That was a good that was a good shot. Okay lets see, maybe down here, wait hold on. We need to get the hell out. Yeah lets see well just get out of here and we wont have to wait for it. Music. Have you guys heard of mommy long legs, no yeah? Well, if you havent shes from the game called poppy playtime whoa, whoa, whoa jesse, just jesse. That is definitely not happening. Do you remember what happened last time with poppy playtime? Listen, i get it. Huggy wuggy is scary and all, but its mommy long legs like whats the worst. That could happen right. No, no! No! No! No! Okay! I dont care im out. Come on im out no dont be scared for okay. Listen! I didnt want to have to do this, but i guess if youre gon na leave then um, i dont know where this money is gon na go. Oh, i smell 20s. What are we talking about? How much we know how much we here you go nick, but you have to help you promise: okay, okay, okay, ill ill help! Now mommy long legs is a large slender creature bearing an uncanny resemblance to a spider. She has pink skin curly, tangled hair, no nose and all four of her limbs are extremely elastic, capable of stretching hundreds of feet, hundreds of feet, whats that in meters and thats, not even the worst part. No, the worst part is thats her when shes, not even mad.

Okay, theres, just absolutely no way that im going through this wait. Why are we in your car? Well, you see we are going to be using this today to find out the position of mommy long legs, as she was last seen gone from the game roaming. Our city nope im out. Are you now jesse? Did you lock the door nick unlock the door? You are not going anywhere right: okay, yeah, not going anywhere wheres uh wheres, my twenty dollars, so you guys ready to go. Yep were all set. Awesome lets do this, lets do it, but before we go only a small percentage of you guys that watch my videos are actually subscribed. So if you end up liking, this video consider subscribing lets do this, and here we are toys, r us now. It seems that all of the most terrifying creatures stem from one place and one place only, and that is toys r us. That is why, today, we are gon na be flying a drone above toys, r us in hopes to capture our friendly, not so friendly. Most terrifying creature of all time, mommy long legs and we are oh yeah yeah. We all set up and he said off uh – were a little uncoordinated but its okay, because were gon na look for mommy long legs and we are gon na find her absolutely wait. A minute is that huggy look, oh my god holy crap, oh, oh, no, its a person bro its a toys, r us employee with a freaking blue shirt, and we thought okay, its okay.

You never know right now. It could have been. We dont know right true that, but we probably know the talks hes fully blue. He doesnt really know hes talking about whatever anyways, if i seem like im a bad pilot, its not because im a bad pilot, its because im driving a new drone. Oh okay, this mans been driving drones for years. This cant be that different right, its true the remote looks the same. Dude this place is massive isnt. It yeah its a lot bigger than the other toys r us that we usually go to. Can you see anything in the windows? Oh its theyre tinted, so vatican, its because theyre hiding things i think, theyre hiding, i think well see, lets just check this side. I mean look at that dude there. This is crazy. Okay, theres thats huge well see if theres anything on this side um. So where should we check? We have we cant go through the front door. Obviously i think around back. There was some storage containers that we saw when we drove around right there. Okay – and there might be something like hiding around there right, its a side door – theres, nothing there at all, but theres like a storage container, maybe maybe like somebodys walking down the sidewalk or something nope. That was a good. That was a good chance. You never Music shes there. Oh my god, bro okay um. What are you gon na do were gon na hide, yeah, Music, no problem at all, okay um.

So what do we do now? Hide until we know shes go she just she just shes walking across okay. Here, let me go up. Let me go up um, oh god, theres a guy right there. He doesnt even know that shes out there just wait, lets just focus on seeing if shes still there. I think he might be going to check. Oh, no, no, no hes, not he could have like heard something um man, you cant, see anything. Wait! Let me get close. You see her is that her i dont know is that shes crawling shes crawling away from the building is she, like? Maybe shes like hiding from other people or something from us what if she saw her drone and shes looking through thats possible, because we kind of flew far away. So maybe she cant see where the drone is lets get a little closer. Maybe um you got to be careful, though, be careful. Super super cute, its a stealth mission, um, okay, so shes, not there yo yo, look! Look! Oh shes! She just went into the toys r us turn around, follow the drone shes already in there. Okay, let me get closer. Let me see if i can get anything in that come on get down. Do you see any anything im, looking im looking im looking? No, the windows are too tinted, bro shes! Already in there. What why, though, i dont know? Okay, you know what i say: we go and check on the other side because im pretty sure, theres tinted windows.

If i remember correctly, there is some windows: are they as tinted as the front theyre? Actually worse, theyre much more fully blacked out? Okay, so we cant see her there um. She might be able to see us, though thats scary, that is kind of scary. Okay, you know what lets lets head up lets see if we can find anything on the roof. I dont know oh theres, two of them now theres a guy with a black shirt and the blue shirt. What are they just doing? Just i guess, maybe like some maintenance or something im wondering if they know that shes there and theyre like theyre plastic. What if she like, turned off the power and theyre like trying like theyre trying to fix it and stuff yeah thatd, be so bad? Oh, my god, okay, so im not seeing her on here, which is good, thats, a good sign um. Its kind of weird, though like why would they be on here right? There must be yeah theres got to be a reason, yeah like. Why are you on a roof of toys? R us, unless yeah is going on, lets just lets just double check just to make sure before we leave, because, honestly i dont know i dont, i dont see anything except for whats. Do you see that? What is she crawling across dude? They dont know we got ta, warm them or try. I dont know if theres no mic on here, maybe ill just fly like really close.

Okay lets see lets see if they can tell come on notice notice. Us notice us come on hurry up, wait! Wait! You see, you know what what its okay honestly, we need to get the hell out, yeah thats right in case they saw us lets just get out of here and we wont have to wait for it. No, oh god. No! I cant control. I cant control it. Its gone: where is it where what side was it here on the other side? Lets just get the hot air lets? Go, lets go okay, go go, go, go, go, go, hurry, hurry, um! Okay! I dont see anything. Lets go quick, jesus, Music yeah! It definitely fell from up there, didnt it something like that right, yeah, i feel like it should be on the ground somewhere in here. Did you think she took it she might have made? Maybe she like brand new wait? Okay, you know what look yeah yeah lets. Just go back inside sure, Music, okay, its okay, i mean we got enough footage right, absolutely yeah, except now the drones gone, but at least it saves to the cloud so its okay. We will have the footage, but we dont have guys the actual guys shes behind us shes. Finding me behind us. Oh my god, its actually her its actually her yo jesse go drive, drive, try and join, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Get out of here get out of here guys, i cannot believe my own two eyes.

I reviewed the footage and lo and behold, mommy long legs was borderline attached to the trunk of our vehicle im glad we got out and we are safe, so im just going to end the video here. If you guys did enjoy the video go down below and smash 50 000 likes subscribe to my channel for more crazy videos.