They said whats up, man wait! Oh my god is that damn i see ryans wilder and diana kims show theyre running theyre running. Oh my god. They see this yo, i lost diana. I have to go after ryans room hes right over there. No giveaway alert im going to be giving away an iphone 12 and a brand new ps5 to a few subscribers. All you got to do is go subscribe right now. Smash the like button go to the comments and comment done and make sure you guys watch until then for a surprise, ill be checking the comments make sure you dont cheat, but anyways guys lets continue with the video yo whats going on guys back here with another Freaking bat anger guys and today, as you can see by the title guys i am on steroids, but anyways guys today were going to be trying to find kids diana show and ryans world on my freaking drone guys. If this works, this video is going to be crazy, but anyways guys, if you guys are new to my channel guys make sure you subscribe right now stay tuned to the end of the video to win the giveaway guys. So, a few weeks ago i did a video on ryans world. I caught him on my freaking drone today were going to be doing that, but were going to catch him in diana kids, show guys guys. I have some toys to catch ryans world with lets.

Go. Do that right now, a few moments later? Okay, guys, we just set up all the toys, guys were gon na text ryan, jules right now and tell him that i have a lot of toys in my backyard and he should come with kids diane and show guys if we can find diana and ryan. On. My drone guys that would be crazy, so lets go test. Ryans rolls right now, but anyways guys. I got the iphone 13. I got three of them, so two of them are gon na, be for you guys, one of them for me, yo guys. As you can see, i got ryans worlds number right over here, guys bro, my mcdonald, camera, never freaking focuses mcdonald. Camera come on all right right. There ryans world, im, gon na text him right now and be like hey, yo, whats, good rhinestones, literally just prompted. They said whats up man id be like whats good. So i got a question for you, its important yo. We need ryans will to come to my house guys that would be freaking crazy, so im really like. So you know how you like toys, he said yeah, i love toys id be like late. Listen. I just bought my toys for you, but you got ta come to my house with diana. We need brians will to come to my house with diana, oh, my god that would be crazy. Ryans wont say no way ill, be there and be like ben make sure you come with her, though you said no wait.

I would love to come id, be like okay, ill, see, ya text me when youre five minutes away, yo guys ryans gon na be at my house a few moments later: okay, guys its about an hour. After guys, we got the drone up in the sky. Right now i heard ryan tolds gon na be a mouse. Any second guys so lets fly up the drone and try to find him right now guys. This is live in my backyard right now, im looking for ryans world, where can you freaking be guys? Okay, guys, as you can see, this is my whole backyard. My pool yo im looking everywhere, i cant find him, maybe hes in my basketball court. Do you see him guys? I see the toys that i put there over there yo. Where can he be guys thats? My backyard, i know my backyards freaking crazy. Where can ryans world be guys? Is that him no thats, not him? Where can he be bro? Where can he freaking be yo? Were gon na be flying this right now for my phone yo thats, literally all the houses in my neighborhood – oh, my god, yo, where can ryans will be guys wait. Oh my god is that damn i see ryans world and diana kid. So we two people are coming in my driveway right now that could be them we, its so dark outside. We have to go closer to them. Oh, my god, we go closer yo that actually could be them.

Oh, my god, yo that is literally them yo. That is crazy, guys, no way. Oh my god, i see diana and ryan ryans in the blue hoodie. He told me hes gon na be wearing a blue, buddy and thats diana kid show. Oh my god, yo we got ta go find them. Hopefully they go to my backyard because theres a lot of light there yo now, i can see them way better guys, oh my god, that both of them yo theyre gon na be holding hands. Oh my god, yo thats, literally them. Oh, my god. No way! No freaking way i just found them on my drone theyre gon na, be in my backyard right now: yo thats ryan in the blue. He just airballed – oh my god, thats diana in the blonde hair – oh my god, no way shes playing with the toys which she also likes toys no way yo. I have to go closer to them. The whole kids are dancing. Oh, this is so cute yo. This is crazy, oh my god, no freaking way oh theyre, pointing at the drone theyre running theyre running. Oh my god. They see the drone shoot. They literally see the drone right now. Theyre running away from the drone guys shoot. I lost them guys. Im gon na exhaust them, i cant, find them no guys were gon na have to go attack them right now, guys, im gon na put down the drone i just landed.

The drone guys were gon na have to run after them. Right now. Guys lets go to my backyard right now: yo guys, im literally gon na attack them right now, theyre right now. In my backyard, i see them guys theyre right over there. Oh, my god, yo theyre right over there yo yo theyre right there. Oh, my god, yo diana ryans worlds. Coming right! Now, im gon na tell your parents im gon na tell your parents im gon na go off the diana im gon na go after bro bro! Come on no oh shoot yo i lost diana. I have to go after ryans world hes right over there, ryans world cups get so fast. Come here bro! Oh my god bro! Oh my god. Oh my god, shes gon na call her dad guys. I have to leave right now. No im filming before ryans wont got ta attack me. Oh my god yo. This was crazy. We have to lock the door right now, but anyways guys dont forget about this giveaway guys two iphone 13 pros. All you got to do subscribe and drop like and go comment down below done, guys, yo, guys, im gon na do a part two, because ryans wrote that and diana kid shows that its after me guys i was literally attacking them, and then they literally called their Guy at me, and their dad is attacking me now so guys if this video could drop 5000 likes ill, do a part two guys make sure you like it up right now go into the giveaway its been your boy.