We were just wondering if we can meet you wait. What who wants to meet me? Music, hey whats up youtube and its trues reaction here here, reacting to nothing once again, because guys we are here at the real batmans house, road, the real batman. I thought he lived in a mansion dude. This is the mansion right here, guys, the real batman actor literally lives inside this house. Bro also he has many houses, but he has like houses in like the hood, beverly hills uh. I dont know please, like this view, subscribe my channel for free dreaded sponsor society. Like this view, or else i will die crossing this road right here. I dont like it. Somebody looks like this. I am sometimes 20 people thats a damn right april. Why is anyone writing? Nobody cares. What the writer bro lets go like you else. I die right here, die die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die holy. Why is anyone gon na run? You over yo batman was being vested this year bro, but they got ta. Take this down in christmas, yo whats up man, i knew youre gon na go into my house. I saw you its robert pattison guys. You know the brown version: okay, okay, the same spot. This dude thinks hes my dad bro. We use robert pattison guys. Please like this video right now, if you look batman, also you guys subscribe. My channel for free, juniors and sponsors subscribe to bat reacts.

Please right here, guys hes, very desperate bro. I am desperate and hes, like oh daniel. I wont get used to if you dont Applause, someone was driving Music. Look at this dude hows it going batman, good good dog. You are full of hair bro. Oh, you go look where im freaking hard – oh my god, theres a disabled person right next to us all, right, guys, nicos in my wheel. Right now. This is really dirty like bro. What are you wait? Wait? Where are you going yeah leaving youre literally gon na break my car, just like nico broke his car the other day i dont want to talk about it. Oh i was driving my car, i hate ice and i hit him nothing funny. Everybody was staring at me. Everybody was saying i thought i was going to die anyways. What do you think in my car? Its interesting? You got lettuce here. You go. Oh yeah, you want to eat it, thats, so nasty all right guys were in the car all right guys. This kid does not know what were doing in todays video, so basically guys hes gon na give me ten thousand dollars, so i can pay for my college tuition right huh. I know you have a crush on ryans world bro and i know he rejected you thats. Why youre talking about no? No, no yeah? Okay, these vlogs use special for free drinks, while niko. I have a proposal, lets train right now and fight ryans world.

Why dont? We beat up a little kid because he rejected you, nico. Okay, i man i man up and i take the rejection. Okay were gon na fight. Him were gon na fight right now. Take this bug. Juice itll, make you hate ryans world. Is this uh bruh drink? Already, oh you, like that Applause bro. I feel jacked right now. Okay, but how does it affect your mental state about ryans world im gon na beat him up bro ill beat his journeys down. All right, fratelli just rides the worlds face. He needs some meal yeah. I need some of that. I need some of that bug. Juice. Guys, please like to see. If you love your mom, this tea does not love his. I love my mom, he hates his mom mommy. I love you mommy. I love you its radical its like that. What what Music you know you can squeeze the bottle right? Music! Oh my gosh im, just angry right now. You know i just drank that bro you had to understand bro. I also hate ryans world. We need to jump ryans world in real life ready! No, but i want a pete of his mom okay uh, oh hows, this possible hes eating the whole thing. Wait! Oh you tricked me bro, you didnt need any of it. Hes talking to ryans world right now, Music. You know how much how much he wants to pay for something: oh nevermind for some pictures, youre negotiating prices for exclusive rice worlds, pictures on his only fans, yeah one train, lets, go nico.

We have to trade to fight ryans lets just train to beat this kid up. Come on. No monkey came out bro, oh my god, god a few moments later, like the three goblins at me, bro bro, i got the symbiote. I have that spider sense. I have this symbiote with me guys, thats, wrong im, so bad all right guys. I used to watch ryans world back in the day, thats thats good. He used to watch fake, kissing, pranks on youtube all the time i caught him one day and he denies tuesday. I still watch him to this day. Wait we had to call ryans world probably tell how huge fans were. Did he just hear that hello ryans world? How are you bro im doing bad since you called yourself bro, because i used to make fun of him in my in like my videos about 85 years ago, anyways yo, ryans, bro all right chill bro, you got ta chill um. We were just wondering if we can meet you wait. What who wants to meet me me, my friend, nico nico, what i thought you were joking you asked now. It was a long time ago im a new man. Okay, i swear. I swear guys. We dont promote this youre gon na lose your scholarship nicos. A part of the maker witch foundation nico suffered a traumatic brain injury like one year ago, and he really wants to meet you bro. Look how sad he is right now.

I feel so bad for him. Come on meet him bro hes not going to kiss you on the lips, all right, oh youre, going to meet us bro! I just want to meet him. I could be your stepdad wait. What ron all right! All right! Fine see you thats! So messed up! Oh, what i could be a step dad against youtube monday lets freaking go bro thats. What im talking about bro? You know we have to train fight, ryans world bro and his mom okay. I dont hit womens problems. What why not? Who do you think you are? I hate women all the time i dont care guys dont hit women. Please lie to see if you love women, wait im just telling this video holy. Oh, my god, this dude cant even carry the weight get until get out of here: Music, Music, Music, Music. You record the damn shot going up, bro what youre not recording me. I was literally putting it up bro. I dont see why i cant record my face so close Music, two hours later, all right guys. We made it to the park because ryans world said that him and his mom would be here. So please, like this video subscribe, my channel for free dressing inside your society subscribe to bat reacts aka robert pattinson, please man, im uploading a video this friday so make sure to check it out. If you guys dont subscribe to his channel, then he will not play batman in the new batman.

I dont even know what im saying around thats, where you do this its glitchy nico cause. You dont charge your batteries, nico im glitching right now. You should see the cops there might be little kids in there bro. The cop wants to investigate that. As you can see, right here, guys were at the park and were taking a trip down memory lane, because we used to have summer camp every summer here and we used to play dodgeball get bullied by uh. He doesnt, we got bullied im telling you we got bullied yeah. Apparently we got bullied and i never knew about this. Like i didnt know, we got bullied um. This reminds me of the summer camp callisto um. This is the. This is the stage. This is where i started my acting career. This is where i actually played batman. Dude people literally threw pancakes and stuff at me. When i was on the stage i was singing bro. I was like baby baby and people used to make fun of me here. Bro a few moments later, bro we got ta, go inside a port, a potty right now, hes in there bro. This is crazy. It was freaking weve all meet up with him. Yeah lets go lets get in there. Yeah you like this. You like this rice. You got your money.