Yes, another waterfall shot lets go in for a closer look. Well, thats a little bit too close too close to coach is that a church were crashing. What do we? Oh no were running away were going across the parking lot across the y across the street over the billboard into a parking lot of a dollar store. Nice look out everybody what oh geez and now were inside the store Music. I wonder if i can buy a sense of direction for a dollar all right im in a big hurry here: hey guy cant talk ill, be right back though i got ta go over here. I got something important to do over here and that is to line myself up for the all important three pointer, and here we are a little muddy river hello, mr heron uh. I wont bother you ill just go up here and oh man, another lovely day here out on the lake with the mountains, oh and my friends, on a big, huge boat party boat. No doubt better get back and join the party im ready to party with you guys just wait for me to get over there, because my batterys feeling a little bit weak. I might just oh, no, oh Music, all right im going to excuse the vertical video. Just this one time, because hes about to make a spectacular dive right through this window, well, he did go through it. One of the first things you want to do when you get your new drone is fly over water.

Another thing you want to do maybe is fly through something, but when you put the two together, sometimes you lose your drone forever ill be flying around the barn. With my drone, with my drone ill be flying around the barn with my drone ill be flying ill. Be flying and i hit a tree im dying. I was flying my drone around the barn round. The board, hey kids, give us a wave if youre about to crash there. You go all right, then here we go up up and away perfect place to fly. If youre kind of inexperienced through wires and walls and buildings and foliage, but not to worry, just send it, i always say just get on in there and try go through the trees there. You go no problem at all. Absolutely flying like an expert here – oh and now, everybodys favorite game whos, got more skill, the drone pilot or the guy on the one wheel. What do you think guy on one wheel? Oh yeah ive got more skill all right, so drone pilots gon na track. You and all he has to do is turn the drone around avoid those trees. Oh the wires learn a lesson. There wont do that again, all right there. He is got him in my sights, and here we go. Oh god. Oh, this is a great place to learn my fpv skills get up way high, where i cant hit anything, do a flippy.

Do there you go im gon na, do a little roll here and that ground came up awful, fast, didnt it small town, usa on the square a little park in the center here. Just getting my bearings, get a shot of this gazebo whoa whoa whoa! Oh! Oh, my god, i made it oh country road. Take me home to the wire that i just hit. Oh my just got back from filming his secret catfish hidey hole, and all he has to do is get that thing right back to him just flat straight. No problem youre in business well hold on here wheres. This oh come on, man come on, i mean come on. All right were whooping. It up. Ive set up my own course through the table around the couch through the chair. Yes, we made it through the chair back around into the backyard over the fence, alongside the pool just showing off going under the stick and through here. Oh, i almost didnt make it okay, but i got my skills going gon na head on around around the birdbath and for a big finish. Underneath the diving, hey man, cool drone, can i fly no way youre, not as good a pilot as i am because oh whoa whoa youre in the tree? No, i got ta just do it. Dont worry about it. No were good were good im. Just gon na go, go out. Well just go over here. No, the other way go.

Oh man come on come on thats, terrible. All right, dont worry about it were good, were good all right. Your turn no way. I am so good at this check this out and knife edge. Ah hell checking the systems forward, control works, backward control, works and forward control directly into the wall that works. Oh here we are somewhere in england im going to fly through this castle. Looking thing yeah then im going to build up a lot of speed too much speed and crash directly into the ground: lovely, brilliant, fpv friends. You know that moment where youre like ive got this whole acro thing and then moments later youre cruelly reminded that maybe you dont good times the american west. The only place youre gon na find all these cacti thats right. Cacti is the plural of cactus, its not cactuses. This is this is so here we are just gently flying getting some cinematic shots and, oh so close to that cactus. Turning around getting the sun, oh man, right, nifa, pull that thing out. One surefire way to avoid those killer trees is to fly high enough above them, but then that whole gravity thing comes into play. You know how that goes, Applause and now a demonstration of what happens when your balls are bigger than your brains, the inevitable. Oh im going to get this thing, get it im going to get it okay im going to get it no need to be going to get it.

Oh wheres it going hes going to bring it around its okay, yeah hes, going to land it. Okay, its going up uh huh hes, going to land it too im going to get this oh hes, going to land it im going to get it close, just land it land it around the other side, hes going to land im going to get it. Yes, i am too old for this ridiculous. Oh its coming down. Is it coming down, told you i get it now, a demonstration of the shootmatic 5000.. If you ever find yourself in trouble, all you need do is eject the parachute and land your drone ever so safely, ever so softly to the ground. As we then slowly descend back to terra firma, not a care in the world. Nothing is going to harm this. I see well, at least the parachute is still operational. This is a demonstration video from someone whose company does drone roof inspections. They offer services like extreme close up onto the shingles as they go down and down the side of the building Music and apparently they also offer shutter inspections. Hey yall check it out, im flying through the house so easy. I go right through this big, huge winder right by the flags into the backyard whered that come from what, in the hell, the great thing about analog fpv is that theres almost no lag and its crystal clear? Oh okay! Well, we kind of lost connection.

There were upside down and were falling, were falling and were crashing. Hey man quick, bring that drone back over here man. I want to show you something: what is it its in the tree check it out, look get close up well, thats. Just too close, i swear there was an eagle in the tree and the worst visual observer award in the whole world goes to this guy. Finally, crashed deserved it. Its moments like this, when you need a good friend to make you feel better, but instead he deserved that classic. Well, i bought this drone and flew it over water. They said hey. Do you think you otter? I said i bought this drone. I didnt have to haggle, and then i got me a face full of scraggle Music. This is where the rubber meets the road and also the drone. The drone meets the road as well and now a moment inside a drones head. Oh man, this is so fun flying over these sheep. Oh look at me: im hurting them im hurting them get over there. Yeah man. This is so fun just being above all these. What happened there? Oh god, oh god, dont lick, me dont. Let me dont lick me dont. Ah man, i said dont lick me. Oh hails yeah. This is a perfect structure for fpv its almost like it was built just for the purpose im gon na dive in here and see what i can find: okay, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, oh oh, that was close im gon na fly over to that guy And im gon na tell him a thing or two: there are rules, oh my nose! Oh, is it bleeding? Is im bleeding right, ha ha! Look at this dumb dog im up too high for you.

You cant get me man, you cant get! Oh, oh, oh, but the tree can the tree can definitely get me all right: the old cinematic back and away shot in a cemetery with trees. What could happen? Ah, nothing could happen if i checked all my boxes dotted all my eyes and crossed all my tails flying high above the field free as a bird. Oh, this is so fun lets see whats over this way and ah okay, oh, we lost the prop. Oh, we got three going come on. We can do this come on, come on a strange salesman came by the house the other day and said that he could for a fee remove all of the drone magnets from the trees. I said what the hell do. I need you to do that. Ah, okay, all right, i get it and now bear witness to the grisly end of this particular drone, because, oh okay, it lived heres a bit of advice. Friends, if your drone flies all floppity doppity like this, never ever fly directly over a swimming pool. Once upon a time in a far off land, there lived a drone that dreamed of being a tree barber well one day, as luck would have it. His dream became reality and were flying around a tree were flying around a tree hi ho the mario. We didnt see the other tree whats the name of a person who sells stolen goods. I just cant remember its right on the tip of my tongue: oh yeah, a fence its a beautiful day here at this inlet were flying our dji pos down out towards the oh.

Is that a bird i thought i saw a bird there. Okay! Well, just avoid the birds heading out towards the ocean. Oh that was a little bit close there, but im sure were fine just going to get you a shot of this job. Oh come on man, another fantastic fpv location man just send it get in there Music. Now try to get out of there. It was a dimly lit twilight evening on the way back from the haunted mansion. Looking out, my nerves were shattered was expecting anything to jump out at me, but i never expected the obvious. Is the lake the best place to learn to fly a drone, probably no yeah? Definitely not rusted out structures can make some really good cinematic video, but be sure that both you and your drone have your tetanus shot. Well, thats gon na about do it for volume. Four of drone crashes, if you have a drone crash that you would like to be in volume 5, please email me at this address, make sure to put drone crash in the subject line and send a streaming link instead of an actual file attachment.