All right guys. We are here at the creek the next day, whoa what’s up, look at this he’s drinking the water guys i think, he’s coming for us, hey what’s up youtube. It is reaction here he reacting to nothing once again because guys in today’s video i’m here with the gorilla right here and this kid justin we’re here with my mom, what why are you calling mom pretty bro bro you want. You want to kiss her or something let’s get there. Oh, my god, you’re getting beat with my mom, alright guys so anyways in today’s video. I just recently heard about this movie called luca bro. Do you know anything about the movie lucas he’s, like a sea monster or something bro, wait: he’s a sea monster in real life; yeah real life, nah it’s, a disney movie, bro you’re. Capping me right now, but apparently this lucas sea monster thing turns into a sea monster when he’s in the ocean stuff, but then he becomes a regular human when he gets out of the ocean stuff. So i don’t even know guys. This is a weird movie, but anyways guys, as you can see, we have a friend here, but why are you looking at him like that? Stop he’s gon na play some basketball right now, so let’s see we’re gon na try to help him right now. Pick him up pick it up. Bro come on steph curry for the win. Oh except curry, dude.

I don’t know how he got that curry for the win 20 minutes later: Music Applause, Music. They get at the call, while pope almost lost its shot clock at seven games. Two defenders on it, the caldwell pope inside he’s, tied up by green, throws it back up top james puts up the three let’s freaking go gorilla man, let’s freaking go broman. This is your reward for taking so long Music, all right guys before we start this video, please i like this new, if you like luca the movie guys so have you ever watched the movie bro, no, oh, my gosh, so basically we’re watching the movie right now. So please, why is this you, if you’re excited for us to do that? I have never watched before. Also like this, you, if you love your mom guys i’ll subscribe my channel for free doritos, any sponsor society. Speaking about moms, guys, let’s, go, say hi to my mom right now and ask her about luca the movie. She probably has no idea what it is. So it’s gon na be funny guys. Let’S go okay; okay, a few moments later, all right, guys we’re with the whole crew right here. As you can see, we have justin and i will lead those guys. You see the light this year right now. If you love your grandpa guys, you guys love your grandpa me gusta me abuelito, okay, okay, all right! So we’re gon na watch the luca movie right there.

As you can see, there is luke on the screen. Look at the sea monster. I have no idea what it’s about so. Please, like this video subscribe, my channel right now and uh yeah, guys let’s uh watch the movie let’s go so just what’s going on on the screen right now, bro, i think there’s, just like glass everywhere, he’s stealing. What even, is that no that’s not that’s a sound machine, bro that’s, a music machine, yo yo what’s up in the ocean, what you know about rolling all right, guys: anyways, um, Music, there hold this bro. What was that a roblox sound effect right there? No! No! No, no, i just came for my stuff. Oh oh, hey! What that’s mine? What do you steal your stuff bro? Oh my gosh he’s bulking in that bro he’s, stealing it oh yeah, thanks what dude he just went. He just turned to a human. Oh, my god girl. He just turned to him too he’s raging right now, he’s like the tail. Why what’s going on this one’s hell bro? Of course it is i’m, a good. Why are you talking like that? Music yeah? What is going on right now, bro! Go back in the water where you belong: oh, my god, Music! Okay, why is it twice that’s, so weird that sucks grandma whoa? Could you read it? Oh fat she’s huge a few moments later. Just remember. We are always here for you, okay.

What hey look me in the eye? What the whoa? No! I love you! What is going on bro? What the next time that that you jump off a cliff? What the hell is it there’s no holding hands? What is it, what you’re shorting after him you’re the Music all right, guys we’re about to go to the creek right now, we’re trying to find luka the sea monster with this drone, as you can see right here, and we have justin right here, but to be Honest guys, we don’t really want justin in the video anymore, so we’re gon na make him do something. If he misses the shot, then we’re gon na have to kick him out. Wait. Why am i gon na go? We just don’t want you here, anymore, right, you’re, taking too much space bro and we don’t like we do not like your picture. All right make this shot right now. If you don’t make it then we’re gon na have to kick you out all right. Let’S go here guys let’s see if he makes it. He thinks he’s, steph, curry, right, he’s dead, hey get out of here. You ain’t steph! Curry me! I am steph, curry Music! Get out of here. Wait! Wait! Are we just shooting homes? I wanted to shoot, as you can see, it is starting to rain right now and we’re trying to catch luca in real life with this drone guys. So please, like this video if you’re excited subscribe, my channel friedrio’s now Music Applause, this video subscribe, my channel subscribe.

My channel for free doritos any sponsor site like this video or else we’re, not gon na find luca. What was that bro? It came out of nowhere anyways guys, we’re gon na try to find right now, because we’re at this body of water and uh yeah guys. I have my drone right here, as you can see and we’re about to fly it here. We go let’s. Look at my camera guys, as you can see right here guys i am over the highway and uh yeah guys let’s see if i can try to find anything. Wait! Whoa what’s up! Look at this! Do you see that green thing down there? In my town? You see that green thing can that be luca bro no way we’ve already found him. What is he even doing? Bro he’s just walking, but i don’t know what he’s thinking bro i don’t what he’s doing right now i don’t even know guys, but please, like this video subscribe, my channel he’s just walking around bro. What is he doing? He’S just walking here? Oh man, come on. Wait, oh he’s, trying he’s gon na look at the water right now guys. What is he doing? Oh my gosh he’s he’s, just walking on the edge Music he’s looking at the water right now guys. What is he doing? He’S drinking a water guy, he’s literally drinking he’s, actually drinking the water. Oh my god, i don’t even want to see his face, though i haven’t seen his face.

Wait. What does he do? Is he walking back he’s walking back right now guys, please like seeing the cabinetry he’s walking back? What is he even doing? What is luca doing? Bro guys? We are literally just at this creek right here. We are at this creek look at this creek guys and we found luca in real life. Can you believe this guys? Look at that guys. I wonder what he’s doing, though, what is he doing? Hey where’d? He go oh he’s back under the creek guys yo is he throwing rocks he’s throwing rocks? I don’t even know why he’s doing it, though he’s just throwing, rocks well yeah. What is he doing? Oh he’s, trying to throw more rock? Oh, my gosh wait hold on. Let me see his face: oh my gosh guys what he’s so awkward he’s so cute look at his face. Oh my gosh she’s, alright, my god he’s so long he’s trying to chase the camera right now. Oh my gosh ew bro he’s got, i think, he’s coming for us. I think he wants to come for us what oh my gosh, what we got ta get out of here. What he’s just looking bro look at him he’s, just looking at the creek right now. I think he wants to swim back in the ocean, guys please well! I just need to on my channel right now because he wants to go back into the creek. He wants to go back in the water guys.

I don’t know what to say guys.