I want to meet santa wait. Do you think he’s close right now? I don’t know but i’m hearing his bells. Like guys here. Let me open the door, so you guys can hear this for yourselves. Oh my god are you hearing that yeah that’s literally santa? I would have seen him. Where is he i don’t know i don’t know he could be anywhere around here yo. So what i was thinking is strongly squad. You guys know we have the drone and so what, if we actually for the first time ever, took the drone up in the sky on christmas eve and tried to find santa? Can you imagine if we saw him like delivering, presents to people and kids in the neighborhood? Wait so put it up? I want to see him. Do you think he has like a bunch of gifts on his like slaves? Probably, but i know you’re not getting any of those janna you’ve been naughty this year. I know it happens. I deserve all the presents see if we see him he’s gon na tell you you’re getting cold for christmas. Guys drop a like down below and comment if jana’s getting cold for christmas i’m gon na get all the freaking presents. Dramatic squad drop a like on this video. If you guys are ready for this hit that subscribe button, we actually don’t have a lot of time right now, because santa’s very quick guys, you guys know he hits each house and delivers the presents using his magic in like under a second there’s thousands of houses Around this entire area – and so he could be around for at most – maybe like 10 minutes before he moves on to the next city to deliver more presents it’s even snowing outside guys.

It matches the christmas vibe. Oh okay, okay, let me put it up right now. Let me put it up: okay, sorry squad and we have the drone up in the air there’s our house right. There guys look at it. Oh my god. It’S literally snowing right now too it’s the perfect time for santa to be around it’s, so beautiful. Oh, my god, look at this. Look at all the houses guys christmas eve like night time is in about one hour and you guys know that’s prime time for santa to be around i’m surprised he’s even around right now, like i thought he has to wait for you to be sleeping yeah that’s. What i’m saying even the song is like he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake yeah, you know so like and that’s supposed to mean like he knows when to come to the house or not. Oh, my god. Okay, look at this guys, there’s! So many houses for santa to hit – and this is just in one neighborhood within one town within one city within one province within one country and one continent – goes on and on it goes on and on, but basically like guys, i don’t know how the hell santa Actually delivers presents to every single house in the world. I mean he’s magical right so like it’s, definitely something like me, yeah that’s, true, he is magical guys. You guys know santa is a man of mystery.

He has the christmas magic. He knows if you’ve been a bad or good girl or boy guys and guys. I heard the only way to become a good kid for christmas is to actually drop a like and subscribe i’m just kidding guys i’m just kidding, but you will get cold for christmas. If you don’t, drop a like on this video, no i’m just kidding guys but guys serious threat, let’s keep our eyes peeled right now, we’re taking the drone all around the town, trying to just see if we can spot anything, weird, specifically guys santa or his sleigh And reindeer and because there’s a lot of snow around, like you know, santa suit it’s like red, right it’s like bright red it’s, gon na stand out, it would stand out very easily against the snow here. Let’S take it over to the school area. Maybe we can spot santa somewhere around here. Maybe he would use like the playground as like a landing ground so that he can hit the houses around it. But then again i also heard that santa lands. On top of your house, i mean how big is his sleigh? Does that make sense? I don’t know it like it like magically, sits on top of your house, and then he goes down your chimney. Guys guys make sure that tonight you have milk and cookies out. As well as you turn your fireplace off so that way, santa’s able to get down – oh my god, look that’s the entire city over there.

What about the people in the buildings over there? Do you think they get presents too? Like i mean i have to, because i know everyone gets presents, he probably just like lands except for the bad people, the bad kids don’t get pregnant. We do not get presents. Okay, strawberry squad right now. Keep your eyes peeled comment down below. If you guys see anything on the drone right here, specifically like through the clouds and stuff, sometimes if you’re lucky, you can capture little glimpses of santa’s sleigh like moving in and out of the clouds. How crazy? With that, does he move like really fast in this thing, yeah he’s super fast, like insanely, fast that’s, why? You really need to keep your eyes peeled and if you do see anything you might have to even slow it slow down the footage and play it back. Oh wow, because sometimes you only catch like just a little glimpse, or even a little red dot in the in the clouds. You know what that would be santa no rudolph, oh rudolph, the red nosed reindeer yeah, like sometimes you can actually capture like a little bit of the glow in the clouds guys that’s, so nice, oh, my god, okay let’s, just like keep looking and see if we Can see anything weird in here guys wait hold on wait. What oh you’re one look that’s santa that’s, literally him that’s santa right. There look he’s coming straight at us.

I mean that literally, that has to be oh, my god, yo guys. It turns out the jingle bells that we heard really was him. He really is in the area. Look at god guys. This is literally never before seen footage on a drone, a freaking santa sleigh in the sky. Do you think he’s gon na come to our house? I don’t know i don’t know it looks like he’s going all around the town. Oh my god. How high up is that that’s super hot yeah that is super high? Oh, what the hell is. Strawberry squad. Look look i’m following him right now: i’m following him. Oh, my god, look he’s moving super fast super fast. Do you think he notices the drone? Oh definitely not if he’s moving that fast yeah but then again santa’s magic like if he knows when you’re sleeping – and he knows when you’re awake guys. Oh, my god, maybe he’s, not gon na give me presents now because he thinks i’m spying on him and trying to expose christmas. Oh my god, don’t piss off wait. I lost him. I lost him what maybe he’s already moved on to the next town or he like teleported herself. That would be way too fast, yeah that’s, so fast. You would have had enough time to deliver, presents look there. He is again look look at that see. Oh, my god, guys that’s literally santa what the hell. Okay, wait: wait, yo he’s gone again: he’s gone okay, um let’s, try like looking down here, maybe near the playground, or maybe he landed somewhere here so that he can deliver presents around okay, guys jana is actually flying the drone right now, we’re gon na take it Like over to the school over there and behind it to try to see if we can see santa anywhere nearby, what are you doing? Are you like looking at these other channels right here? Wait i think i saw wait, wait wait hold on jana go, go back! Look down again yeah.

There is something moving. What is that is that look it’s, a guy wearing red that’s? Definitely santa that’s, definitely something santa! Oh, my god look that’s literally him. What is he doing, though? Where are his like presents and like the reindeer? I don’t know i i think it’s him or do you think it’s a fraud like somebody just dressed up as santa i don’t know, because i think santa would have like all the reindeer and all the presents, and you know yeah and rana. We literally just saw him in the slate, so it literally has to be here yeah. It has to be oh, my god, yo just keep the drone on him, see what he does hold on. If santa’s like walking right there, his reindeer and his sled have to be somewhere, you know what i’m saying i mean he probably landed like you said at the school or something in the playground, but then where? Where would his sled be like? I don’t even see it anywhere like over here what the hell he probably makes it disappear. You know jana, do you know how close that is? I’Ve never been that close to santa look at him. He’S like walking around dude. It almost looks like he’s confused. Where is he going, i don’t know, but he looks like he’s like slowly strolling he’s, not really in a rush or anything yeah, and i mean considering it’s christmas eve and he has so many presents to deliver.

I don’t see why he’s just taking his time like this, like what is he just going on a little stroll in the park before his big day? He looks like oh he’s coming out of the little forest area. Oh my god. Wait get closer, let’s verify that this 100 is santa, because it looks like it from a high angle, but we don’t know 100. He has to have like a white beard and everything he definitely does have a white. Oh my god. Yeah, try to get like a random get a front view, get a front view that is so so santa that’s, literally santa guys. Oh my god, look at him! Oh my god. Yo just keep the drone on him. Keep following him. Yeah look at him! He’S, like he looks like he’s having a good day, you know yeah like where’s. He going though doesn’t he have presents to deliver yeah. I don’t know guys. This is not making any sense drop a like and subscribe down below for us actually finding santa, literally, not only on the sled in the sky, but on foot now, maybe just taking like a little break like maybe toronto is where he chose to just stop and Just relax for a bit, maybe he’s been delivering, presents all night because you guys know different time zones around the world it’s night time for other cities in other countries. Maybe he already hit those cities up and he’s just waiting for it to turn night time here now.

You know what i’m saying i mean: i’m sure santa needs a break too sometimes yeah, but then again doesn’t. He have like christmas magic like can’t. He just like wait, who’s that i don’t know it’s another red yo that’s, the grinch, that is the grinch that’s literally the grinch wait. Maybe that explains why santa’s here yeah, maybe he’s like maybe the grinch was trying to stop santa in his tracks like ruining snowballs. Maybe he was trying to ruin christmas and santa came here: santa’s magic sensed, the grinch and now he’s trying to confront him look they’re having a snowball fight. Oh my god holy crap strawberry squad. Look at this who do, you think, is gon na win. I have no idea but i’m assuming santa, like the good guys, always come out on top. Oh yeah, the santa looks like he’s going at it. What the hell are they doing look. It looks like they’re about to fight, or maybe they’re like talking, maybe santa’s like threatening him to not try to spoil christmas. You got it. You know the grinch. He tries to steal his presence always does that it’s so annoying, oh, my god. The grinch is running. Now, oh, i think santa scared him. Maybe maybe he scared him off? Oh my god, i do not feel comfortable knowing that the grinch is this close to her house. This is insane what the hell are they going to like a park. Now i don’t know the wrench is going behind the swings.

This is crazy, there’s. So many kids out there waiting on their presents for christmas, and i can’t believe the grinch has the heart to actually stop santa like this and prevent him from delivering presents what the hell are. They doing just keep it on them. Right now, keep it on. Look, it looks like the grinch is like trying to sneak around wait. I think santa lost it. I don’t think santa knows where he is hold on. I was confused yeah. If santa lost him here, how did he know where he was originally? You know what i’m saying: oh, the grinch is going up behind santa really. Oh my god. Do you think he’s going to sneak attack? Oh my god? No! No. We have to warn santa yana, bring the drone down or something no don’t go up. Okay! Okay! Wait! Oh, my god, give me a second. We have to like warn santa he’s going to get attacked by the grinch. If the grinch beats santa, then no one gets presents for christmas. Oh my god! Oh my! No, it looks like santa’s clueless. Maybe he’s had way too many cookies and milk today to to notice that the grinch is like behind him cause he’s like wobbling around a little bit yeah, what the hell guys that’s. Another question is: how does santa eat all the cookies from every house around the world and the milk like wouldn’t? He get really fat if he did, that i mean he kind of is a little fat yeah, but wouldn’t he be even way.

Bigger you’d be like the size of this whole town. If he ate that many cookies around the world where’s the grinch, i don’t see the grinch anymore. I don’t know maybe he’s like teleporting yourself. Oh there, he is there. He is he’s going near the swings. Now. I don’t get it the santa yeah santa just noticed him yo they’re about to go at it they’re about to go at it. This is crazy. Can you believe this? Are they going to try it probably look? It looks like they’re about to yana. Do not let them know that we have the drone above, like it’s one thing for santa to notice the drone, because at least he’s a good guy but the grinch he would get super mad so mad and then he would try to steal your christmas forever. Oh, my god, oh my god, in his face that’s insane stromedy squad holy crap, the grinch looks like he’s, not all right yeah. He looks like he’s yeah. Do not let them know that we have this drone here guys. I cannot believe that we’re actually capturing this live on camera, guys the grinch versus santa claus, the real one from the north pole. Oh my god, look they’re really going at it yeah! Oh my god. Whoa just push the grinch down. Yes, i love it. Oh, my god, charming squad who do you guys want to win? I mean i’m hoping it’s santa santa yeah.

I think the only one that wants the grinch to win is the grinch holy crap. Look. The grinch does not look okay, he’s like on the ground. Oh look they’re about to go for round two round two: oh my god, whoa they’re really they’re like boxing now yeah, it looks like they’re actually really angry with each other, like i think, santa’s fed up like he wants to. He has important stuff to do today. He’S, a busy guy and the grinch is like interfering with it yeah, but i never thought santa would ever be able to like fight someone yeah. I don’t know i think he doesn’t fight anyone the only one he does fight for the ground. Whoa whoa the bridge is wrong. Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s santa okay. We have to do something. I think the only one santa does want to fight is the grinch. Oh, oh god he just pushed santa down. No! Oh! No isn’t! Okay! Wait! Oh, my god did we just lose santa yo, try to wake up santa with the drones. Okay, i will. I will. Oh, my god yo the grinch is walking away. I think he thinks he won. No there’s no way no way what happened. Wait. I think santa’s getting up. No, i think the grinch thought it was over, but santa’s way too powerful. His magic won’t allow him to just get beaten like that, of course, not santa. Oh, i think he’s looking for the drone, yeah look yeah he’s.

Looking for the drone and the grinch in the background thinks he won. Oh santa found him he’s running behind him for it right now. He doesn’t know what’s coming from three two one: oh my god, sam just took down the grinch. Yes that’s insane. Oh my god. Thank god guys. I was beginning to be worried that i wasn’t gon na get any presents. Oh my god wait it’s still going on. Oh my god dude this fight just never freaking ends they just keep going at it’s romney squad rolling around in the snow. At this point, holy crap yeah take it like around these trees. That way we have cover and they won’t be able to see us, oh my god, they’re still throwing snowballs. This is insane guys, wait, where’s santa running to now now santa’s the one running guys. I never thought santa would be like a coward like afraid of the grinch. Oh, my god, what the hell is going on. Wait jana, you anna! Oh, they know they just noticed the drone. They noticed the drone. The grinch is picking up snow. Oh they’re doing it are they both mad at us? I think so. Even santa you’re not good. Well, i think santa’s mad, because we’re trying to like expose christmas or like expose footage of him or something like we’re supposed to be asleep and getting ready for him to deliver, presents wait. So we just oh they’re, really throwing snowballs at us yeah.

This is like dodgeball. Do not let them hit the drone, because we can’t go over there to go, get the drone. You know what i’m saying yeah yeah, oh my god, whoa yeah, bring it high up, bring it high up, but then again santa has magic. Maybe he could just call over his slaying reindeer and then he can come take out the throne from the sky and i’m sure he can. Oh, my god, what the hell are they doing now. I just feel bad. I didn’t want to get santa mad. What the heck the grinch i don’t care about, but santa. Why would he be mad at us? I don’t know he was throwing snowballs too. Maybe he thinks that we’re like up to no good but we’re not doing anything bad. Maybe we should go over there and try to just tell him like what’s happening and that we were just super excited to see him and that’s. Why we took the drone off we weren’t trying to expose christmas. I don’t want to go around the grinch. Oh, my god look angels what the hell they’re both doing snow angels now wait what the hell! What are they doing? They look like they’re wait. Maybe santa used his magic on the grinch to make the grinch nice or something look. It looks like they’re almost having fun together now, yeah they’re like walking together, i’m, so confused drama squad, leave your theories down below and comment what you guys think, because this, the grinch and santa just went from fighting to now, like being friends, doing snow angels together.

That’S so nice, what the heck it’s the spirit of christmas. Oh my god look they’re going on like the swing and stuff now santa’s pushing the grinch on the swing yeah. What the hell? Okay, guys! I’M super confused. How did they just go from fighting to now? Having fun like it looks like the grinch is like super friendly: now they probably just got it out of their system, and now they just want to get along again. Maybe the grinch is going to help santa deliver presents or something this is so freaking weird. I never thought i would see the day that the grinch and santa are our friends. I know what the hell wait is the grinch going to push santa now. Look the grinch’s squishing santa. I love this. This is so nice. This is so freaking, weird guys. This is just this does not seem right. Yeah about this seems very off, like santa probably used his magic to make the grinch nicer, so he had to have because the grinch is not nice. What the heck dramatic squad wait. What are they doing now? Yo look they’re like going down the slides now, oh my god, what the heck! Oh, my god, look at that the grinch literally just went down. The slide was saying: they’re really having fun yeah they’re having a blast now. I hope santa didn’t forget that he has to deliver, presents oh yeah cause. I want mine still yeah what the heck.

Oh, my god wait. Where are they going now? They’Re like running off into the distance yo? Follow them, maybe they’re gon na lead. Maybe it leads back to santa’s sleigh and maybe maybe santa’s gon na give the grinch like an uber ride, like a taxi oh like over, to where the grinch needs to get okay, their sleigh has got to be somewhere or maybe santa or maybe the grinch wants To show santa something, but i think santa i don’t think santa will just leave this laying around yeah. No, you know what i mean yeah. Maybe he like magically teleports it into excuses, wait what the hell they’re like holding hands! Now! Look, oh my god, they’re. Having so much fun what the hell wait, what are they doing now? What the heck wait get closer, get bring the drone. Oh, what the hell they just disappeared. Wait do you think they disappeared into the slave, they just disappeared. I have no idea, but they totally vanished. What the hell is really is santa and the grinch they just use their christmas magic powers to disappear. That makes no sense. I don’t know where they went, what the heck guys, oh my god, yo guys. We literally just saw santa and the grin disappear. You don’t see them anywhere on the drone, no okay, guys. This is absolutely insane it’s about to get dark me and yana are probably gon na start heading to bed soon. That was freaking crazy, guys guys i don’t even have time to outro this video, i feel like i got ta, go upstairs and get the milk and cookies ready for santa comment.

Your theories down below on why you think santa and the grinch were fighting at first and then started having fun with each other drop a like on this video hit that subscribe button make sure you guys go check out janna’s channel down below in the description rehearse Flying the drone and being in this video strawberry squad, i will see you in the next one and as always, strawberry squad, our prime capital team merch, is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible. Also, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the strobidy channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team. All you have to do is head over to my main channel page. It looks like this on the side you’re going to see prime capital subscribe to everyone underneath that and type done in the comments for a shout out in the next video shout out to this person right here for subscribing to me and the entire team.