Looking like a lemon today, what the hell its a prime capital sweater, i like it, i like it charming squad guys if youre not wearing the prime capital hoodies right now, then honestly, you need to get a grip guys like its bad. You cant be caught out in public, not wearing a prime capital hoodie and its also sweater weather, so its like the perfect time to cough one. You know whatever yeah guys like if youre ever out, cold and youre shivering im glad youre cold, because you should have just had a prime capital hoodie and they are also guaranteed to raise your sexiness by eighty seven point: three percent guys. That is a fact. How much sexier do you feel in that? Oh eighty, seven point, six percent! Is that what you said three two three, eighty seven point: three percent sexier! I can guarantee you. Oh i like that. But yeah guys squad today is about to be another absolute banger for the books, guys its december 31st, which means its the last day of the year baby we got ta make it count. We always save the best strawberry video for the last day. Weve done a lot of these drone videos. Well, taken last year, this exact time we were filming a video like this yeah like you and me, you know what i mean. I mean weve filmed like every day, so i dont even know how thats yeah. Okay im. Sorry, im just kidding im just kidding good jana thats, a good yellow, but guys, as i was saying right now.

We currently have the drone. I dont even know where i put it here. You got it okay, guys so literally i dont know if you guys have been seeing this thing on youtube recently. It is called huggy wuggy bear people have been finding this mystical creature like roaming around their houses and apparently hes super fast and thats. Why he has become extremely rare to spot? He knows that us youtubers are on to him trying to spot him guys. People have been literally sending out search parties to go. Look for him on foot, but guys you know, were smarter than that here on the strawberry channel. Why would we go on foot when we can literally just take the drone up and like get a birds eye view and try to see if we can actually see huggy wuggy? Do you know what he looks like too? I dont even know what is who is huggy, woogie ive, never guys like. I cannot believe ive gotten to a point. In my life, where i am looking for, huggy wuggy, uggy wuggy seems nice like hugs like hug. He gives you hugs like whats the next one. Lippy tippy yeah, i dont, know thatd be tippy yeah. That sounds weird: oh yeah, it kind of does, but anyways guys never mind. We are in front of the prime capital house guys and there is no place in the world that i wouldnt want to know where huggy wonky is more than right, where i live guys were in the tesla right now and what do you say we get this Drone up – and we just try to see if we can actually spot him, yeah guys like yeah.

Once again, he looks like this. You guys are probably very familiar with the entire huggy wuggy craze thats taking over youtube. He looks insane hes like blue, and he has this weird smile. He is not somebody i would want to meet face to face, but if you guys are ready for this drop a like hit that subscribe button and guys without further ado lets get this drone up. Lets make this really tense in the air baby. Can i fly it? No! No! All right! We have the drone ready to go, were gon na go ahead and launch this. Let me just hit record and guys. We are going to launch it right now. Okay, there. It freaking goes for some reason: im super nervous about this one like if we actually find the real huggy one like thats gon na, be absolutely insane yeah. Look at this girl right here, like walking in front of the car she freaking looks out. Maybe she just saw huggy wuggy or something maybe she did okay guys. So we have the tesla right there and the prime capital house guys guys if youre ever in the area, like feel free to say hi, you know, but anyways guys were gon na. Take this thing: oh look, theyre. Looking too theyre like what the hell look at that maybe everyones looking for huggy wood yeah. Maybe everyone is. Why does everyone look so like nervous by the drone? They should be more scared of huggy wuggy, not the drone.

Maybe they know kyles this person doing what are they carrying like red bags? I dont know i thought that was like santa for a second or something okay, guys lets take this drone around the area and once again try to see if we can actually come across this mythical creature, a bunch of other youtubers have been able to spot him. I dont even know how big he is. I mean im assuming hed be big. I dont even really know like what his thing is: yeah, okay, i i think our best bet is to first try and see if we can find him near the school like. I feel like he would be near the school. Do you want to try flying it? Jana uh sure. Are you good at it um? I can try. Okay here, try it got ta, do not crash this thing, all right, yeah guys. I think this is like one of the first times. Yana has flown the drone in a while. Oh you know how to control it. Yeah yeah, you definitely dont know what youre doing right. No, i dont know i dont know wheres the school though the school is right there yeah so were looking for like this big blue, mythical creature, we dont know how big he is, but a lot of people say that huggy wuggy can actually shapeshift and, like change His size and stuff you can use this over here see that to like look down.

Oh, i dont know that okay, getting the hang of it, you know what how about you just film? No, i tried okay here hold on like this is doing better than usual. Okay, which way should we go? Should we look around like town or should we go like to the city? Where do you think huggy wuggy, i feel like hell be more in like the city area like, but then again, if hes all the way in the city like i dont really care at least its not near our house, you know yeah guys, look. You can see all of mississauga there and then you can see downtown toronto way over there. You guys know toronto has got to be one of the worst spots in the world for like finding crazy creatures, weve seen a lot of stuff here. Should i check out this playground, wait whats that yeah? What is that? Oh, okay, its just a bin, its just a recycling bin? So is he blue? Because why are you freaking out if its blue is he blue yeah? He is blue. I feel like hed, be really tall, maybe theyre, looking for maybe theyre looking for him too. I know hes like a big thing now on the internet yeah, and we also know that huggy wuggy is going to hang around where, like a bunch of people are so does he like to chase after people or like what does he do to people? I dont really know, but i know its not good.

There has been rumors of huggy wuggy actually like trying to eat. People wait really yeah like huggy wonkys got ta, be one of the most like mysterious creatures out there like theres, not a lot to know about. I heard he looks pretty friendly, like thats how he tricks you. He does look very friendly, especially when he just has his smile, but then, when he opens his mouth and its like the big sharp face. Oh yeah, i wonder if theres like a like a good version and an evil version of huggy, one im, pretty sure there is because i know theres like good and bad versions of like pretty much. Every monsoon weve come across im, seeing a lot of blue. But i think its just mostly like pools yeah pools, tarps recycling, bins. All that kind of stuff were looking for like a moving object. I dont really see much theres, not even many cars on the road. To be honest, sorry squad, have you guys seen anything? Do you think, like most people are inside, like is theyre scared of the huggy wuggy reports? Well, maybe yeah cause people, people do know hes in the area right now, so i dont know why they would be out yeah, everyones, probably hiding apparently huggy wuggy was last seen in ottawa and he was actually heading towards toronto. So that means like so he could be. People are expecting him to be passing through here at any point in time.

Yeah, do you know where hes headed like after i mean? Apparently, the rumor is hes heading to different youtubers houses to like spy on them and make sure theyre not trying to like expose his huggy wuggy species? Oh, my gosh, because theres a bunch of them yeah theres like kissy, missy and everything – oh, my goodness, missys supposed to be his girlfriend really so its like an evil couple, yeah pretty much still nothing theyre like uh partners in crime, apparently huggy wuggy, is like its Super in love with kissy man imagine we saw both of them and they were having like a date on we ruined their date with the drone. Oh, they would be very mad. They would probably try to hunt us down. Okay, i think, if were gon na see him, our best bet is to check out the field over here. Yeah like an open area, yeah cause. I know huggy wuggy wouldnt risk being out like in these open streets, because theres too many people around to like catch them and report it to the police. Youd be in more like secluded areas like this, like hiding behind trees and stuff, all right, johanna, im just gon na take the drone. Look, you can see our house right there yeah guys thats our backyard. Imagine you saw him like climbing up into our window. Right now, oh my god, youre moving immediately. Oh my god yeah what if he was a boxing ring that would be even more interesting.

He was boxing kissy messy. Why would he be boxing kissing? No, maybe he got in a fight or something or he was like on top of my house right here. Oh, my god, you saw him crawling in your window, yeah that would be freaking, weird, okay, yo im just gon na, take it like all around the school and see if i cannotice anything anything weird. Oh crap, guys. That means that the battery is like literally about to die. Oh my god, so we have to find him now i mean i dont think were going to. I think we would have seen him if we if we were to find him, maybe he doesnt like to go out during the day yeah, maybe hes more of like a nighttime creature but theres. No like specific, like article that says he only comes out in the night, you know thats true and its also pretty gloomy. Today i feel like if he was to be somewhere. He would be like hiding in these like forests or something like waiting for somebody to come through these paths. But then again, toronto is very massive, like look how big it is guys like whos, just hes in this one little area. You know what im well yeah, but you said he goes to youtubers houses, yeah, thats, sure, thats, true, okay, uh. Let me see if i can see him like hiding like anywhere down here or something okay. If not, then i guess were just gon na have to scrap this video.

Oh no strawberry squad, guys that rarely happens. I dont even know if you guys are gon na, be seeing this, because i might not even post this video. If we dont see huggy wuggy whoa wait whoa whats this little end, indent in the trees. You see that it looks like a little hiding spot. Yeah thats almost like it almost looks like the size in which hug you want to hide it or something we dont get too close. Trying to see. If i can see anything, was there any more like that um i dont know it looks fenced up. I wonder if we could see like footprints or something you know what im saying like yeah like indicating where huggy woogie was where he was thats, partly why its good, when it snows, because then we can like, follow his footsteps? Yeah, okay, maybe let me try the other side: whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa, what oh, my god, yo look! Oh my god and you didnt want to. Let me fly im going to make the drone get a goal. Ready ready! Go! Oh well! I tried. Maybe it was on, like maybe its on, like the roof of this, i feel like you want to be around this school. You know what i mean yeah like i feel like thats, his hangout spot. Okay, that was just like a wagon or something well, maybe should i take it like really high up or something so maybe you can spot like the color, because hes pretty vibrant, i dont know it looks pretty bland there.

I dont really see much going on hold on kyle. What is that? Oh yo thats him that is him thats him right there. Look at it look! Oh my yo, i cant believe we found him yo, thats literally huggy, once look hes, literally blue and everything and hes got like the exact same face. Yeah. He stands out. Oh my god guys. Look thats, really wait. Whered! He go what wait hes gone. We tried to like find him no way we just saw huggy woogie. I did not think this was gon na happen. Wait. Let me check to see where, where the hell did he go, he was just right there like standing there. He maybe ran away. Do you think he saw you i dont know oh yo, look look hes chasing your phone hes coming after us right now, wait guys thats, actually huggy right now. Are you guys seeing this no freaking way we put the drone up and within like 10 minutes, we saw him and we thought we werent mate. You know how i said he was coming to youtubers houses wait its like glitching out now. Maybe i was the next youtuber that he was coming so its good that we found him yeah. Look, oh my god, hes right there! Okay, do you think you messed up the signal or something i dont know. I dont know what what the heck guys! Oh, my god, oh my god, careful wait! Wait! Okay, im trying im trying to get back up, try to get a bit higher, so he cant like attack it.

Okay, im bringing it back im, bringing it back! Oh, my god holy crap, where the hell did he go hold on. Let me see if i can get a better view. Okay, its saying landing, guys look. It says the drone needs to land right now: okay, im bringing it back guys. We literally just saw huggy wuggy. That was the real him. What the hell i cant believe. I think that never kissy missy is nearby. Oh, she has to be because i know they like, like each other, so theyre always close to each other. Damn maybe you can find her next here, jonah come on, come on, okay, guys and we have a successful landing on the drone guys. That means that huggy woogie is literally in our neighborhood yana. Oh my god, hes like close to us right now. We should be careful yeah, honestly, like we should get in the car and get the hell out of here. I dont want to be anywhere near this huggy wuggy when he like when he actually comes to our house, especially because he probably tracked like where the drone landed in the sky. He could be here any minute, okay strongly, but if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to drop a like hit that subscribe, button me and jana are going to get the hell out of here. It is definitely not safe with huggy wuggy in the area. I will see you guys in the next one and as always, peace, sorry squad our prime capital team merch is available using the link in the description.

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