Now you see what im saying bro. This is a nice little show right. You, you liking the little pixel vodka on that pixelberg. You know what im saying yeah but, but i i just heard you say: oh man like what you didnt buy, that oh man bro like yeah, you never know whats going on im, not tired, im, lowkey, tired of being in this city a little bit bro. I might have to go and see what blocks are talking about for a little bit come on. That is true. You got people to spend time with have some fun, you know what we need to do. Checkup. Thank you. Yeah yeah, ignore. Where did the male man go? Dude, hey its one of those kids again. Remember last time they put an advertisement in front of your house. Oh my gosh. They probably did look at this box. You just put this box out of nowhere its still the book fair, but were gon na go ahead and not support that yeah. We dont care about none of that, but yet i just didnt notice this sure what it did to a huge box lets see whats in here, wait what is in there yo oh theres, a drone yo. This is my old drones. This is a drone right here. Bro these drones, like its from minecraft im, telling you bro these drones yo. You can see everything youre trying to test them out. Uh sure i mean honestly ive never flown a drone before this would be awesome, wait! Wait.

I ive heard that you would have to like place it in in an open area, though right yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, we got ta use it in the open air dont hit the house and dude. It should be easy. All right lets just stay right here. What else can you say, man use these drones, laura lets. Do it? Oh man, going up Music. All right lets lets check out the city. Bro lets see what we can see dude. I have never flown a drone before i got to be a little careful. Not yet be cautious, oh my gosh dude anything could happen. Lets go down the main street because i was showing you a lot of stuff down this main street bro. All right im, not gon na lie wheres the drone at there. It is okay, im right here. Im right here, dude its hard to control these things bro, i think, im starting to get the hang of it. Oh dude. I know how to put a speed boost on it. Bro look whoa speed, boost, look, look how fast im going whoa wait! Wait! Oh, my god, dude relax get some height. Look at this park that we have. Oh, my gosh. These drones have a long connection. Im not gon na lie wow. This is wow dude im, saying, though, im really saying shoot. I could do the rest of the tour from here honestly yeah dude hold on all right. We got it over here.

We got a nice little mall theres, a police station to the left here by dude youre, not gon na believe this one youre not gon na – believe this one. If we keep going straight, we can go to the town side. Oh my gosh yeah. What theres, more yeah theres a whole town no way no way? What is this called dude? This is the oh. My we got a big town down. We even got the statue. Oh my dude, you are insane what the heck pixel break is humongous. We got a huge stadium to the left, but i dont ever there hasnt been any like big events there yet but shoot when there is im going there, nice little bank, some more gas stations, just a bunch of hotels, that people can stay at police stations, not To do here, im not gon na lie yeah theres a whole lot im above you look up there. Oh shoot! You almost hit me lets go back to the house. Where should we go all right lets go back to the house too. We went so far dude. I know the town with the you know. You know the connection of these drones have got to be like ridiculous dude. We just flew so far bro. Oh, my gosh im gon na get a little lower to the ground bro and also so youre telling me as herobrine that whole time you were trolling me. I ca. I cant believe you couldnt hear me.

I was like so at first, but you couldnt hear me. So i was like you know what i got ta. Oh wait: trolls look, theres a car down below us, hey speaking of cars. You definitely owe me a new car bro. Wait. Why? Maybe it is another delivery? Guy, your cars, fine man, my cars, fun! You broke it yeah, its all cars, fine, dude, dude, thats, a good experience lets get a good look, oh shoot. I kind of got in front of it. Oh my gosh wait. What i dont know yo did we make them crash dude? I think our drones just whoa uh what is happening. Dude whos in there. I want to get a closer look: yo yo, oh hecks, nah, hey bro, leave the drones, leave the drones. Oh a hex nah! I dont know wait. Oh wait. They have their knives out. Oh, my gosh yo theyre splitting up oh get to the house. Get back go, go, go, go! Go! Oh, my gosh! Okay! Okay, let me let me lock it. Let me lock it again. Oh shoot action come on. What are we gon na? Do dude that car that we just jumped in front of i dont know, but i think we just unleashed something dude im on the shower its this bathroom small man. You asked what a bathroom was im showing you dude, oh gosh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh snap help me rage, do something: man, Music! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh im trying to im dodging im dodging as much as i can dude.

Oh heck. No, damn that thing hurt my hand autumn dude wait action. Does that mean theyre robots, yeah theyre robots, what you want to hack them? Maybe we can hack into the thing. I know i know a nerd friend who can do it, wait how i think we can break them, malfunction them, okay, water, hacking too. We can short water, bro water. I got the shower right here, bro right here right here. Why give them good water, when you can just give them toilet water bo either or all right, hey get in here, oh shoot! Oh shoot! I have a cub turn it up and then spray it spray. Oh push it push it in me out all these inside the shower. It is how it is all right turn it on. Oh yo, oh my gosh that thing flooding the whole bathroom wait. I think its starting to short circuit. Oh my gosh dude. I can barely get out the bathroom sheesh. Your whole house dude my house, its pleasant yo. My house is flooding bro. I got an idea. Let me use that strawberry shortcake or something now there we go. Oh wait here we go. Oh my gosh dude theres, like a few more of those like theres like three more oh right, outside yeah, lets, see if theres like a reset button or anything, okay, whats. What are you seeing back there bro? I see a reset button. Should i press it? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No, because its gon na reset and then go crazy again.

You know what im saying: oh! No! No! No, if you reset it its probably gon na start off as good. You know. Probably someone probably programmed it to be either to be evil. No, i think thats. Naturally in its programs, dude. No, oh man, you seem too bad in people. Man come on. I see the bad in people. That is a robot right here right. Should we take your whip? No, not again no lets take your wish lets. Do my insurance bro im driving a whip, bro dude, my rates are going to go up. How much do you think theyre going to make you pay monthly? Now, oh theyre, going to increase it double double. Did you hear that noise yo? Oh sounded, like you came from the left? Oh its an explosion or something yeah. Oh my gosh dude thats either got ta be at this factor or walmart, but i think it was. I think it was at walmart bro youre, just gon na drive over. Oh my god, oh its, like youre hating, oh shoot, my fault bro. What the whos shooting! Oh my gosh, get out of the car get out the car. Oh yo, whats going on lets! Go! Oh yo, there goes another one. Oh oh, they just looked at me bro this one where, where look? Oh yeah theres, two of them theres a blue one, wait ones going that way, a whole rainbow in here yup. I see where the explosion came from.

Oh, no goodness! Oh no! Oh no! Hes on me, hes on me, hes on me, whoa hes, chasing me, race, wheres, the waterfall! Are you good over there race? Oh, i got stabbed theres water over here. Bring him over here. Bring him over here! Hit him right into the fountain? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh jump in jump in bro. You can handle it. You can handle it. You can handle it jump in the mountain. Oh i hit it. I hit it oh its in its in yes, oh my gosh. Oh, my god, oh its shutting down its shut down cant even handle a little bit of water, cant even hang bro, but wheres, the other. The blue one jumped out of a wall. Bro huh did we chase it. Bro im not going on foot im, not going on foot im not going on foot dude, okay! Well, let me drive this time. Geez, hey bro, oh youre, mad about the grass stain on the bottom of it. Arent you right there yo open the corner. Drive drive, drive hit it. Oh my god. Oh my gosh! Oh it just broke your car. Oh no bro! Oh my god! Um hes, getting back up land back up plan. Go back into walmart, go back into walmart! Oh, my gosh theres got to be some form of water in here that we could use oh come on, come on, theres got to be bottles of water somewhere, dude wheres, the bottom of the water hes coming down.

Oh wait! It might be over here. I think theres some bottles over here come on man. I need some water there. It goes over here i got two waters. Is it coming to you? Oh yeah, hey take this. Take this. Take this use this wisely bro. We got ta splash it around. At the same time, what if we dont hit him? Well, we got a splash at the same time, ready all right, bring it to the barbershop, bring it to the barbershop all right here we go. You ready ready two two one one blast yo. Is it give me that killing give me that yes, yeah yeah, im gon na grab it from him? Oh my gosh get the gun from it. Oh there you go there. It is all right, loot, watch. This lets push it in the corner of the gun. Lets push it in the corner, ow all right shoot it. There we go. I think it bounced off of him all right. Perfect, come out here, come out here, perfect bro, all right go now. That thing is locked in there and it oh its dead yeah i shot it man. Let me get my cake back man. Theres got ta, be at least one more left bro. I think it was like. Let me see. I saw that one that i think was like a fox. Oh look, the brown one yeah. It was like oranges. You know what im saying: okay, okay, yeah! We got ta look for the orange one! Now why you know what, since we dont got a car, i think the best thing we can do.

Hey its all your fault. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! No! You got it shot at no, oh dont, be mad at bro. Wait! Wait! A second! You broke my car. Are you mad at me for this puny little smartphone? Oh so now i got a smart car bro, it would have been a. It would have been a good excuse for you to get a better car um. So, okay, you know what how about this lets use our drones, since we dont have a car to see where this thing could be at fine all right. All right, fine lets tell lets, go ahead and use our drones again. Lets use them and up we go. Oh man im getting used to this. This is actually not gon na live bro. This is easy faster than my car, honestly thats. What im saying man so now that were up here lets see what to do. Was there anything yo they might have went to that. Uh book fair that youre talking about oh lets, get a quick check. Wait dude no lets check through the windows. We are a drone at the end of the day, im pretty sure its. Not there were not seeing nothing and theres still people in there, so it couldnt have been dude. I like the ultra zoom mode that these these uh drones have. Do you see that theres a lot of people at this restaurant im at the restaurant next door? Oh okay, okay theres, a lot of people at this restaurant matter of fact a whole lot of people matter of fact: hey its popping today, wait! Maybe we could ask them if they seen anything.

This restaurant is popping today. Oh, my goodness, thats exactly whats good bro lets. Do that dude all right, our drones back and then well. Do that yeah we got to go back. All right. Ben lets go back. Oh man, theres got to be something going on here. We got to ask them. You know if theyve seen any of these robot things thats what im saying hi maam the usual yeah were here. You know what im saying which will be with you all right. Thank you. Thank you. I bet this is a self sitting place, so we can just sit ourselves. You know what im saying right: yeah yeah, yeah yeah lets go around and ask people, have you seen a robot or like a fox or anything like that? Let me see only fox here is me: oh, come on you aint even that come on bro you aint! Even that good. Looking bro you you, you are into yourself. Let me see you seen a robot, my guy. No, you havent even seen him paying attention to himself dude having a nice little pizza party, okay bro, he hasnt seen a robot bro that was an animatronic pizza. Mustve came from. I thought this was just a restaurant. Somebody in here has got to know what were talking about. We almost just died and everybodys, calling us and theyre just eating pizza, bro someones catching maybe upstairs. Maybe theres something i dont know dude im starting to lose hope.

Man lets just go home, come on, go home, bro, im not trying to go home. Yet we got to find these. What if i get hunted and die in my sleep? Oh now, you want to leave bruh. You know how many monsters i had to deal with on the daily bro and you talking about leave. Oh kitchen employees only for a little longer chef foxy on duty. Wait what wait a second chef! Oh my gosh, you ready to break in here foxy. That sounds like one of the animatronics names again that just sounds like theyre going to be wrong. Whatever bro then worst thing that happens is im. Embarrassed people laugh at me. Hopefully it doesnt go viral on facebook or nothing like that. You know its its definitely going viral man, i mean thats, a big one. I dont want to go viral for a bad reason, but but on the right note, the worst thing that can happen is they banned it? They they ban us from this restaurant. You dont even live here: uh, fine, fine, fine, oh yeah! I dont even live here. So its fine all right here we go three three lets ram into the door. What what the oh? Oh, its there? Oh my gosh! There it goes its red, its oh, my gosh, it is red. I thought it was orange im tripping, oh yo. How do we get past this pizza? What the hell eat it? This is getting in the way no dont eat it.

It might be poison youre right. I spit it out. Dont worry about me. Lets get that thing hey. What do you think youre doing hey watch out? Hes got a knife. Oh my gosh, oh its chasing me chasing me here. Oh my gosh wait. What does this say? Lobster tank 500? Gallons? Oh hey ill, distract it ill, distract it ill, distract it. Oh my gosh, oh its circulating out its circling out yeah. Oh my gosh. I got it. I got it it just short, circuited right, yeah, perfect! Let me see, let me see, let me see one one in the bathroom two walmart three on the street three, three, four four. This is the fourth take it out. We did it all. Every single one lets go. Lets go lets go, oh my god. I want to leave so badly bro. Are you gon na? Are you gon na leave pizzaburg yeah, im? Sorry youre gon na leave dude. This is okay, okay, to be fair! This is how you would have felt in black city. You would have wanted to leave after one day bruh you didnt even stay a whole weekend, bro its sunday, like you was just here for one day like dang. Here i would have, if you didnt put me through all this. I didnt put you through it man its the day. The day does what the day does you know what im saying it just is what it is.

Oh man, but i guess i guess next time ill see, you will be in block city or wait. I dont even think you should even visit no more. You might be the reason why all this is happening. Well, i got a better idea, maybe me and you can go on another winter vacation its away from our cities. Last time dude you put my wife in danger, i dont know maybe ill think about it. I think okay youll think about it. Oh, why is there a pizza at the door? Okay, well hope you all enjoyed hit the like button, ill see you on the next. Take on the gallery by the rules i make them every single day, im causing mayhem, set the laws im a disobeying foot on next in a necklace youre, a little boy. Aint got the time to entertain them.