Im the channel host and nine times out of ten were going to be talking about drones. Drone mapping, drone construction, progress reports, things like that. Also, we do a lot about imaging now. Todays video is going to be a little long, so we do have chapters down below because were going to be going walking you through a project that we started working on last month. This is our second flight at the location, and this is a new sports complex in the greater prescott area, its called the wheelhouse sports, complex thats. The building that you see off in the distance here and theyre also doing some new sports fields, a bmx track and a couple other amenities. So this is going to be really interesting and this locate this is located in the prescott valley area at the fairgrounds. So we also do have a horse track over here. On the right hand, side were not documenting that were actually just documenting the wheelhouse sports complex. You can also see that theres, a really nice rv park out there as well, so the area that were covering you can see the bmx track was just getting installed and roughed out theyre going to have that finished in the very near future and in this video That youre seeing this is a time lapse, so we did a may 2022 fly through and then we did another one just today here in june of 2022 and youll see this fade from may into the june.

So you can see that bmx track. So a lot of things went into this. This is similar to one of our typical drone mapping and construction progression reports, but this one instead of having buildings going up and things the building is already up and its the sports fields that are of most interest to the clients. They want to show the progression of the football field and of the bmx course and theres also going to be one additional field here as well. So when we first got contacted about this, we did the normal thing, which is i run out to the county tax parcel maps pages the yavapai county, parcel maps, take a look at the location, see where were going to be working, and let me minimize this here And so im also going to minimize our web odm as well were going through this whole process here today. So first thing im doing im grabbing my iphone, which has some of my flight planning on it and were going to share that screen with you here. In just a moment, so im waiting for that to pull up and there we go the mac studio. So you should be seeing our mirrored images right off of my iphone there we go so in order to get this done. We had actually pre planned a couple of flights, one for a video flight, utilizing litchi and then one using map pilot pro to do a two dimensional ortho mosaic model.

So first lets take a look at the litchi map here. So im just going to pull this right on up and i did the initial planning from the home office with litchis mission hub website to actually get what we wanted here. Let me minimize that area here so now you can take a look at this, so we set up a flight path, first and foremost for doing our video. I always like to do things in a particular progression, so we started out with the video flight today and then we moved on to the two dimensional ortho mosaic model where we use map pilot. So, as you can see, i dont have a lot of waypoints on this at all. We set this to, i believe about seven miles an hour. The distance is 3 310 feet. Time was seven minutes according to lychee here, so we do get a lot of great information when were doing our pre planning with lichi gives us an idea of our flight time. What were going to be using in the battery now, what we did is we actually launched the drone. Had the drone follow this flight path and at the center you can see the 70 foot. Marker is our central point. Where were targeting so weve got a point of interest and, as were flying around the field areas, the drone is adjusting, the gimbal is adjusting so that were always shooting at the same location, which is between the sports field and the bmx field.

So literally hook this up to the drone controller on the mavic 2 pro and executed this mission with video on, and so you saw a little of that video beforehand and lets go ahead and close this one out and now lets pop up map pilot pro. So in our mission plans, our second mission that we have saved in here, as you can see, i did a very simple mission. Its not like were doing a 3d model here, so we didnt need to use a lot of images on left hand. Side of this im going to show you so my flight distance was 2.11 miles and the path speed was set to 15.7 miles per hour and this particular property, as you can see here in the upper left corner about 13 and a half acres theres a lot More going on in here and when the clients first got in touch, i thought they wanted. The whole area uh flown for a whole two dimensional map, and it was nice to find out that they did not need the whole area. Just the area that theyre in control of with the sports complex, so thats the sports, complex building here on the north and then going into the south. This is where the sports field and bmx track are going to be so i preset this flight up actually at the home office, went and verified everything in person back in may to make sure that we were getting the right flight path done and we worked so In looking at this right away, i just want to reiterate: first flight was a video flight with lichi flying around a point of interest, and we did the same exact flight in may, as we did today here in june.

So it makes it nice and easy to show the transitions and changes month to month in a progression report style in video. We also can show the changes month to month with that two dimensional ortho mosaic model that we made here with map pilot pro. So let me just close this one up here well get out of the drone screen and well go ahead and turn that screen mirroring off. So, as i mentioned, let me close this up here and, as i just mentioned, lets take a look back at this really quickly. So same flight path was used and i just want you to see. So this is the mayflight path and the june flight path followed. The same exact flight as you can see it changed from that empty part of the field here to the initial roughed out bmx track. So this is going to be a really interesting one to follow the progress on. In addition to doing all of this stuff, outside with them, were also going to be doing an in inside virtual tour to take people through um, an inline hockey rink. Actually, a couple of inline hockey, rinks theyve got a boxing gym in there. Theyve got a regular gym and theyre also adding a couple of other things. So when its all said and done, this is going to be a really amazing sports, complex in the area. All right lets go ahead and close the quicktime player.

So after we return from the location, i do what i always do, which is offload everything, because i always do like to see what we got after. We were in the field, so i am just going down, and here we are so i have three folders from todays flight. I have my ortho images. Those ortho images were generated with map pilot pro and theyre, going to be used to develop the two dimensional orthomosaic model. We then had a sports complex set of stills, so we do still images as well to showcase and highlight certain things at the location and then finally, we had the sports complex video that followed that initial flight path, so theres the initial flight path that we had Set up – and i had the drone automatically start doing its flight and uh picking everything up here and we have a similar flight for may as well. So this is following around with that lichi flight path that i just showed. You now were doing this one. Pretty quick because doing a full drone, construction mapping and drone construction progression, reporting um, does take a little time in the field, does take a little more time, uh in the initial setup, so thats. Why i wanted to move through that quickly? We do have over at We do have a couple of series of doing a full progression report setup for clients for other construction sites as well. So if you want the slowed down version, where we show you the setups, how we set our waypoints and how we set up a map pilot ground station pro or drone harmony, you might want to go check over at classes. all right. So one of the first things that i look at once i offload everything im, always very interested in the ortho images and our ortho models. So, as we can see here, dji number zero, zero three through to number 135. So we had 133 images that went into this flight todays flight now last month in may we did a similar flight and for may lets go back here and lets see here. So may ortho images and once again the first image was a throwaway image. It always takes one extra, so in highlighting maze flight. We also had 133 images, so both of these models match up very nicely and what i did next once i got everything offloaded and organized into my clients. Folder was i opened up web odm, so were using the mac studio m1 right now, which has helped speed things along nicely on web odm and on agisofts meta shape as well, and, as you can see here so lets just zoom on in really quick. We have the sports complex in june 2022 and we have the sports complex in may of 2022 as well. So i ran these tasks today because i wanted to rerun them back to back. So i did the may 1 first under one task here in web odm. It flew for me lets take a look right here: 133 images. It was 11 minutes and 49 seconds to have it complete and we did this on a standard output with web odm.

So we could have done it on a higher end output as well, and that would have given us more depth in the images. But let me tell you when you zoom, into these orthomosaic models, um very, very good detail. I was flying this at 235 feet above ground level as well, just to let you know, and we were keeping our eyes to the sky, because we were just a little distance from kprc, our local airport. Here in prescott, we were flying in class g airspace, but we were close to the edge of controlled airspace, so we were watching out for the helicopters from guidance helicopter and for the different training flight student flights from embry riddle or north air aviation as well. Now i ran this one this morning here just to check it out, and we ran this at 1107 course. We can go into the view map here were going to show you a little more afterward, but im going to go ahead and close out the google map just to show the overall area here, as we zoom in we can see this resolving. We can zoom in even further so a lot of detail out of this flight and, as we can see in the old flight, no bmx field or bmx circle in here at the moment, im going to go back to the dashboard in web odm. So web odm is one of the tools that i use for 2d and 3d modeling.

We also use agisoft metashape and we have uploaded to other services as well. If youre new to webodm, it is an open source, drone mapping, application and its basically free. You can get the free version, but you got to do a little compiling on windows mac or on linux, but you can also do their pay for downloader, which is a really reasonable price. I think 57 one time fee, and then you too can process your drone images and also we do have a class and we do have a walk through for setting up and using web odm for the first time. So if youre new to web odm youre looking for a low cost solution, you might want to try this out all right lets. Take a look at the june of 2022 as well were going to open that one up and once again we ran this one, and this one was 10 minutes and 11 seconds, so just a little bit different than the first one uh. Even though we have the same number of images, its kind of interesting because the other one was what 11 minutes and some change lets see: 11 1149 versus 1011.. As i said them, both these were run on the basic settings and nothing else was changed with these. So if i go into here and do a view map as well, we can go ahead and turn off that google map around there and sure enough weve got the new version from june, which we just did today, and you can see this bmx track in here.

Its loading in ive also got some lines, loading in here as well, but so we can start zooming into this further and further to get the details of that bmx track and where the football field is going to be going as well. And finally, the main building called wheel house – this is the wheelhouse sports complex im, going to go back to my dashboard here were going to go back down to the tasks were going to talk about one of the next things that i did so in order to Get a finalized orthomosaic that i can hand off to the clients that they can take a look at, and you know, see what changes have gone on in a certain period of time. In this case about a month, we can also download our assets from web odms. So the first item is an ortho photo, so we can download that ortho photo that we generated today that we generated last month as well. We can put them together in photoshop, which is what were going to take a look at just a couple of minutes. You can also output a surface model. We have the point cloud textured model, so it did generate a 3d model from this, but we werent after a 3d model because were only showcasing those sports fields right now. You can also check out our camera parameters. The camera shots, we have a quality report and we can also offload all assets.

So what i did for the june flight was offloaded just the orthomosaic and for the main flight. I also offloaded just the orthomosaic lets: go ahead and minimize web odm now for the next step, so im sliding these two images over here for you – and these are from june of 2020 and from may of 2022 excuse me 2022 for both of them. So there are two offloads and what im going to do with this, because we do want to do a before and after thats one of the things that i normally do on my deliverable web pages on the custom web pages that i built for my clients. For those clients we like to give them a before and after slider, so they can actually see the changes first hand, and it makes quite an impact for short all right. So im going to select both of these were going to drag them on down to photoshop. Here, and so one of the things i like is that i can keep some of my other applications open as were going through this on the mac studio. So with the ram the cpu and the gpu it its. Not a big deal to have web odm running in the background or even other applications running as well, so were not going to run into any bottlenecks or anything here. So, as you can see in photoshop here, im going to zoom this in, we have the 6 20 22 that was today, and we also have the 5 6 20 22, and that was last month.

So right now i am looking at last months and then we also have this month. What im going to do to put these two together and get them aligned nicely is i am going to go over to the right hand, side here: ive got layer 0 right here and im going to drag layer 0 over onto todays flight, so lets wait for That im going to drop it right in here and its not perfectly aligned yet, which is okay, so im just going to grab my move tool really quickly and what were going to do over on the right hand, side again to get these put together. So weve got layer, one and layer zero, so lets whoops im holding the shift key and now that ive held the shift key ive got both the layers highlighted see how theyre, both selected here im going to zoom that back out and were going to go up To edit and we are going to go down to auto, align layers, so were going to put these two layers together and make everything match up one of the nice things since we used map pilot pro, which had a pre programmed flight path. We know that were going to get consistent results flying the same exact path so lets auto. Align. Those layers were going to say this fully auto. Of course we could do free transform if we needed to im going to say. Okay to this were going to see that these layers are now lined up together and over on the right hand, side again, we have not now and lets go over here back to layer, so layer one is on top layer.

Zero is on bottom and looking at layer one. We can see immediately because theres no bmx track here, that this must be the mayflight. If i turn the visibility off on this heres our june flight, so we can see a little longer shadow different time of day on the wheelhouse complex itself lets go ahead and turn the may back on. So a little less shadow here so a bit of a different time of day, but turning these off and on youll see these have lined up really really nicely now. What i want to do with this is clean, this up a little bit so im going to get this prepped for when i build that custom web page for my client, and so what i want to do here is, i just want to go in to do A simple crop, since this is for web presentation. I dont need to do this at 300. Dpi at 72 dpi is going to be perfectly fine. I have turned on the crop tool and im going to leave the width and height open. So what that means is. I can crop it as i see fit, so i can get these lined up a little nicer, so im just going into this ortho overlay here and we can bring this down a little more because were not really focusing on the sports complex. The building itself were interested in whats, going on with the field and the bmx track as well, and so also their property is in this middle ground.

Here, when we look off to the left or look off to the right, thats, a different property holders vault, so we really dont need their parts of the uh of the ortho mosaic in this. Now that ive gotten my crop to where i want my crop im. Gon na go ahead and hit return on this and, as i said, weve got layer, one which im going to turn the visibility off and there is layer 0 right there, which is todays flight. So i could move these around now. But what happens next is im. Actually going to export a jpeg, the reason why im doing a jpeg here is because the tips are so huge. I want to utilize the jpegs on the website for the presentation for the client so ill be exporting todays flight and ill be exporting last months flight. As jpegs same size, same aspect ratio we have here were not going to change anything about that once were done with that, and weve got those two jpegs theyre going to be web ready for the before and after slider that we use. So, if youre new to this channel, if you go over to thats one of our test sites for doing some demo stuff and under some of our builds at, you will actually get to see some of the before and after sliders that we have up. As well and also on this channel, i have reviewed how we make our custom web pages for our clients.

So we make custom deliverable web pages for the clients, so they can see the stills. They can see the video. If were doing 360 images, they can see the 360 presentations if were doing before and after orthos like this, they can see those as well. The reason why we do these custom web pages is kind of a one stop shop for our clients. To be honest, we dont want them having to go peel through a bunch of drop box folders or have this model sent this way, and this model sent this way and this video presented over here. You know a lot of times when people do deliverables for their clients when were doing drone work. Um theyve got a hodgepodge of delivery systems. We like to consolidate all of that into one location, so it makes it easy for folks to you know reference whats happening on the site. You dont have to be a survey engineer or an architectural engineer person to understand whats going on on the deliverable web pages. We make it really easy, even for a person coming in off the street, who has never looked at that construction site theyre, going to get a really good feel for whats happened on that site between the progression, videos, weve done and these before and after ortho mosaics. As well all right im going to go ahead and close photoshop were not going to export these to jpegs right now, um because were not jumping into that part yet, but i do have that already saved quit.

Photoshop dont save and im just closing it up and just to let you know and see right here. I already have my before and after set up and ready. So when it comes time to creating my deliverable presentation on the custom web page im going to have im going to be able to export the jpegs very simply and very easily so im just moving all these things back over here and now were going to go. Take a look again lets go ahead and open this one up, my client data, the particular client on this project and then the sports complex, because i also did want to talk about the sports complex stills as well. So not only do we do the orthos and we do the video for progression. We also do make waypoint missions for getting still images as well, and that way we can follow along with those waypoints. Now, when im doing these, once again, i utilized litchi for this flight setup as well. You will notice one additional thing going on here: not now we have the dji number 137 dng and then right below that we have the jpeg. So when im shooting these stills to document construction progress, i like to give myself not only the raw images but also pre, processed jpegs as well. So in litchi i set lychee to raw and jpeg, and that way as i go through and take a look at my images, if i find something interesting in the jpegs that i think might be helpful, i just might go back and edit the raw photos instead.

So, just giving you a couple samples of these still images, so we can do a slideshow for our clients, with the still images as an additional way to also show the progression at this drone construction site. So i feel a little funny calling this a drone construction site, but it is, there is a level of construction going on here for these different sports fields. While the buildings are already built. You know these additions still require. You know a lot of construction work just laying out this bmx bike track. For instance, um took a lot of labor in there. So and apparently this is one of the larger bmx bike tracks in arizona the person who is designing this actually designs. These types of tracks on a regular basis, so hopefully theyll see our work as well and maybe when they do their next track, installation theyll think of a z drone for tracking their progress on the location as well, so over the coming weeks and months as this Site progresses further: we will be touching base with you again and showing you through what has actually changed. This location lets pull this one up here as well, so i also did want to get the front of the sports complex, and so this is a huge location. Like i said, multiple uh roller hockey rinks in there theyve got a full boxing ring, set up, uh full gym equipment in there and they have additional plans as well.

In addition to these two sports fields, the bmx track and where the football field is going to be going, theyre also going to be doing one further installation here and im going to leave that as a surprise. Until we go down the road with this uh. With this particular project, a little more so i did make sure to get a little more elevation out of these to really showcase the locations and to shoot in both directions. The other thing we were working against the uh arizona sun this morning, so we didnt show off everything in both directions. We were there earlier today, so the sun was coming up from the east, but you know its northern in the sky right now, so we were trying to make sure that we werent blowing out our images or our video theres another straight almost straight down. You know we curved the gimbal down further, because we did really want to showcase this one as it all comes together, so most likely next month well be out to do another flight well be covering these same locations and um so well be doing the video. Well be doing the orthos and well be doing the stills again. So one of my next steps that im going to have here is im going to actually import all these images to my lightroom library as well. That way, i can go through and sort my favorites and my not so favorites remove the rejected photos, flag.

The photos that are looking really good and then pass these stills along to our client and also create a slideshow out of these stills for our presentation page as well before we ramp this up. So thats, though that thats our whole process here. So we went out. We did we did the video flight first, we did the ortho before and after images that come together to put the ortho together and then we finally did the standard, still images as well. So ive already edited the video youve seen part of that video, where we fade from one month to the next, and then we did showcase the um, the bmx track a little more. So we always like to throw a little bit of extra in there. The clients like to see additional changes over time beyond our normal flight paths as well. So my next step in this will be importing the images ill be sorting through the still images and then ill be building my custom web page for the clients. As i said to you, if you pop on by to see, this is where we do our demo stuff for our main clients that uh were doing our regular paid jobs over at We do something similar to the see my build. Where were doing the construction progression reporting, but we also have locked pages for our clients, so they can share the pages with only who they want to see them.

But when we start looking into some of our other locations in here, like lets, see weve got north high load. Some here lets go ahead and click on that one. So we do have our intro page on this. We do our video presentation for them. We also had a stem still image gallery for them and, finally, what i was talking about before heres, one of our before and after orthomosaics, and were actually working on this particular project this week too, because they just poured the concrete at this location. So theyre going to be getting ready to start having walls go up were not going to focus heavy in on this particular one. We are going to stick with the wheelhouse sports complex, to show you some progression over time, as i said so, i know we just went really fast here, theres a lot more that goes into this. You know so we did a complete walk through here my process, but if youd like to see it step by step, setting up the lychee waypoints setting up our flight paths with map pilot pro or ground station pro, if you go over to, we do have A full progression flight, um, utilizing litchi and mapp pilot pro, and we do have several other videos on setting up flight paths to be reused over and over again with our eyes to creating progression reports for our construction clients, all right, everybody. I hope this one didnt go too fast.

We are putting those chapters in there for you as well and, like i said, head on over to, and you can check out free previews of the classes there too. So you can get an idea of whats going to be going into those courses what youre going to see and what were not showing in those courses all right. Everyone hope youre off to an awesome start to the week. Well, see you again real soon on channel.