Here comes another dumbass, Music Laughter, little khan didnt ask his mom and dad if he could fly his drone that day, and so he was grounded heres a very skilled fpv pilot, proving that drones can bounce. That trick was tremendous. All right. Just gon na follow my buddy here on the motorcycle, get a good shot, but there are some wires. So im well aware, going slow very purposely, make sure that im above the lamp and the wire looking to the right, making sure everythings good and proceed with caution. All right, no, oh, no ah come on now heres leon demonstrating for his friends exactly what not to do he said dont, do this good demonstration leon deftly maneuvering around one tree and then around the second okay right into it. So what i think is happening here is this little kid made a landing platform for the drone and hes just gon na try to bring it in, but he doesnt know his left from his right is right from his left and his left from the window said.

Oh gosh, oh sorry, little dude, all right! Where is that tree? I wanted! Is it down here? No, i got ta turn around. Where is that one single little tree, i wanted to check out oh yeah there. It is ah thats. A great tree lets go reverse and up now reverse and up whoa. Well, i hope we caught that on the camera and now its time to play everybodys favorite game show what happens next. Will they a fly into a tree b, fly into a tree or c? Definitely maneuver that drone into the back of the open car like a boss lets find out hey honey, im filming you with the drone. Oh you dont want to do that. Oh stop! It nah! Youre cute come on yeah. I like your pink hat. Really! No just keep walking oh okay, its fine honey watch out for that tree. Oh, oh man, see why dont you ever listen to me. I told you not to do that. Your hats still cute, though oh dude im getting it from getting the job bro. This is how am i not on the bottom of the lake, how Music all right, everybody quiet on the set and action pilot perfectly centered right down the hallway, no problems at all heading for the door and cut all right, everybody back to one back to one Im doing an orbit around me didnt my dog, just whiz on that tree Music. Oh, this is a perfect spot for a little fpv quad just got to keep it straight.

Keep going forward, keep it straight: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, well, heres mud! In your eye, lets just take a moment from all the crashes to recenter ourselves and find our chi just relax. Peaceful ever guess, you kind of saw that one coming huh roger pilot one. We hear you loud and clear, but we are ignoring your control inputs and coming in hot you better duck coming in hot and go. I got this. Keep running, no worries, keep going, keep going. Oh man sign sign everywhere, a sign locking at the scenery breaking my quads right here. Dont fly there cant, you see the sign and knife edge and tree edge ooh. We join another intrepid drone pilot as he skillfully backs his drone away and up in a cinematic fashion – lovely lovely, lovely, perfect, oh no, no, no, okay were in a tree. Oh oh thank goodness, everythings. Fine everything, dont, no worries. Everythings good! Well, just go! Okay! I guess its not fine. Richard had a great idea, hang a birthday banner from the bottom of a drone, but richard didnt know about air vortices, oh dear, that sign got caught up in the drone and down. It goes. Oh happy birthday to you, hey kids! Lets! Take a moment to talk about a thing called target fixation. Target fixation is an attentional phenomena observed in humans, in which an individual becomes so focused on an observed, object that they inadvertently increase their risk of colliding with other things around them, such as trees.

Are you paying too much attention to the kid on the go kart to notice the tree in your face? Are you too concentrated on following the motorcycle to notice that youre veering off course a little bit right into thats target fixation Music, stupid hoe, hey baby? Oh, you may think were about to crash into a tree, but if you think that then youre absolutely 100 correct one of the things that is really fun when youre flying fpv is proximity flying and you can practice your throttle control by flying close to the ground. Just not too close, another great thing to practice is the split s, but dont forget about the ground. All right common sense would tell me that if theres rocks and trees on that side of the canyon yeah, oh, that bridge is just asking to be flown under. We got to do it, lets go, do it but be careful dont get too sideways. Dont, though, and you know since were seeing the footage someone had to dive for that camera. Okay, if youre filming this and you look on your monitor and it starts doing this stuff – you got ta wonder: is it the drone or the gimbal at first? You might think its the drone, but then you realize it could be both time to land this puppy. Oh no were, okay were good. All right lets continue flying. Oh, i was worried for a second, ah, okay, bring it down, bring it down so youve seen all those fly through videos of bowling alleys like this, and you want to try it yourself, no problem.

Just okay, there might be a problem. You dont want to crash in front of a bunch of people that might cause you to face palm now. This is smart, start learning fpv, while youre out in the middle of nowhere, not a tree in sight. So no worries. My friend, you just give it the beans. Man oh, come on really, so you want to turn your camera drone into an fpv drone. Well, just point: the camera down and head on down the building. Nice and gentle, like no worries at all, just dont, get too close. Dont get okay, youre good, youre, good, youre, good, all right now head on! No, no, no, no boys! I know we talked about this before, but when bringing your drone back flying it towards you, make sure to give enough room to break break, break break break break break okay! Oh no! Oh! Why why? Why, okay seems obvious, but another pro tip would be when flying through a bridge, make sure that youre through the bridge before going up because then youre gon na come back down and usually theres water under bridges? Ah, this is so fun lets go check out. The golf ball building – hey thats me – and this is my worst drone crash ever while were flying up to the crash ill – remind you to send me an email with your crash. If you want to be in volume 6. make sure you include the word crash in the subject line and now enjoy my pain.

No, i didnt cancel it. Oh thats, it theres. My drone bye, see it falling. What the lets go, find it: Music, Music, Music spirit.