How about we put it down were gon na go test lebron james from space jam all right im, taking my first class clean to you right now. Wait is that him wait. Oh my yo hes freaking get stuck oh freaking land. The drone and play him in a one on one to game: five: Music: oh whats, going on guys back at bus. I did another freaking bang. Are you guys in today i woke up. I was sleeping bro i was like bro. Let me tell you something. I was like yo lebron james sucks at basketball, im literally better than lebron just check this out. Bro watch. This watch us ready. Oh im, look better bro dont show that dont try that clip, but for real guys, im literally better than lebron james nah bro. You sucked bro im better than lebron james youre, not though bro how about this well call anyone you want right now, if i win them in a basketball game, well text lebron james and tell him to pull up to this basketball court and tell him to play Me in a 101 is that a deal yeah you got ta, do it man all right, bro lets go lets call some people a few moments later: yo whats, good bro, yo, pull up right now to my house, ill put you in basketball yeah because i said Im better than lebron james bro. So if i win you im better than lebron james, i bet pull up guys.

My friends gon na pull up right now were gon na play him in basketball, because i know im better just check out these heads. Oh, oh, oh yo, lebron james, get ready, whats good bro, bro, bro whats, good bro. We could run it right now. Playing ball right now. Right now is that a deal here lets go game. Five ive only put a thousand dollars make sure you guys like and subscribe right now, because if i win this kid hes dog water, but if i win were calling out lebron lets go im better than lebron im about to 5 0. You bro no ill. Just take it in just cross over put that out, take the rebound bop off your head and four zero boy. I told you bro lebron has to get big. We got ta get lebron to on me because i know how to go in what are you doing? Hes not bearing being an emerald brother, so whats the score four. Oh four: zero, not buying lebron bro about four zero. Oh boy, homie! What are you doing? What are you doing? Lets go bro bro, im telling you im better than lebron james. Where is he at? Oh, how about this were gon na go test lebron james from space jam right now to pull up to my court. Do you tackle him? Ah, maybe after that, one uh bro lets go lets go inside; okay, guys its literally time to call lebron james from space jam from the movie space sham guys were gon na text lebron because i know im better than lebron james in basketball, so were gon na Text him right now and tell him to pull up to my basketball court and play me right now in 1v1.

So lets text him right now. On the end of the movie, there was a phone number and i texted it, and it was lebron james from space jam guys. So if you guys want the number make sure you guys watch us and drop a like right now subscribe to, the youtube channel were about to hit 500 000 subscribers. So guys please, subscribe right now. Lets go okay, guys! We got lebron james number from space jam right over here were gon na text him right now and tell him to pull up the mouse cuz im better than lebron james, so lets go id, be like yo lebron, pull up to my house right now, im better Than you in basketball so come to my house, im gon na wait for the reply from lebron james from spaceship, and hopefully you is gon na pull up to my house – were gon na catch him with my drone, its gon na be insane so lets go. He said i dont know man im busy, who are you id be like bro dont worry about it guys. Do you think im better than lebron james? Let me know the comments right now. He said i only play people with fame. I aint clown. So, who are you ill be like dont worry just come to my house play me game. Seven. If you win, i will give you all the respect. Yo guys we got ta get lebron to pull up to the house right now.

He said i bet. Okay, bro pull up right now. My address is yo guys. I just gave him the address right now to the basketball court yo. Hopefully i could win bro. This is crazy. Lebron james is about to come to my house. Oh my god. He said all right im taking my first class plane to you right now lets go guys. This is crazy before i find my drone guys if i can make this, if i can, if i can make this watch, make some fire on it like flames. I you guys have to all drop like and subscribe. Alright here we go jump like right now subscribe. I just made that have fire. Okay, guys we got the drone in the sky right now, guys were gon na. Take it off lets go guys. We have to find lebron james. I heard hes on my court right now so thats what we have to be looking for right now, um lets freaking go guys. This is crazy. Guys we have to find lebron wait. Is that him is that lebron james no way? Thats lebron theres no freaking way guys. He told me hes gon na, be wearing a cavs shirt, theres no way. Thats him wait. Oh my yo hes freaking dunking it stuff that has to be lebron james yo. What the heck! This is crazy guys. Is this lebron james theres no way? Oh, my yo! This has to be lebron.

Oh my god, yo yo we got to go close to him. Is this lebron james, bro yo, wait, wait theres, no way if he scores this guys if he freaking scores this no way. Oh, he missed bro. This is crazy, but projects yo lebron always scored that bro holy crap yo theres, no way that is lebron james guys. What the heck that is, crazy, bro, oh my god, guys lebron james – is so good at basketball. Guys, let me know in the comments right now is that lebron james, because it does not look like lebron lebron is taller and stronger guys. Maybe lebron lied to me, but all i got to say this. Kid is good in basketball. Who is this kid bro? Who is this person guys? This cannot be lebron because lebron does not look like this bro. What this is? Oh, my god bro yo. This kid is crazy. Who is this yo? I think i got ta go play middle 101. I got ta show him who is the best guys, because this has to be lebron, because lebron called me like five minutes ago, before i turned on my camera, he said im on your court playing basketball, and this is the only person playing look hes wearing a Cavs jersey, like bro holy crap, like no way lebron, does that, like this, has to be lebron yo? How about this im gon na go freaking land the drone and play him in a one on one to game.

Five lets see if he can win this lets. Freaking go okay. Lets see right now, guys were gon na. Take my camera right now and go play lebron james in a one on one. If i win this kid, that is lebron, i am the best in the world, so we got ta see right now. So this person says hes lebron james. We got ta, see right now, bro check out the ball youre about. First, you suck your back so bro. Are you lying bro yeah? To be honest, you lebron said youre not good enough, so he sent me wait. Youre lebrons son yeah lebron james bonnie, james yo, hes brawny james guys. No, no. We got to play this kid right now. Well see right now: oh hide that oh lebron james done, okay guys were doing game. Three real, quick! I got ta go man all right! He got ta go so were doing game three. Are you sucking ball? Bro yo come on one more time. Oh you sucking basketball. You literally stop dont ever play me again.